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The Notes page in the survival guide is a section in which some things like the magazine in the cockpit are placed for closer examination. These items help understand the story of what happened on the peninsula better. They are ordered by where they can be found.


Article Location Description Picture
Yacht Magazine Yacht It's a summer edition of a magazine about the yacht. Yachtmag.png
Note Cave 2 Note saying "A JEALOUS GOD punishes a parents fault on their CHILDREN" Note22.png
Photo of Virginia Yacht A picture of Virginia, which was probably taken by the people that got to the island with the yacht. Virginiapic.png
Photo of the yacht Beachside Grave A picture of the yacht, most likely taken by the yacht inhabitants themselves. Below the picture a date is noted: June '82. This suggests that the people from the yacht were on the island on a holiday in 1982. Another copy can be found on the mountainside grave. Yachtpic.png
Real! magazine The cockpit A magazine about a celebrity losing his wife. Timmy and Eric (the player) can be seen on the cover. This item implies that Eric is a television star, most likely with his own nature show as he is featured with a modern axe. Real!mag.png
Cargo Manifest Shipping Crates Often the player's first encounter with the Sahara logo. CargoManifest Diffuse.png
Latin Paper Cave 1 A drawing that features a crucifix and the sinkhole. Presumably authored by the Christian Missionaries. It is drawn in the same style as the Virginia Sketch. Crossnholedraw.png
The Practical Caver magazine Cave 2 A magazine for cavers about how to best explore caves. It used to cover a full page, but now only a ripped piece gets put in the notes section of the Survival Guide. Cavingmag.png
Autopsy Report Cave 2 The autopsy report for Jessica Cross, Dr. Crosses' wife (Under "Name".
Virginia Sketch Cave 5 A detailed drawing of a Virginia, presumably authored by the Christian Missionaries. It is drawn in the same style as the Latin Paper. Virginiadraw.png
Fortune Cave 6 A ticket with the numbers: 96, 40, 99, 80, 86, 44. The note says: "A dark haired person who is trying to harm you will soon disappear from your life and you will be extremely happy." Nearby in the cave, a non-collectible book called "The Dark Haired Man Book" can be found. Lucky numbers.png
She's not dead / She is sleeping Cave 7 Authored presumably by Dr. Cross.
Keycard Polaroid Photo 2 Cave 8 A picture of Keycard cave entrance.
KeyCard2 Polaroid.png
Beneath The Limestone Cave 10 A magazine found near the supplies in the Cowman room in Cave 10.
Obelisk Sketch Cave 10 A very detailed drawing of the Resurrection Obelisk, most likely drawn by a Sahara employee. Not to be confused with the non-collectible Obelisk Drawings.
Don't be afraid / Just believe Cave 10 Authored presumably by Dr. Cross.
Ethical Scientist magazine Sahara Laboratory Features the resurrection obelisk on the cover and suggests that it can bring back the dead.
ScienceMagazine Diffuse.png
Bring Down A Plane email Sahara Laboratory An email suggesting the dangerous potential of the power obelisk.
PlaneEmail Diffuse.png

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