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Painted Cannibal
Painted Cannibal
Also known as
Cross Cannibals
Painted Cross Cannibals
Added in
Surface only
Weapon(s) used
Crafted Club
Crafted Axe
Tennis Racket
Single, Double, Triple Strike
Leap Attack
High damage weapons
Spawns on Day
Day 15
Normal - Male: 49 / Female: 17 / Leader: 49
Hard/HS - Male: 56 / Female: 34 / Leader : 56
Normal - Male: 129 / Female: 71 / Leader: 129
Hard/HS - Male: 165 / Female: 115 / Leader : 165
Difficulty Mode Statistics
Damage Diff
15% more on hard modes
Building Damage
100% more on hard modes
Health Diff
40% more on hard modes
Spawn Chance
50% more on hard modes
Attack Chance
150% more likely to on hard modes
Follow Up Attack Chance
150% more likely on hard modes
Fire Damage Resistance
50% LESS damage on hard modes
Heavy Attack Knock Down Chance
75% LESS likely to be knocked down

Painted Cannibals, also known as Cross Cannibals, are cannibals that were added in update v0.54 to The Forest.


Painted cannibals are their own distinct group. Painted cannibals come in male and female forms. Regardless of gender, they will have small black crosses all over their body. They are noticeably stronger and faster than their counterparts, the regular cannibals. Painted cannibals have been observed traveling with fire cannibals. Like the regular cannibals, painted cannibals usually follow a leader. They can also be backed up via intimidation, like regular cannibals.

They are stronger and have more health than regular cannibals though less than the masked cannibals. There is no skinny variation of the painted cannibals as they are tribal like the regular cannibals. They are frequently encountered in packs rather than solo.

Male Painted Cannibals[]

Female Painted Cannibals[]

Painted Cannibal Leaders[]

Painted cannibal leaders are one of the rarest cannibal spawns. Instead of being painted white-gray and covered in tiny black crosses, these cannibals are a dirty gray with a large red cross on their chest. Painted cannibal leaders have one large red cross painted on their chest instead of several black crosses all over their body (possibly a homage to Dr. Cross). They also carry a skull on a stick on their back. These are presumably stronger than the normal painted cannibals.


It is not clear what the cross paintings on the painted cannibals represent. They may be references to Dr. Cross (although the Cannibals never demonstrate the ability to spell) or to the Christian iconography dispersed throughout the island.


Update history[]

Version Changes
v0.55 Fixed painted cannibal leader switching to wrong texture on death
v0.54 New high level painted tribe mutants added to world
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