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Mushrooms as they appear in the inventory

Mushrooms are edible fungi found throughout the Peninsula. There are 6 types: 4 are safe and 2 are poisonous.

They can be eaten directly to restore a small amount of hunger and energy, or collected with the pouch (up to 10 of each kind). Like berries, collected mushrooms do not spoil and can be eaten later, used for crafting, or planted in a garden. The player can only grow mushrooms in caves; however, they do not spawn there naturally and must be brought in from outside. As of v0.66, they cannot be grown in wall planters.

The poisonous mushrooms (Jack and Amanita) can be used to craft poisoned arrows.

Amanitas being used to poison arrows


Appearance In-Game Name Safety Real-Life Counterpart(s)
PuffMushroomFarket.png Puff Mushroom Safe "Puffballs"
ChanterelleMushroomFarket.png Chanterelle Mushroom Safe Cantharellus cibarius
DeerMushroomFarket.png Deer Mushroom Safe Pluteus cervinus
LibertyCapFarket.png Liberty Cap Mushroom Safe Psilocybe semilanceata
JackMushroomFarket.png Jack Mushroom Poisonous Omphalotus olearius
AmanitaMushroomFarket.png Amanita Mushroom Poisonous Amanita muscaria

Growing Mushrooms[]

It is possible to grow all types of mushrooms.

To grow mushrooms, the garden must be built within the cave system. Mushrooms don't work the same as other plants when growing. Instead of yielding more mushrooms that are planted, they duplicate next to each other. If you fill the garden with mushrooms, they won't be able to duplicate. Ensure there is space free for the mushrooms to grow. To build a garden inside a cave, you will need to bring logs into the cave. This can be done by simple holding the logs, and walking inside the cave while holding them. This does not work for drop down caves.




There is an achievement called You are a fun guy which requires the player to Eat all mushroom types.

Console Command Method[]

Some mushrooms can be difficult to locate, such as the Puff Mushroom. Console Commands can be used to add the mushrooms.

Name Add Item
Amanita Mushroom additem 115
Chanterelle Mushroom additem 116
Puff Mushroom additem 275
Liberty Cap Mushroom additem 276
Jack Mushroom additem 277
Deer Mushroom additem 278
All items (mushrooms included) addallitems


Poisonous mushrooms in the game used to make the player hallucinate when consumed, but this was later removed.

  • In reality, the Liberty Cap (Psilocybe semilanceata), one of the safely edible mushrooms, is famous for its use as a psychedelic hallucinogen. It is one of the so-called "magic mushrooms".
  • The poisonous Amanita (Amanita muscaria) can also act as a disassociative hallucinogen through a different set of compounds.
  • The Jack-o-Lantern mushroom (Omphalotus olearius) is poisonous but not hallucinogenic.

As in reality, the (edible) chantarelles and (poisonous) jack-o-lantern mushrooms appear similar and may be confused.


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