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Noose Trap
Noose Trap
Also known as
Rope Trap
Added in
Building Type
Deadfall Trap
Happy Birthday Trap
Rope Swing Trap
Trapping a single Cannibal at a time
Difficult to climb
Cannibals can be set free by their kin
Other Effects
Cannot trap the player
Buildable on
Most surfaces
Very Strong

The Noose trap is an advanced trap that was added in update v0.01 of The Forest.


The Noose Trap is a trap that catches cannibals by their feet and hangs them upside down. This trap is the only one that is guaranteed to catch a cannibal that trips it, but it also leaves the cannibal alive. While animals can trip this trap, they are not caught by it.

A caught cannibal will swing his weapon/arms in front of them and their damage is exactly the same as if they were fighting normally. If approached from the rear, the cannibal cannot strike you.

If a Leader Mutant with a lamp is captured in this trap and killed it can be used as a light source.

Once fired, the trap can be reset with 1 stick.

As of v0.68, resetting traps now requires to hold the “Take” action for 3 seconds.


Stick Rope Log


Update history[]

Version Changes
v0.73 Fixed enemies standing up after being killed and dropped from the noose trap
v0.71 Fixed enemies sometimes ragdolling weirdly when caught in traps
v0.70 Fixed rope not attaching to enemy properly when noose trap was triggered
v0.69 Adding a stick to a trap in order to reset it now plays an audio event. Fixed enemies sometimes still animating after being killed in a happy birthday trap.
v0.68 (Balance) Resetting traps now requires to hold the “Take” action 3 seconds
v0.63 Fixed issue with enemy hit animations conflicting with being caught in noose trap

Trapped enemies now load with correct props Fixed issues with male pale enemies in noose trap Fixed issue where trapped enemies props could vanish

v0.62 Fixed enemies playing trapped animation when loading a game with enemies caught in a noose trap
v0.61c Fixed a host of issues in some MP games that had rope traps built in them, including some item holders not working and trees not being cuttable.
v0.61 Fixed trapped enemies not dropping to ground if trap is destroyed
v0.57c Large traps now all damage creepies
v0.57b Improved distance noose trap and fixed a bug with duplicating bodies on the noose trap
v0.57 Fixed enemies not able to target player when attacking and caught in a noose trap

Fixed player clipping through enemies that are caught in noose trap Optimized animal and enemy traps to only spawn in nearby caught animals and enemies instead of loading in all of them to improve memory use in large saves

v0.55 Traps will now correctly load to the correct state

Traps will now restore to correct state after being repaired (Multiplayer) Fixed some issues with noose trap visuals for clients not syncing

v0.56 Trapped enemies in happy birthday, Noose and Dead Fall traps, are saved and loaded. (loaded enemies in noose trap will always load in dead)

It is no longer possible to build structures attached to traps

v0.55 (Multiplayer) Fixed some issues with noose trap visuals for clients not syncing
v0.54 Fixed enemy bodies ragdolling incorrectly when killed in a noose trap
v0.46 Fixed enemies sometimes disappearing from noose trap when sleeping

(Multiplayer) Fixed enemy movement appearing offset after being released from noose trap as client

v0.40 Fixed rope trap view distance set wrong and popping off too close
v0.39 (Multiplayer) Fixed not able to reset noose traps after removing dead mutant
v0.33 Fixed hanging enemies in noose trap being offset from noose position for client
v0.29 Fixed issue where noose trap could not be reset if sprung by player
v0.28 (Multiplayer) Fixed issue where mutant hanging in a noose-trap would vanish if trap was reset while mutant was still trapped
v0.27 (A.I.) enemies will attempt to cut their friends down from rope traps

(Performance) optimised cpu usage when building lots of rope traps

v0.26 Fixed several issues with the rope trap in SP
v0.21 Fixed enemies in wrong position sometimes when caught in noose trap
v0.19 Noose trap has a wider trigger zone, making it easier to catch enemies
v0.18c Fix bug where moving far away from noose trap with a mutant caught could cause it to glitch

Fixed some issues with removing dead mutants from noose trap

v0.14 Rope trap now requires rope to construct
v0.11c Fixed issues with traps (noose, spiked wall, happy birthday) not being buildable in multiplayer games.
v0.09B Fixed multiplayer trap reset bug.
v0.06 Traps can be set off by player, and all traps can be reset. Fixed cannibal in trap bugs.
v0.01 Noose Trap added to the game