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A realistic map.

The Peninsula is the setting of The Forest. Judging by the plants that grow there and the overall weather, it seems like the creators chose a Canadian Boreal Forest as the setting of the game (likely because their development team is centered in Canada), although they haven't yet officially stated where their inspiration could have been derived from. In the Sahara Research Laboratory, the player can find references to the company purchasing the peninsula to use in its experiments.

The Peninsula is also home to violent cannibals, mutant creatures, and a variety of wildlife such as birds, lizards, deer and sharks. Beneath the Peninsula's surface is a system of caves where Armsies, Virginias, and Cowmen live; it is also in these caves where most of the survivors or victims of the crash were taken. There are also many places around with good loot like an old yacht crashed in a bay, or even the cockpit of the crashed plane which contains the Flare Gun.

While the Peninsula is not randomly generated like most survival games, and the layout remains the same every new game, the body of the Plane the player spawns in ends up on a different part of the Peninsula every new game after being separated from the cockpit during the crash, which always ends up in the mountain area. Therefore, it is easier to know where every collectible item and major location is when the player is getting the hang of the game.


A user-created map of the island. Please note: This map is a Lan user created representation of the map, everything may not be completely accurate. Also keep in mind certain things on the map might be randomly spawned in by the world generation.

Though the Peninsula at first glance appears to be a perfectly normal, every day section of the world, the player quickly realizes that this is not the case. Ancient structures, built by a magical or highly advanced pre-historical society, litter the depths of the Peninsula, as well as having structures at the very highest points (the mountain area). These structures include sacrificial altars, obelisks that can bring the dead back to life, and more.


There are many distinct areas of the map, which is surrounded by ocean on three sides and an impassible snow mountain to the north.


There is an interactive map of the Peninsula, the deep underground cave system and even info of crafting. It can be accessed by clicking here. Please note that this map could contain some outdated information, though the general topography remains the same.


Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Improved look of the big lake in game that crosses world

Player will now stop and look at a photo of Timmy if attempting to leave the world on a raft