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One of the 6 sacred trees

Sacred trees (also known as spirit trees, big trees and tree of life; or Fig Tree in the game files) are giant, pale, oak-like deciduous trees scattered across the southern part of the Peninsula. These trees cannot be cut down or blown up. A smaller tree with a charred appearance sits in the middle of the village closest to the plane crash may be a dead sacred tree.

The great trees seem to hold some sort of significance to the cannibals and are regularly visited by their patrols. Unlike other objects and areas that are frequented by/seem to be of importance to the cannibals, the sacred trees and the areas immediately around them are left untouched; no huts or effigies are built near them.


The player can stand on the branches of sacred trees, but since cannibals are able to jump high enough to reach the player there, it is not an entirely safe location.
It is also possible to construct buildings on the branches.

The sacred tree west of the yacht is a popular spot for bases, because it's surrounded by cliffs on three sides, which makes it easier to defend. However, it is unsuitable for players who prefer a stealthy play style because cannibal patrols are frequent in the area. On the other hand, a catapult can work wonders in this area as it's angle can be utilised in the limited area to kill all invading cannibals without them being able to get out of the catapult's reach easily.


Some in the community theorize that the sacred trees are objects of worship for the cannibals. However, whether any tribes pray near the trees or do anything other than regularly visit them is not apparent. The exact reason the cannibals frequent the trees and why the trees have grown so large is unknown.

Other theories are that cannibals might simply use the trees for orientation, as the towering giants are notable landmarks easily seen from a distance. Alternative theories posit the nocturnal cannibals may be attracted to the trees' faint glow in the moonlight (much like the player-generated light sources attract mutants). There might also be a mythical component to sacred trees, similar to the obelisks.


There are 6 sacred trees on the Peninsula.
IconTheForestMap.png 1 - West of the bay with the yacht, on the cape
IconTheForestMap.png 2 - Further west from the bay and west of the the submerged cave climb entrance
IconTheForestMap.png 3 - At the eastern end of the bay
IconTheForestMap.png 4 - South-southwest of the sinkhole and southeast of geese lake
IconTheForestMap.png 5 - Southeast of the sinkhole, at a pond
IconTheForestMap.png 6 - Tree in the middle of main village is a dead version of Big Tree

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