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Night is a naturally occurring event in The Forest that occurs once the sun has set. During the nighttime, the world's brightness is significantly decreased, and light sources are needed to see effectively. It is preceded and followed by day.

During the night, stars can be seen. Night has more patrols than Day has, and they are more aggressive towards the player, though night lasts just half as long as the day, at 12 minutes. The darkness also increases your stealth, making it harder for the cannibals and mutants to spot you as long as you are not near a fire or holding a light source such as a lighter, molotov, or flashlight. Because cannibals will be attracted to lights at night, it is advised not to use the Bonfire if the player does not wish to not draw unwanted attention.


Visibility outside at the beginning of the night cycle at default brightness settings with HUD.

Brightness with moon high in sky at default brightness settings.

The moon rises and falls following the same route as the sun, rising in the east and setting in the west, at the start and end of the night respectively. The movement of the moon is significant to players that want to play during the night, as the higher the moon is in the sky, the brighter the nighttime world is. The moon can provide enough light, even at default brightness settings, to allow the player to play effectively during the night.

Moon appearance and example of brightness with low moon without HUD and default brightness settings.


A beautiful skyview.

Stars are a nighttime occurrence where many dots appear in the sky and may twinkle or change brightness very subtly. They themselves are not a light source, and they do not affect gameplay.

Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Fixed grade contrast for caves and nighttime