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Mutant Baby
Mutant Baby
Also known as
Baby Creeper Mutant
Baby Mutant
Creepy Mutant
Added in
Weapon(s) used
Leap attack
Sudden Attacks
Spawns on Day
Day 7
Normal: 21
Hard/HS: 42
Difficulty Mode Statistics
Damage Diff
100% more on hard modes
Building Damage
100% more on hard modes
Health Diff
Spawn Chance
50% more likely on hard modes
Attack Chance
150% more likely to on hard modes
Follow Up Attack Chance
150% more likely on hard modes
Fire Damage Resistance
65% LESS damage on hard modes

Mutant babies are a type of creepy mutant that were added in update v0.10 to The Forest.


Mutant babies can be found in caves, though will appear above ground on or after day 7 in the company of a Virginia, or produced while fighting Megan. They can sometimes go wandering away from the Virginia to seek the player, though will generally stay with her. Mutant babies have one leg, with a stump where the other should be, as well as only one normal arm, having a smaller and clawed one as the other. They screech like angry birds and will crawl towards distractions, such as the player moving or a lit flare. They can be often heard before seen, due to the squelching wet sounds they make as they drag themselves across the ground. They sometimes give an almost human-like cry when killed, creating a very unsettling feeling in the player. It is also possible for them to break down walls built by the player.


It is unlikely that they were a result of the Resurrection Obelisk, due to their vast numbers. It is more likely that they are the offspring of Virginia, as she can produce them at alarming rates due to her multiple sex organs, with their own mutations likely being genetically passed down by their mother. They can be observed in newborn incubators in the Research Lab, suggesting that Sahara was experimenting on them.


To attack, the babies will launch themselves towards the player with their single leg while making screeching sounds. This attack will severely damage the player, so blocking is deeply advised at all times when near them. They can heavily damage and destroy armor, breaking through multiple armor bars with one leap attack, so caution is advised when confronting them in groups. The mutant babies themselves will die by one hit of any weapon, making it a fairly easy kill if the player can dodge the attacks. Since they usually spawn in groups, it can be a good idea to throw a molotov or some other explosive at the group, killing most or all of them at once. Hairspray flamethrowers have also been found useful.


Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Mutant baby heads can be collected for trophys

Head trophies can now be harvested from creepy corpses

v0.68 (Multiplayer) Fixed mutant babies and some enemies not appearing on fire when burnt to death
v0.63 Fixed baby enemies not appearing bloody when hit
v0.62 Fixed babies not getting bloody when struck
v0.50 (Multiplayer) Fixed mutant babies not dealing damage correctly to clients
v0.46 Mutant babies will now drown if submerged in water for too long
v0.41 New art added: Dead baby corpses combined

Caves – Dead baby piles added to cave 4

v0.40 (Audio) Added hurt sounds to baby fire anim
v0.38 Added blood particles to babies when hit, and to their ragdolls
v0.37 Audio – added squeal to burning babies when they die
v0.34 Fixed missing motion blur on mutant baby

Fixed mutant babies becoming invincible if hit with a burning cloth wrapped weapon

Fixed mutant baby ragdoll not being removed after time

v0.30 (Audio) Added death SFX to cowman and babies
v0.26 (audio) Improved mutant baby sounds
v0.24 (multiplayer) Fixed mutant babies disappearing for clients when they die

Fixed mutant baby spawning 2 ragdolls when killed with fire

Fixed burnt baby texture looking shiny

v0.22 (audio) Mutant baby audio added!
v0.20 fixed an issue where baby mutants would not target player properly
v0.10 Mutant Babies added to the game

New creature added! – Check the caves.

v0.01 Mutant baby props added to the game
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