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The Ocean is the body of water around the Peninsula, acting as the edge of the world and playing area. The player can swim or row a boat to the edge, but the player will take out a picture of Timmy and row backwards if they travel too far. After the alternative ending, the player will just hit an invisible wall.

Cannibals and most mutants cannot swim, though occasionally they can enter the water and not die. They can, however, walk a little distance into the water, although they will avoid further than waist deep. The animals that can swim are fish, sharks, turtles and crocodiles. The easiest way to travel at sea is by boating on a small raft, as it is currently the fastest and safest method. Sharks inhabit the water around the peninsula, and they can and will attack players who venture too close. Staying on a raft will protect the player from this, though sharks have been known to glitch through the bottom and eat the player regardless.

When in water the player can't attack animals/enemies, open the inventory or survival guide, carry logs or log sled, or do practically anything besides swim. The player can however place blueprints underwater, provided they were selected from the survival guide prior to entering the water. As of update v0.25, the ocean quality can be adjusted in the options menu (ocean quality can not be adjusted on PS4).

Update history

Version Changes
v1.0 Improved lods for when oceans turn on/off
v0.66 Added cpu ocean optimization when far away
v0.65 Fixed regression in previous patch caused by an optimization of ocean system leading to ocean looking laggy while swimming, optimization is now only effective while not swimming in ocean
v0.50 Fixed bug with ocean sometimes rendering extra reflection layers on custom quality setting
v0.40 Fixed ocean floor ending too soon and allowing players to fall through or stop seeing sand

Foam added around yacht in ocean

v0.39 Ocean update – lower memory allocations and hopefully fixed all cases of glowing sections visible from some parts of world
v0.37 Cliff rocks will now appear wet/dark based on height of ocean

Audio – Balanced ocean sounds

v0.35 Fixed player being able to walk along the ocean floor while underwater
v0.34 (Performance) Halved ocean waves allocations per frame

(Audio) Improved underwater ocean audio

v0.28 (Art) Improved all terrain to ocean transitions
v0.27 (Visuals) Ocean white caps will now fade in as players moves closer to ocean instead of popping on
v0.26 (performance) Decreased math instructions in ocean shader by 30%

(performance) New Ocean Quality: Wave Displacement Low (previously existing option is now called Wave Displacement High) – note it doesn’t change wave height, just how good it looks and how much strain it has on the hardware

(performance) Now forcing flat ocean on 32 bits systems

(performance) Greatly lowered per frame memory usage of ocean waves

(performance) Combined ocean/lake depth passes to save memory

Fixed visible section where terrain ended under ocean and would be darker than other water

Improved ocean foam lighting at night with torch out

v0.25b Fixed issue with new ocean crashing on some model cards (older ati cards, some integrated laptop cards), let us know if this still happens for anyone

Fixed sharks missing from ocean!

v0.25 New Ocean shader! Now has 3d waves and foam! – note – low, ultra low and fastest quality settings default to old ocean. This can be changed in quality settings

New graphics option: Ocean Quality [Wave Displacement / Flat] Low, Fastest and Ultra Low quality presets use Flat ocean quality by default.

v0.23 Fixed some areas where ocean trigger was missing/misaligned and would let you walk underwater or didn’t have fog visible
v0.22 (audio) Linear emitters for river sfx, sinkhole streams, oceans, some waterfalls and clifftops
v0.21 Ocean fixed issue where high detail bump would sharply mix with low detail distance bump
v0.20 (optimization) Water lod added to ponds, previously would calculate refraction for all lakes/ponds now will only do this for screen visible water. Removed second grab pass roughly doubling performance of ocean/lakes when visible.

Fixed bug where point or spot lights would cause ocean to glow like a hottub

v0.19 Fixed some winter pine trees sitting on ocean
v0.17 New graphics option to tweak reflections on ocean
v0.16 New shader added to the ocean.
v0.08b Fixed bug where you could fall through ocean or lake onto dry ground below
v0.06b Fixed fog showing through ocean water

Improved ocean sound effects

v0.02 Ocean swim zones now correctly rise and fall with tide
v0.01 Sea added to the game.
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