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Passenger Manifest
Passenger Manifest
Also known as
Passenger List
List of Passengers
Added in
Back of the Plane
On the cabinet wall
Obtained through
Other Effects
Used for noting missing passengers
Max. Stack

The Passenger Manifest is an item added in v0.28. It is part of the story and is used for tracking the Get Closure achievement.


The passenger manifest allows the player to find and catalogue the 45 passengers that were aboard the plane before the crash. When the player finds a passenger, he will be alerted to the seat number, a writing sound is played, and the manifest is updated. The name will also be crossed off the passenger manifest. The finding of passengers and the passenger manifest has been heavily bugged for most of the games life. Though it may have been fixed properly in patch v0.68.

Finding all the passengers is also an achievement, called Get Closure. More information about finding the passengers can be found on that page.


Update history[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Fixed lighting on text in book and manifest

Fixed dynamic text in book and on manifest so they aren’t visible when book is clipped

v0.72 Fixed single dead body triggering old find passenger message

Fixed missing seat 6c in passenger manifest

v0.68b Fixed passenger task not crossed off upon finding the 43rd passenger
v0.68 All bodies accountable for on manifest

(Multiplayer) Fixed passengers manifest wrongly counting up and unlocking the achievement without actually discovering all passengers When discovering passengers it now displays their seat number instead of the underlying ID

v0.64 Fixed crossing passengers off the manifest
v0.62 Fixed passenger manifest being invisible if players tried to take it for the first time from a saved game
v0.45 Viewing passenger manifest can now be cancelled by pressing attack

Fixed passenger manifest being activated at inconvenient moments such as when enemies are nearby

v0.39 Tennis players and lawyers now show up on passenger manifest
v0.38 Passenger manifest is no longer automatically equipped while in combat
v0.31 Fixed hanging bodies in main cannibal village not dropping items when hit, not counted on passenger list
v0.30 Passenger manifest and plane axe are no longer available in hull when already owned

Passenger manifest is now retrievable from plane in save games if it was not retrieved previously

v0.29 Passenger manifest now auto closes after 3 seconds after it auto opened upon finding first passenger
v0.28c Fixed passenger manifest not loading correctly with saves done in previous versions
v0.28 Passenger Manifest added to the game

New item: Passenger Manifest ! (find all fellow passenger bodies in world to cross their name’s off the list) (Multiplayer) The cave map and the passenger manifest are passed on to the respawned player when dying