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Old Pot
Old Pot
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The Forest Map
IconTheForestMap.png Beach Camp
IconTheForestMap.png Film crew camp
IconTheForestMap.png Camping Site
IconTheForestMap.png Pond Camp
IconTheForestMap.png Lakeside Village
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Collects water
Boils water
Makes stews
Collects rainwater
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Sap Collector

Old Pots have multiple purposes and are one of the most sought after tool items in The Forest.


Old Pots can be used to collect, carry, and drink clear water, and can also be used for Sap Collectors. It works in a very similar way to the waterskin, but also allows you to collect rain water and boil polluted water.


The old pot is a complicated item, it has many uses:

Collecting Clean Water[]

The player must have built a water collector first and it must have some water already collected from rain. The player then must press C to fill the old pot from the water collector. This functions exactly the same way as Waterskins do.

Collecting Polluted Water[]


Red spots on the The Forest Map indicate all the areas where water can be collected from.

Approach an appropriate water source with the old pot equipped, move around until you see an E, hold down the E key and the player will perform an animation where they collect the water.

Boiling Dirty Water[]

The player must use either a Basic Fire or a Fire Pit to be able to boil the water. Once the player has one of these fires and has lit it, the player must equip the pot and press C on the fire. It will place the pot on the fire and boil. It takes about 30 seconds for the water to convert to clean water. It has a one time use and it will replenish all thirst.

The boiled water cannot be stored and carried in the pot, though it can be transferred to the Waterskin.

Collecting Rain Water Trick[]

Collecting rain water is currently bugged and does not work properly though there is a way to use the rain to convert polluted water into clean water.

  1. The player must have collected polluted water in the old pot
  2. When it is raining, equip the old pot
  3. Keep the old pot out for 28 consecutive seconds
  4. The polluted water will now be converted into clean water, that can be drunk straight from the inventory as if it was collected from a Water Collector

Note: This also works with the empty old pot


The pot is required to create stews, more information can be found on the stew page.


Stick Rope Old

The old pot can be used to create a Sap Collector, this is currently the best way to obtain Sap in the game.

  • If you place an old pot inside a Sap Collector blueprint, and cancel it. You will LOSE your old pot


All the old pots in the game are found above ground; there are none in caves. There are some pots in caves, but they are not collectible, just props.


The blue flags indicate all the locations of the old pots. They are all found in the bottom left corner of the map in the game.

There are 5 locations:

Location Description Image
IconTheForestMap.png Beach Camp Found next to the blue tent on the beach next to the anchor in the water. Big tree can be seen from here. PotBeachCamp.png
IconTheForestMap.png Film crew camp Campsite near Geese Lake PotCamp1.png
IconTheForestMap.png Camping Site Campsite near the lakeside cannibal village PotCamp2.png
IconTheForestMap.png Pond Camp Campsite near waterfall, deep in the forest PotCamp3.jpg
IconTheForestMap.png Lakeside Village In the lakeside cannibal village, right in the center in the campfire. PotCannibalCamp.png

Known bugs[]

  • If you're trying to boil dirty water and the fire goes out before the water is done boiling, the pot will be duplicated, or in rare cases fall through the map.
  • If you're holding an empty pot in the rain and it doesn't have polluted water in it, it'll collect clean water, but in the inventory it will say "Clean Water (0%)". This replenishes no hydration, but can still be used to make stew, in which case it will replenish 100% hydration when eaten.


Update History[]

Version Changes
v0.73 Fixed pot and other items from appearing in hand if picked up while eating meat
v0.72 Fixed water pot no longer showing the drinking icon when containing only water

Fixed scale of dropped pot on fire

Fixed water appearing in pot before it was submerged in a water source

v0.70 It is now possible to gather boiled water from pot using a waterskin or even another pot

Fixed adding empty pot on fire in SP having water

v0.69 Cooking pot on fire is now slightly bigger

It is now possible cook various stews with the pot

It is now possible to add pot without water on the fire, it will be possible to pick it back up after 40s if nothing is added to it

v0.67 New held pot model and textures
v0.66 Improved held pot pose and added gather water animation when using pot at lakes and ponds
v0.64 Fixed small campsite with some purple pots
v0.53 Fixed some items not retaining their last active bonus & content amount after saving and loading (such as pot not saving current water)
v0.50c Fixed old pot and water skins not being able to hold water
v0.50 Added a slight thirst threshold before it is possible to drink from waterskin or pot in inventory to prevent spamming the polluted water damage
v0.46 Tweaked inventory management to allow items that are both equipment and edible (such a pot filled with water) to be used with the combine button, thus leaving open the option to equip the item even when currently edible
v0.41 Tooltip now shows current water fill percentage.
v0.39 You can drink dirty water from the pot again.
v0.38 Fixed equipping pot in inventory
v0.25 Improved look of dirty pot water and improved look of steam particle when boiled

Fixed issue causing water pot to have a wrong texture when boiling dirty water on fire

Food cooking on a fire gets destroyed when the fire does, except water pot which you can pick up empty afterwards

v0.18 When pot is filled with clean water, it can be drunk from within the inventory (like the waterskin)
v0.17 Fixed water not showing up in pot until inventory has been opened once
v0.16 You can only drink from the pot when the water is clean.
v0.15 Hint about Pots being found at camp sites added to dying screen.

Holding the pot while it rains fills it with water.

v0.14 Old Pot added to the game

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