The Forest Wiki

Multiplayer is a game type that was added in update v0.09 of The Forest which allows players to play together. In update v0.12, multiplayer was integrated into Steam making it easy for users to host and join a server. It also refers to dedicated servers.


The Forest only has cooperative mode as its default game mode. There is no death match mode in the game. Though players can injure and kill each other. Based on this, players could form a set of rules to form their own death match, providing the players follow the set rules. In P2P, it is possible to play with up to 8 players in a single game. To play with more players, you will need to run a Dedicated Server, which are often more popular. The PS4 version of the game has a maximum of four players in a game due to performance issues.

Differences between singleplayer and multiplayer[]

There are a number of differences between single player and multiplayer, some are crucial to know:

  • In multiplayer, when a player's health reaches 0 they will enter an injured state (unless death is caused by drowning or sharks). They will fall to their hands and knees, and in this state, the player cannot use a walky talky and they are essentially disabled, they cannot move or attack. Cannibals and mutants will surround the player, sometimes still attacking them, though this has no effect. When in this state, they will need to be revived. This requires another player to approach the player and hold the E key for about 5 seconds without being injured. Before v0.27, reviving players used to cost meds, though it is no longer required to revive a player. The injured player will stand up and be able to continue playing, with 10 health. If a player isn't revived, they will die and have to restart. If a player dies, the player's strength, athleticism, weight and sanity will be reset back to their starting values. If the player wishes to avoid this, they can reload the game if they have one. However, if the player continues to play, they can go to the location of their dead body and there will be a backpack which will contain all their items.
  • In multiplayer, the player can make proper use of the walky talky to communicate with other players. This is classed as a left hand item so the player cannot use a lighter, flashlight, cassette player, or compass while using the walky talky. It can be access by pressing the Q key, and can be stashed away by doing the same. Players can also use text chat by pressing Enter to open the chat box and the same key to send the message.
  • In multiplayer, the player will find a unique item called the metal tin tray, which is located at the back of the plane near the passenger manifest. The metal tin tray allows players to place items on it within their inventory by combining it with the tray and equipping it. This holds the tray out and other players can take items from the tray. Some items like blueberries can be shared with players, even if they don't have a pouch. Certain items cannot be shared, such as the repair tool, though this item can be placed in a catapult which allows the other player to collect it from there.
  • In multiplayer, there is a client and a host. Clients are players that join and the host is the one who create the game. The host can control the settings of the game such as building destruction and tree regrowing mode. The host is also the only one who can save the game world. Clients have no control over the game settings. When a client saves, they only save their own current state. This saves their items and their stats, such as strength and athleticism.
  • There are more differences between the two, most can be found in the patch notes below. Though these are the most important ones that should be known.


Injured refers to the state when a player has been killed but is playing in multiplayer where another player may attempt to revive them by getting to the Injured player in time. You do NOT need meds to revive a player.

When in multiplayer if a player loses all their health from normal means. E.g. cannibals, fall damage, etc. They will fall down and the screen will go black/white and a white skull will appear onscreen.

The skull will begin to fill up as the player begins to die, allowing an approximation of how long the player has left until death, although no exact time. While injured it also gives the player the option of giving up and dying in order to respawn sooner.

A skull will appear and be shown to players so they know when another players been downed and needs to be revived. Note that this skull does not show the injured player's bleed-out timer, so there is no way to know much much time you have to heal them before they die.





  • v0.27 - Reviving another player no longer uses meds and restores only a minimum amount of health
  • v0.67 - Player can no longer be revived after being killed by a shark or drowning

Update History[]

All (multiplayer) notations have been removed from these patch notes to make it easier to read and to reduce the length of the notes.

Version Changes
  • Fixed difficulty not properly synced with clients after loading a saved game
  • Discovered passengers are now preserved after dying
  • Host can now choose whether clients are allowed or not to use the built-in debug console
  • Fixed cant add some items to metal tin tray in mp
  • Fixed error log spam when using walkie talkies in mp
  • Fixed a bunch of case of distortion not occurring for clients when damaging building
  • Fixed suitcases not appearing in caves for clients if host is not also in the cave
  • Fixed buildings placed on tree structures not properly removed if the tree is destroyed
  • Todo list is now properly carried over to the new character after dying
  • Updated icons above players heads
  • Banned from game message now reads “You have been banned by Host”
  • Kicked from a game message now reads “You have been kicked”
  • Joining a game with no player slots left now reads “Server Full”
  • Fixed revive player action icon remaining visible after looking or walking away
  • Fixed some characters having excessively shiny hair
  • Fixed wrong font used in parts of the chat UI
  • Improved animation sync of creepy ragdolls in MP
  • Added missing translations in mp scene
  • New crafting cog icon, new mp dying skull icon.
  • Dying with an empty inventory no longer produces a backpack
  • Fixed tortoises sometimes disappearing for clients while hiding in their shell
  • Fixed bats not being affected by explosions for clients
  • Added in controller support for invite menu
  • Fixed clients sometimes unable to kill fish with the spear
  • Moved prefab database warm up to when actually starting a game instead of when loading the MP start scene to smooth out menu navigation and hide the hiccup with a proper black screen
  • Fixed bodies not dropping from happy birthday traps when reset for clients
  • Reduced stutter on falling trees that could sometimes happen for clients
  • Fixed fireman cannibals appearing with wrong texture as client
  • Fixed birds disappearing if shot with a flare gun as client
  • Fixed adding ingredients to a stew as client not updating cooking time for all players
  • Fixed clients able to see other player on floor during first part of plane crash sequence
  • Fixed clients unable to pick up rabbits from animal traps
  • Fixed boss monster sometimes causing players to lock into place depending on connection issues
  • Fixed tortoise ragdolls causing frame rate issues as host in MP
  • After an attempt to join a game that banned you, fixed further attempts to connect leaving game stuck on “starting client…”
  • Fixed an issue with clients sometimes taking damage when starting on the plane
  • Fixed other players visible during opening plane crash cutscene
  • Fixed sharing newest items on tray
  • Fixed client players sometimes getting launched into sky when letting go of log sleds
  • When first joining a game as client, current time of day is sent and that time is used until the regular time sync begins, this will avoid having the sky visibly catching up when time of day data arrives
  • Removed p2p host alt tab warning regarding clients disconnecting
  • Fixed megan’s body appearing offset sometimes when picked up by clients
  • Fixed fire not visible on burning animals for clients
  • Fixed mutant babies and some enemies not appearing on fire when burnt to death
  • Fixed some enemies not appearing with correct textures in end game section for clients
  • Fixed rafts moving at different speeds sometimes
  • Fixed passengers manifest wrongly counting up and unlocking the achievement without actually discovering all passengers
  • Fixed some possible errors in hud initialization when joining games as client
  • Fixed defensive wall gate looking client side like it’s quickly opening & closing when first built
  • Fixed an issue crane data initialization when loading a save causing crane to be wrong size for clients and the bottom trigger grab icon to not be visible
  • In the event of the Steam lobby getting destroyed for any reason during a P2P game, it will no longer error out in the saving process leaving the game in a broken state and instead try to fallback and finish the operation as well as technically possible
  • Sharks are now working in multiplayer games
  • Fixed some player clothing variations blurring incorrectly
  • Improved log on zipline movement smoothing
  • Fixed lizard ragdolls causing low framerate in multiplayer games when lizards are killed
  • Player can no longer be revived after being killed by a shark or drowning
  • Optimized animator cpu usage in multiplayer
  • Fixed issue with syncing skin variations, including red paint
  • Fixed missing craft sfx when combining items with the metal tray
  • Fixed loose bag floating visible in coop player seat at start of game
  • Hole cutter can no longer target boat or the sled while it is currently being driven by someone
  • Fixed foundation based structures with only foundations damaged not offering repair prompt to clients until host first inspected it with the repair tool
  • Speared fishes are now visible on remote players !
  • Player interaction system is now reset after player gets respawned, so that dying may clear out interaction bugs
  • Fixed banned players list not working
  • Possibly fixed remote player heads missing sometimes
  • Fixed small meat not visible in remote player hands when held
  • Fixed player standing up after being killed while in injured state
  • Enemies and animals will now collide with rocks for client players when the host is very far away
  • Fixed camcorder strap clipping into player’s hand
  • Fixed sleep on yacht achievement for clients
  • Fixed building related tasks and achievements for clients
  • Now syncing Zipline and Crane sfx
  • Sped up scrolling in game browser x7
  • Added lobby is full message when the lobby is full for multiplayer
  • Fixed blood not appearing to clean off for client characters weapons
  • Improved performance issue when hitting animals with arrows
  • Fixed Arrows stuck in animals not being synced correctly between players
  • Fixed issue where fish trap could vanish if players went far away and then returned
  • Trapped Cave fish are now correctly synced between players
  • Prevent spamming take from food holders (and similar) as client from providing several of the item stored until host responds
  • Fixed bug with generic meat on fire turning into small generic meat for client
  • Fixed issues between MP player list, pause menu, book, and inventory screens
  • Fixed players being able to interact whilst player list was active
  • Fixed motion blur missing on some enemy types
  • Mutant dropped teeth pickup are now synced on host and client.
  • (DS) Fixed some issues with attempting to load regular multiplayer games into dedicated server games
  • Fixed error in multiplayer when hitting bushes or water zones with arrows
  • Fixed dirt piles remaining in world if owning garden gets destroyed
  • Fixed repairing structures on Large Raft launching player into air
  • Dead backpack now preserves item bonuses such as fire, poison or bone arrows
  • Fixed gun ammo respawning on client cache when loading.
  • Fixed clients not seeing trapped fish in caves.
  • Trapped fishes are now synced correctly between players
  • Players next sleep time is now synced in multiplayer
  • Added new hair variations to multiplayer character type
  • Fixed some underwater particles being visible for players who died in water on respawn
  • Fixed foundation built in caves not working properly for clients
  • Arrows in birds and animals should now be visible and retrievable by both players
  • Fixed foundation with collapsed chunks not properly initialized for late joining clients causing collapsed chunks to be there for the client and leaving client unable to repair it
  • Fixed chainsaw engine SFX playing on remote players when out of fuel
  • Reduced jitteriness of animal movement for client players
  • In-cave flag is now stored in player data, this will prevent the cave not loading properly issue for clients saving in caves around the sinkhole (not retroactive for saves already broken but compatible with working saves and prevents the issue from that point forward)
  • Added several hair variations to the one of the multiplayer characters
  • Fixed player movement locked after being revived while sending a chat message
  • Fixed host camera shaking on plane when client first joins
  • Added 3 toque clothing variations
  • Added new jacket, hoodie up, open shirt, closed shirt clothing variations
  • Added “Experimental” text to dedicated server source buttons in game browser to clarify the current state of the feature
  • Only 2 players can sit on a bench at one time now
  • Fixed coop player sometimes falling through the floor when activating certain cutscenes in the end game
  • Fixed clients sometimes not seeing many birds compared to host
  • Fixed dropping logs as client sometimes shooting the player up into the air
  • Fixed amount of chops need to fell trees being different in multiplayer compared to singleplayer
  • Fixed other players flares visible over survival book
  • Fixed wall toggle addition icon out of sync with current wall addition
  • Added 3 hair style variations to the original character
  • Fixed toy parts and toy full positioning in tray
  • Fixed restarting an endgame co-op session without restarting the game causing the endgame keypad door to not open for others
  • Added clean up when finishing the game that should help with out of memory crashes that occurred when loading the epilogue
  • Fixed skinny females appearing without color detail for clients in some cases
  • Fixed animals not spawning snow particles
  • Smoothed movement on several dynamic projectiles, fixes stuttering look when viewing other players throw molotovs/bombs
  • Fixed player net holding old flare particle
  • Fixed wood chop particles missing visually on other players chopping trees
  • Fixed clients able to cut down trees with the climbing axe
  • New player hair/beard model and shader added
  • Mixed some forced variation to the randomness of the player skin and clothing rolls
  • Fixed picking up items in suitcase while full causing it to duplicate as host or remain floating in the air as client
  • Fixed stand up after being revived animation not playing for other players
  • Fixed skinny cannibal swing stick animation not playing for clients
  • Fixed some issues with meat left on fires after saving and loading not syncing correctly
  • Quick select items selection is now preserved after respawning
  • Fixed fire not saving it’s lit state on server when loading
  • Fixed game locking up if trying to add more than 6 different items to the metal tray
  • Fixed trade system not always properly disabled after use making long range trades possible
  • Fixed revive system not always properly disabled after use making long range revives possible
  • Fixed metal door not properly initializing for clients when first joining a game preventing items already placed on the weight from showing up
  • Fixed rabbits not appearing white in snow area for clients
  • Fixed positions of all items on metal tray!
  • Fixed some exploded cave in areas not syncing correctly between players
  • Frost damage will no longer be applied to players who are in a downed state
  • Moved chat to the left of the screen to avoid overlapping with building ingredients
  • Added a dark backing to the chat to improve readability
  • Fixed some issues with noose trap visuals for clients not syncing
  • Added new clothing: Vest with 3 texture variations
  • Improved walking and running animations on other players when holding all types of weapons
  • Fixed birds sometimes not playing flying animation for clients
  • Fixed arrows collected from bodies not being removed for other players
  • Fixed a case of player variation not initializing at start of game
  • Added new clothing: Hoodie with 3 texture variations
  • Weapon paint now correctly syncs to other players
  • Birds are now synced properly in multiplayer games
  • Optimized total memory usage on clients
  • It is no longer possible to open the chat silently while having the survival book open
  • Fixed some cases of meat reverting to raw after using it on crafting mat with metal tray
  • Extended player in ghost building check to prevent completion to other players in game
  • Fixed nutrition/exercise/strength stat not restored properly for clients
  • Fixed exploded cave rock walls respawned after leaving and returning to caves for host
  • Fixed players getting pushed around by enemies while injured and waiting for revive
  • Fixed spawning in sinkhole as client preventing cave entrances to work properly
  • Fixed save game ui issue where single player games would say they were multiplayer saves (had no effect on saves themselves, only the ui text)
  • New jacket clothing variation added
  • Improved idle, walk and run animations on other coop players
  • Fixed large raft moving erratically sometimes when client player attempts to walk under stair geometry
  • Fixed clients not dealing correct damage to knocked down enemies
  • All weapons can now be shared with the metal tray
  • Fixed client not able to trigger trip wire traps with projectiles
  • Fixed burning a shelter causing client to get kicked
  • Fixed destroying garden blueberry bush not working after collecting all berries on host side
  • Fixed female bodies sometimes disappearing when killed as host
  • Metal tray held by another player no longer shows any icon if empty
  • Fixed rock side platform not destructible
  • Fixed game seeming to crash/take a long time loading for clients during loading of particular scene
  • Fix for an enemy turning invisible during transformation
  • Fixed players overlapping each other in a cutscene
  • Fixed clients seeing additional dropped bodies
  • Fixed some dropped bodies not being visible for clients
  • Fixed a case of story progression getting blocked if client left the game at the wrong time
  • Fixed restarting a new game lobby not working after finishing the story as host
  • Fixed other player weapons sometimes being held in wrong pose when first joining a game
  • Fixed a racing condition when taking item from food holder causing take icon to stay visible sometimes
  • Fixed adding crafted meds & energy mix to food holders
  • Fixed possible item duplication when attempting to grab too quickly from food holders
  • Fixed exploded rocks in caves not properly synced with late joining clients and being stuck not exploded
  • Fixed bug when attempting to load and play an old saved game with more than 20 holes in a floor
  • Fixed a specific race condition when launching game causing client to fail to joining saved games
  • Fixed small rock duplication
  • Fixed not getting any prompt when trying to join a game from the Steam friend list when the game is already running (in title or MP scene)
  • Fixed stone caches loaded exploded from a save not properly working for clients
  • Fixed “cold & wet” tutorial not getting cleaned up after dying and respawning
  • Fixed mutant babies not dealing damage correctly to clients
  • Fixed (again)other players being visible during red death screen
  • Fixed host not revivable after opening the pause menu
  • Fetching items backpack now restores content of water holder and other item bonus such as the incendiary upgrade
  • Fixed boat loading unmoored from dock when launching game with a client in lobby
  • Fixed client not getting fat man entry in bestiary when hit
  • Improved emergency/last moment shutting down of server & client connection, should help with cases of player staying connected in game after application closed without going through the menu or not being able to restart server immediately
  • Fixed skin rack not functioning in multiplayer games
  • Fixed houseboat oar not working
  • Fixed player bodies in multiplayer games sometimes being invisible
  • Fixed edible items shared with tray not always usable
  • Added support for syncing meat decay state when shared with tray
  • Fixed coop players sometimes spawning on top of each other inside the plane
  • Fixed players spawning in wrong pose when first joining a coop session
  • Fixed other players and enemies visible during the player death sequence
  • (Building) Each floor and roof now has a 20 holes limit, this works around an issue in multiplayer causing clients to no longer receive holes past a certain amount, also prevents escalating computation costs due to inappropriate use of the hole cutter
  • Improved accuracy of animation transitions for enemies and players as client
  • Fixed(again) snow trees turning into regular trees when cut
  • Fixed player switching to previous weapon after being revived
  • Fixed weapon upgrades not showing on remote player if he hasn’t opened inventory once since starting game
  • Fixed defensive wall reinforcement possibly not loading for clients in bigger games or laggy conditions
  • Fixed excessive distortion when building receive damage
  • Fixed some issues with tree save states being different between host and client depending on where client was when trees were cut down or game was saved
  • Fixed severe lag when client joins a game that has garden with planted seeds located far away from all current player locations
  • Fixed and smoothed out world object sync sweep that occurs when a client joins a game
  • Clients can now parry enemy attacks
  • Fixed bug where clients could be kicked from game if attempting to chop shark head
  • client player body and skin materials are now correct during opening plane crash
  • Fixed camera shake not working for client during fat creepy foot stomps
  • (Performance) Fixed unnecessary allocations in multiplayer games when in range of lakes or ponds
  • Added a “Profile” button in player list pointing to the Steam profile
  • Setup steal item feature to transport extra data such as meat decay state
  • Fixed case of dropped meat reverting to previous decay state
  • Fixed dropping bodies sometimes being unpredictable/difficult to judge drop distance
  • Looting backpack now equips the plane axe if not already owned
  • Fixed client dried meat not being dried when taken by host
  • Clients now start the plane crash in separate seats from host, and watch timmy taken away from different perspective
  • Cloth, tooth, feather and booze weapon upgrades are now visibly synced to other players !
  • Reduced animation cpu usage as host
  • Fixed a bug causing built logs from a ghost procedural roof to not be visible until structure is completed
  • Fixed enemy movement appearing offset after being released from noose trap as client
  • Fixed some logs flying for clients
  • Fixed arrow basket, bone basket, ceiling skull light, drying rack, rabbit skin, snack holder, meds cabinet, skull light, trophy, wall plant pot, explosive holder, catapult and water collector not following supporting dynamic structure for clients
  • Fixed placing a ceiling skull light as client leaving the place icon active
  • Fixed invite popup not usable with a gamepad
  • It is no longer possible to equip items that are added to the metal tray directly from it, it needs to be moved back on crafting mat or inventory first (this is to prevent a duplication exploit)
  • Fixed issue with missing buildings for clients when loading a saved game with lots of structures (instead of attaching all buildings at once they will instead be attached to the networking system up to 100 at a time per frame, this delays just a little the time it takes for everything to show up on clients and should likely be unnoticed)
  • Sped up time it takes to attach all trees at start of game
  • Adding more items to a holder than its maximum capacity now attempts to return it
  • Now showing an icon next to other player name indicating they currently are inside a cave
  • Fixed tree structures vanishing instead of visibly collapsing for clients when supporting tree is cut down
  • Fixed a case of fake drop causing duplication in MP, fixes duplicating animals meat when full
  • Fixed cave fires doubling up visually when lit
  • Fixed meat client gets on drying rack always fresh regardless of actual decay state meat had for host
  • Fixed client adding edible/spoilt meat on rack turning to fresh meat
  • Optimized mutant transform cpu usage for clients
  • Fixed swapping ghost tree structure as client causing it to be grabbed by host even if far away
  • Setup cloud forming for clients before rain starts
  • Fixed time of day looping really fast when host isn’t responding
  • Fixed decoration place icon staying up after placing one as client
  • Fixed meat decaying state resetting when dropped and grabbed by another player
  • Fixed client toggling stick marker or sled flag color not properly syncing to other players
  • Fixed error when picking up rabbits in traps as client causing it to be duplicated
  • Fixed player movement breaking if hit while waking up on plane
  • Now returning extra ingredients added to ghost building by going faster than syncing speed to complete the required amount
  • Fixed input getting stuck and unusable if interacting with chat at wrong time when dying
  • Fixed fish trap resetting when there’s a fish trapped remotely
  • Fish trap no longer syncs its sprung state, since fishes are local to each player it allows traps to catch fish on each player side independently. Resetting fish trap is still common to all players
  • Fixed cave pre-placed fires not being lightable
  • Fixed gamepad not having same restrictions as keyboard when using chat, causing issues such as allowing to double jump and possibly breaking all input
  • Reduced some jerkiness in squirrel animation as client
  • Fixed player slowly rotating to the side and ending upside down when using chat box while swimming
  • Fixed flickering on back of tabloid magazine when viewing another player holding it
  • Fixed game freezing when closing inventory after adding more items than shown using metal tray on the crafting mat (i.e. add metal tray and 40 leaves to crafting mat then close inventory without combining)
  • Fixed (again)backpack overlay icon not showing up in world after dying in a cave
  • Fixed interaction distance with item holder trigger of sled being really short
  • Fixed cutting stumps away from host not not blowing up
  • Fixed some bugs with regrow mode in multiplayer games that could cause regrown trees to vanish for client and be uncuttable for host in some cases
  • Floor/Roof hole cutter is now available ! Clients cannot cut holes in ironforest mode to prevent griefing
  • Fixed random object spawned at the location of metal tin tray for clients
  • Fixed distortion of damaged procedural buildings
  • Fixed ghost tree structures loaded from a saved game not getting removed if tree is cut down
  • Fixed remote player plastic torch flashing when they enter the game
  • Fixed client not seeing host climb rope animation, if loading a save game with no weapon equipped
  • Added new cheat code: type: regrowmode in title scene to activate/deactivate. When enabled 10% of cut down trees will grow back each night the player sleeps, For multiplayer games this needs to be enabled by host to have an effect on game. Only stumps will regrow into trees, so if you want trees cleared in some areas, for example inside your base, be sure to remove the stumps!
  • Fixed syncing of iron forest mode so clients no longer run distortion logic when it’s enabled, which could cause clients to see highly distorted structures that will never be destroyed
  • Stalagmite destruction is now synced to nearby players
  • Fixed distant cut down trees not refreshed and showing billboard when late joining a game or joining a saved game
  • Fixed survival book on other players not using correct texture for front of book
  • Fixed bird on hand not appearing on other players
  • Fixed bow not being drawn back on other players
  • Fixed enemies tending to target host more than clients
  • Fixed client unable to remove tree stumps when far away from host
  • Fixed sky lightning getting stuck visible for clients when host is in snow biome and client isn’t
  • Further increased damage distortion of regular (not procedural) buildings for clients
  • Fixed bombs exploding over a foundation floor not distorting for client
  • Fixed alt tabbing while chat input is open breaking all input
  • Enabled physics on log pickups for clients so that they may push logs
  • Improved granularity of dynamic pickups position syncing to reduce jitter
  • Client adding 2 logs to a log holder/sled with only one free slot will get back the extra log instead of it being forever gone
  • Reduced pop when spawning creepy ragdoll bodies as client
  • Fixed bodies being dropped in wrong place for client when first dropped
  • Fixed snow trees turning into regular trees when chopped in MP games
  • Fixed damaged building distortion being so soft that it wasn’t visible
  • Fixed book tabs flashing when second player held bomb
  • Improved building distortion calculation to better reflect accounted damage
  • Unblocked house boat
  • Fixed destroying custom effigies leaving parts flying behind
  • Fixed raft paddle getting stuck if player leaves the trigger right after engaging control of it
  • Fixed issue of remote non driving player falling off raft while moving it (not very noticeable on raft but was mandatory with houseboat)
  • Fixed red sphere showing under turtles for clients
  • Fixed explosives thrown via thrower sometimes kicking clients

Fixed downed enemies blocking player movement

  • Fixed lock on distant doors loaded from a save file unusable for host
  • Client’s in game day time is now local until end of plane crash sequence for both host & himself
  • Fixed adding lizard on drying rack taking a long time to show up client side
  • Fixed story clues not showing up after loading a saved game for client (retro active)
  • Added motion blur to items on metal tray
  • Fixed some item positioning issues in metal tray
  • Cleared out metal tray black list ! Flare/Skull/Cloth/Bomb can now be shared with it
  • Fixed rain stopping for clients when host enters caves
  • Fixed client getting rain while in caves
  • Now retrying up to 3 times to connect when failing to join a game (fixes at least the case of joining back a game that was improperly disconnected)
  • Fixed picking up flares in crates not removing the correct object
  • Fixed yellow crates not openning for host
  • Fixed missing sound when reloading catapult as client
  • Added held dynamite sparks syncing
  • Fixed bug where enemies could exist in world but be invisible and unmoving for clients
  • Fixed bug where enemy attacks could hit player even if they didn’t complete the animation
  • Fixed missing audio on cowman for clients
  • Fixed cowman not showing burnt texture as client
  • Fixed cowman blood not syncing on death as client
  • Fixed creepy ragdolls sometimes spinning weirdly as client
  • Fixed activating door locks as client when host is far away
  • Improved time of day syncing when joining a game to account for possible delay before receiving all required data to perform accurate local calculations (should prevent clients from sometimes starting game starving/thirsty even though it wasn’t saved like that)
  • Fixed tree structures not properly synced so that cut leaves system and collapsing works properly for clients
  • Fixed walky talky not working after loading a game that was saved in SP
  • Fixed not able to reset noose traps after removing dead mutant
  • Fixed players backpacks popping off early/having different visibility settings than body
  • Fixed rabbits in traps not resetting properly for clients causing issues with active rabbits later on in game
  • Fixed enemy body pickup trigger sometimes not working after enemy died while looking at it
  • Fixed sticky bombs not working for clients
  • Fix trees not syncing properly for clients after host went back to title scene once and started a game again
  • Fixed enemies not appearing in caves in multiplayer, if client entered cave alone
  • Fixed some animation glitches when fighting enemies as client
  • Fixed creepy mutant ragdolls disappearing for client
  • Fixed mutant position popping slightly when dying as client
  • Clamped player velocity when chat window is open
  • Fixed player_net molotov fire looking different than local player molotov fire
  • Fixed saving inventory for clients
  • Fixed molotovs thrown from multi-thrower not breaking correctly for clients
  • Audio – Fixed doubled up fall sound effect in multiplayer
  • Audio – Fixed push sled sound not being synced in multiplayer
  • Audio – Fixed player burning vocals not being synced in multiplayer
  • Fixed missing lighter texture on other players lighters
  • Fixed host sometimes appearing on angle for clients in MP
  • Clamped player velocity when pause menu or player menu is open
  • Fixed animation glitchiness when dropping bodies as client in MP
  • Fixed jerky crocodile movement for clients
  • Fixed animals not aligning to terrain correctly as client
  • Fixed clients not getting logs from dead trees
  • Fixed clients not seeing animals after an extended play time!
  • Fixed picking up logs in holder while jumping causing it to vanish, it now properly drops the log
  • Fixed blocking animation cutting off for remote players
  • Fixed client picking up animal yields leaving a broken duplicate copy behind
  • Fixed platform cost being higher than it should be in some circumstances depending where placed on terrain
  • Fixed crocodile looking different/worse than single player version
  • Fixed jerkiness in some player animations
  • Stand up animation added when revived
  • Fixed ghost rock fence looking filled when placed
  • Fixed loading save as host sometimes causing duplicate ghost bridge to show up client side
  • Fixed issue with invites send outside game not appearing on title screen
  • Fixed dead screen not displaying correctly in co-op games
  • Fixed overflow dynamites fake dropped from picking up in trading tray exploding
  • Fixed dying by crocodile breaking respawn in MP
  • Clients may now burn trees even if away from host
  • Fixed cave map positioning on remote players and removed the fully revealed map material
  • Fixed head bomb exploding when dropped from picking up in metal tray while full
  • Now syncing rotation of fire particle, should better follow weapons
  • Now spawning correct amount of overflown items when trying to pick up from metal tray while full
  • Fixed player count stuck at 1 for clients
  • Fixed delayed action icon (the white circle filling in black) sometimes staying up when action was first completed by another player (ie: resetting traps)
  • Fixed client resetting Happy birthday trap while in its trigger causing trap to be sprung on host side but not client
  • Fixed loading a saved game inside yacht as client causing player to swim and see ocean through yacht
  • Consuming blueberries in garden no longer removes the whole bush and instead each individual berry can be used as expected

vFixed missing mud after rain for clients vFixed an issue with streamed cave props causing lag on remote endpoints

  • Fixed adding first material to repair buildings not refreshing display
  • Fixed first tick of toggling wall addition not going to window
  • Fixed clients being unable to deal melee damage to armsy
  • Fixed player’s weapon fire not following weapon perfectly on remote avatar
  • Fixed high CPU usage when loading old save with tree structures attached to trees that no longer exists
  • Fixed birds flying into fires for client
  • Fixed bug with steam lobby displaying very few public games
  • Fixed item duplication when quickly picking up items that are spawned when picking up something while being full
  • Fixed player anim breaking if killed while holding a logsled
  • Fixed sun rotation not matching time of day when starting game as client
  • Fixed bug where clients could not share items with each other only with host
  • Fixed player_net held cave map looking transparent for other players
  • Fixed trip wire traps sometimes leaving bits behind after being triggered by client
  • Fixed delay/flash when placing walls and fences as client
  • Fixed hand icon occasionally getting stuck on screen after trading with another player
  • Fixed log sled not working correctly for host player
  • Fixed issue with cutting down trees in some multiplayer save games
  • Added left/right hit animations when attacking another player
  • Added client hit prediction to player
  • Fixed issue where fire thrown by enemies could cause explosions and destroy bases in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed weapons sometimes not visible on other player
  • Fixed enemies sometimes snapping into death pose as client
  • Lowered MP data memory footprint of each non foundation based buildings by 95%
  • Fixed quiver bonus not preserved after picking up backpack
  • Fixed sleeping in temporary shelter not collapsing them for clients
  • Improved fall to ground animation of mutants as client
  • Player name is now hidden for crouched players!
  • Fixed issue with nested buildings causing clients to get kicked out when destroying foundations
  • Fixed ghost vanishing for a second when placing buildings as client for all but custom building types
  • Fixed not being able to gather arrows/spears from other players
  • Fixed connecting issues with receiving multiple invites to the same lobby
  • Fixed enemies not turning head to client/looking at clients
  • Improved enemy spin around when hit reaction for clients
  • Fixed building warmth not functioning properly for clients
  • More natural spine rotation on player character
  • Better crouching animation on player character
  • Fixed equipped items not going into loot backpack when dying
  • Fixed glitchy animation when dropping bodies as client
  • Fixed body drop animation not playing for clients if body was dropped by another player
  • Fixed sled sfx playing continuously after first use
  • Optimized enemy material syncing
  • Fixed 2 bodies briefly visible when picking up a body as client
  • Optimized animator and memory usage on enemies as client
  • Fixed cases of enemies popping/sliding around when knocked down and dying as client
  • Improved gamepad UI navigation in game start scene
  • Now saving player’s skin & clothing variation
  • Fixed trees vanishing for a frame when cut down by client
  • Fixed an issue preventing clients to join games in some cases
  • Fixed bug with sled where additional logs past 8 would appear to hover in the air until log sled was released
  • New player clothing texture variations added! New revised camo, relaxed t-shirt and tourist clothing
  • Fixed timed bomb exploding when dropped from metal tray when full
  • Added sleep feature, all currently connected players must use a sleep trigger (regardless of place in world) and sleep will start once everyone is in
  • Added “current view” icon display to Player List
  • Added “Sleep” current view, active while waiting for rest of party to join
  • Added backpack model to player
  • Grabbing backpack no longer auto equips first item in list if hands are empty
  • Fixed enemies sometimes floating in air when killed in MP
  • Fixed blood not appearing on client players when hit by an enemy
  • Fixed blood sync issues on dead enemies
  • -hopefully -Fixed enemies sometimes randomly running on spot
  • Improved time syncing for clients
  • Fixed burning trees
  • Fixed issue when leaving game while having a backpack pickup in game preventing client from reconnecting if making a new game
  • New item: Metal Tin Tray ! Store up to 6 different items in any amount in it using the crafting mat then equip it to share almost everything (Cloth, Skull, Flare and explosives are currently blacklisted)
  • Improved performance for host when clients are far away
  • Fixed cliff climbing not working properly when both host and client are holding climbing axe
  • Revamped gather body workflow after dying. Dead body has been replaced by a backpack. Backpack now has all items you lost on it.
  • Steal item trigger now requires player to hold the Take button for 0.5s
  • Lowered kill delay of downed player from 3s to 0.5s
  • Doubled bone pickup auto destruct delay
  • Fixed enter cave animation not playing for other players
  • Fixed drowning, player can no longer be revived after dying this way
  • Fixed trees not always properly updated for clients
  • (Audio) Fixed SFX for felled trees breaking apart being inaudible to multiplayer clients
  • Fixed skulls not spawning when cooking head for clients
  • Fixed (hopefully for good) logs sometimes getting stuck mid air
  • Fixed fueling fire with leaves/cash not working for client
  • Fixed fire arrows sometimes kicking clients
  • Fixed bug where after dying in a loaded game and being revived you would be unable to interact with some world items
  • Fixed memory leak when cutting down/blowing up trees
  • Fixed trees cut far from host or client pop on when approached
  • The cave map and the passenger manifest are passed on to the respawned player when dying
  • Improved cases of log staying stuck mid air
  • Player list now displays properly for clients
  • Fixed issue where meat from animals would duplicate
  • Fixed issue where upgrades for weapons would not show up
  • Fixed issue where raft would become unusable after if person driving it got damaged
  • Fixed issue where mutant hanging in a noose-trap would vanish if trap was reset while mutant was still trapped
  • Fixed some issues with receiving invites while in the MP screen
  • Hits from enemies on player are now calculated locally, reducing appearance of lag
  • Reviving another player no longer uses meds and restores only a minimum amount of health
  • Fixed issue of explosions not destroying trees when players were far away from host
  • Fixed another log-dupe bug (sorry!)
  • Fixed issue where some of the smaller tree types were not cuttable with explosives
  • Fixed performance issues with lots of buildings
  • Fixed an issue where (randomly) some wood planks being destroyed would not replicate out to other players
  • Fixed issue where client could not kill fish with explosives
  • Fixed suitcases sometimes jittering back and forth for client when stuck between objects
  • Enemy hit reactions are more varied and closer those in single player
  • Optimized remote player animator cost
  • Fixed exploding trees spawning 2 cut tree models
  • (balance)In general you will now see smaller groups of enemies early on, with size of groups increasing overtime
  • Lowered chance of enemies finding players straight after plane crash
  • Fixed some bugs with enemy spawn amounts, all types of mutants should appear after enough time has passed
  • Fixed player_net faces looking too shiny and some arms not matching look of face
  • Fixed loading save file with custom rope sometimes breaking loading
  • Fixed loading save file with fires erroring
  • Fixed combat for clients being easier than in single player games due to enemies not using counter attacks as frequently
  • (Balance) Tweaked enemy frequency to work better with multiple players compared to single player
  • All droppable items now sync between players
  • All projectiles are now replicated over the network
  • Fixed swimming sounds of other players being really loud
  • Fixed a bug that was causing mutants killed by happybirthday trap to not fall down for clients when trap was reset
  • Fixed some instances of enemies duplicating when killed
  • Fixed some instances of enemies having wrong material on death, ie not burnt material if killed with fire
  • Fixed plane not aligned for clients if host plays crash sequence all the way through
  • Fixed issue with incorrect material on creepy mutant ragdolls
  • Bloody tables are now synced between players
  • Raft now synced between players!
  • Fixed bug where items would remain on pedestal (metal doors) after being placed and taken again
  • Fixed bug where if one player was holding full map, other players would only see them holding a partial map piece
  • Fixed some issues with cooking food for clients
  • Fixed repairing log cabin walls when whole chunk is broken
  • Fixed a case of save failing for clients
  • (performance) Reduced cost of processing nearby tree detection for host
  • (performance) Optimized animator usage of all creatures in MP
  • Animations now blend more smoothly for client players when attacking enemies.
  • Fixed animation issues for client when mutants would die
  • Fixed bug where cave enemies would sometimes ignore clients if client was far enough away from host player
  • Lowered network interpolation delay for clients to improve responsiveness over network
  • Metal doors are now correctly synced between players!
  • Fixed head bombs not synced between players
  • Fixed issue with grabbing items nearby a sled after looking at the sled picking up whatever is inside
  • Breakable crates in overworld are now synced between players
  • Improved suitcase syncing between players
  • Fires don’t give light for players that aren’t around when first lit
  • Fixed issue with scale of fire after loading a saved game in multiplayer
  • Fixed some smaller issues with log/rock sled in multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally stop players from connecting to a multiplayer game after already having joined one
  • Fixed issue with effigies not always lighting up for clients or being lightable for clients
  • Fixed animation issue that would happen when you were looking at another player dropping a corpse on the ground
  • Fixed issue where suitcase “lock” icon would always be visible even after suitcase had been opened
  • Fixed Defensive Wall Reinforcement sometimes doubling up
  • Fixed cutting tree sometimes not finalizing properly leaving a floating cut tree
  • Fixed issue with lighter behaving strangely if other players had molotovs out
  • New input action: Multiplayer > PlayerList (set to Tab by default, not added automatically if custom bindings exists)
  • Fixed host not counting itself in lobby member count displayed in game browser
  • Player list (has ban/kick features)
  • Banned players list (has cancel ban feature)
  • Title scene displays a message when sent back there after being kicked or banned or attempting to join a banned game
  • Fixed weapon damage inconsistency between single player and multiplayer – ie modern axe now takes less chops to chop down a tree in multiplayer
  • Fixed bug where enemies would play standing up animation often right after being killed
  • Fixed client unable to finish defensive wall reinforcement
  • Moved back button down to avoid blocking hosting game by Steam for several hours when clicking too fast on create lobby button at some resolutions
  • Fixed mutant babies disappearing for clients when they die
  • Fixed issue where clients couldn’t break wood planks open in some parts of caves
  • Game browser now displays amount of players currently in game
  • Stick marker color is now synced
  • Fixed client not properly waiting for building bellow to be loaded before removing black screen, thus causing to fall down below (when game was saved while on a player made structure)
  • Fixed issues with fire replication
  • Players can now see each other fire arrows and other burning projectiles properly
  • Trees will now fall smoothly for clients
  • Fixed several cases where mutant would switch clothes and weapons would switch for clients when killed
  • Suitcases now replicate correctly between players! (previously would only work if players were close together and suitcase not not been physically moved)
  • Fixed issue where logs could be duplicated by juggling them between two players (SORRY!)
  • Fixed bodies sliding when dropped
  • Increased volume of walky talky
  • Fixed Lizards disappearing for client in traps
  • Fixed Clients not getting cold outside of caves
  • Fixed a case of foundation repair trigger vanishing for clients when it shouldn’t
  • Fixed an issue where the body of skinny mutants would warp to regular mutants upon death
  • Fixed an issue where cowman would knock clients over when they were outside of his targeting range
  • Fixed Water level in water collectors not in sync between server/client
  • Audio parameters will now replicate over the network to clients
  • ‘Burn Damage’ animation will now properly play on mutants for client
  • Massively improved responsiveness of enemies for clients. Should fix issues of them playing wrong animations, stuck in wrong poses or sliding during combat.
  • Fixed bug where mutants could get stuck in burning animation (which could also be mistaken as disco-dancing)
  • Fixed enemies sometimes not acquiring new target after current target is knocked down
  • Revive other player feature now requires to hold the “Take” button for 2.5s
  • Fixed bug where client entering save game would hear multiple building complete sounds
  • Fixed issue where players would sometimes not hear building complete sounds
  • Fixed clients getting kicked when eating leg/arm after it got burnt
  • Fixed clients having lighter stuck after loading a saved game with lighter equipped
  • Fixed clients not being able to repair custom foundations
  • Increased time clients can wait with black screen at start of game to give time to bigger maps to load before enabling gravity (should reduce cases of falling through structures)
  • Fixed client seeing tree stumps host doesn’t arround plane crash
  • Fixed some inventory sounds audible to other players
  • Fixed fat creepy not attacking client players
  • Other players flashlights now visibly light up on mesh
  • Fixed female enemies sometimes having wrong dead body
  • Fixed issue causing foundation floor to not fully show up for clients when structure isn’t closed
  • Breakable pathways in caves are now synced with clients
  • Fixed partially cut down trees saved as cut down in MP
  • Fixed issue where players could be teleported to log sled across map in some cases
  • Fixed enemy animation being buggy for client if they died when on fire.
  • Fixed flash light not replicating properly on remote players (would either now light up at all, or be too bright).
  • Made receiving and sending game invites through Steam a lot more reliable.
  • “Press E to respawn” message after dying now uses the proper “Take” action icon instead of the fixed E
  • Fixed remote players name showing while game is loading on their end or during their plane crash sequence
  • Fixed rebreather not showing up on remote players
  • Fixed map pieces not showing properly for remote players
  • Fixed dropped sticks/rocks/flares/dynamite/skulls not showing for remote players
  • Gardens now replicate for players over network!
  • Fixed an edge case issue where water in water collectors would differ between servers and clients
  • Remote players will now show the correct blood/muddy arm textures depending on if they are bloodied/muddied locally
  • Fixed an issue where large traps would de-sync if host triggered them
  • Fixed loading a game saved in caves as client
  • Fixed parts of players own heads visible at some angles, such as climbing down rope or moving camera fast to one side
  • Revamped build mission system to be more reliable
  • Breakable wood planks are now synced between players
  • Explodable caches are now synced between players!
  • Fixed some issues with cowman over network
  • Fixed repair icon staying visible for client after repairing a building
  • Fixed desync issue with log cabin destruction for client
  • (audio) Fixed inaudible deer startle, animal hit and die sound effects for clients, along with inaudible weapon Swoosh sound effect for client.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause abnormally long save times or crash game
  • Fixed error where thrown bombs would spam errors and lower framerate for host/client
  • Fixed bug in mutant a.i. where half of the enemies would stop finding player after exiting a cave
  • Fixed issues with building on top of platforms which could break mp completely or just not work
  • Fixed possible drastic performance drop if player was cold as host and loaded a saved game (possibly only relating to 0.19 saves)
  • Fixed an issue where half-built bridges would not properly replicate to clients
  • Fixed an issue where if you attached a bridge to a tree platform, neither of them would replicate out to clients after loading a save
  • Fixed two smaller issues with large traps and standing fire pits on client/server
  • Fixed not receiving invites after playing a SP game and going back to title screen
  • Fixed bug where logs would sometimes get stuck in air
  • Added display on clients to let them know when server is not responding
  • Fixed log sled grab icon staying up when targeting the trigger while another player grabs it
  • Fixed not being able to continue saves as client
  • Fixed black screen as client when starting a new game
  • Loading a game saved on a building as client should now respawn on top of it
  • Fixed having to walk out of trigger and back in to target a in range building after placing it
  • Fixed client not seeing present ingredients in ghost buildings until some more were added after host loaded a saved game
  • Foundations now use the same destruction system as in SP
  • Not yet available book entries are now clearly shown as such
  • Raw meat dropped by a player is now seen by others too !
  • Clients now place ghost items instantly without a lag delay
  • Fixed issues when dying with inventory or book opened
  • Fixed boar vanishing when killed by client player
  • Fixed enemies falling through ground if host entered a cave without client players
  • Hopefully fixed issue with animals sometimes invisible, and mutants sometimes invisible
  • Fixed bug where if player was killed in a cave (instead of outside) ocean would stop rendering and issues with animals vanishing could occur
  • Fix issue where multiplayer save game issues would occur if a tree with a tree platform and connecting bridge was partially cut before saving.
  • Fixed some cases of creepy mutants not targeting remote players correctly
  • Increased priority of mutants, making them smoother/less laggy
  • Fixed issues with log sled after loading a saved multiplayer game
  • Typing in chat no longer triggers in game actions
  • Fixed chatbox being locked when input loses focus
  • Fire now spreads/replicates
  • Rope is now buildable
  • Players will now appear as the correct body type/clothing for everyone
  • Game invites are now properly queued
  • Clients now have a different save per server and respawn after loading where they saved instead of in plane (respawn after dying is still located in plane)
  • Fixed a bug with experimental stairs in saved games which could cause issues for clients loading
  • Added message when alt tabbing as host to warn about risks of disconnecting clients
  • Fixed issues where dead bodies would sometimes not replicate correctly
  • Fixed bug where modern axe would appear as old yellow axe to other players
  • Fixed bug where killed turtles would give infinite shells and no meat for client players
  • Fixed some issues with loaded plane prefab/multiplayer plane prefab- flying seats, missing decals, misaligned geo
  • Revamped multiplayer start game UI to be compatible with gamepads and save slot system
  • Bodies carried by players are now visible to other players!
  • Fixed client players not getting hungry, thirsty or cold
  • Distorted creatures will now pay attention to client players
  • Fixed rain not following players after respawning
  • Fixed player dead body sliding down slopes forever
  • Fixed clients not getting sticks & rocks from cancelling ghosts buildings
  • Fixed fire erroring when targeted by player before being attached to network system
  • Fixed FireStand not properly working
  • Custom buildings (experimental walls, bridges, procedural stairs, roofs, floors, foundations) now all work in multiplayer!
  • Fixed bug where crocodiles would sometimes appear as other animals to client
  • Fixed issues with item holders (sticks, rocks, logs etc.)
  • Flare gun now works for clients
  • Player will not get stuck sideways when climbing ropes
  • Added support for throwing flares, bombs and molotovs
  • Bow damage works properly for clients now
  • Experimental building system now works
  • Bridges now work
  • Fixed log duplication bug
  • Fixed raft not working
  • Fixed all issues with log sled
  • Added hit prediction to mutants and other players so attacking them is more fluid
  • fixed bug where mutants would not appear in caves unless player was near server host
  • Armors will now show up on other players
  • Fires should now work reliably for all players
  • Fixed issue where players would sometime receive damage ment for someone else
  • Arrows can now damage other players
  • Fixed clients not being able to add fuel (leaves/Cash) to fire
  • Fixed issue where clients would sometimes swim in caves
  • Fixed arrows shot by clients not affecting animals/enemies
  • Collision added between players
  • Fixed logs shaking like crazy in multiplayer
  • Fixed bug where boars could appear as deers on client pcs
  • Fixed bug where other players couldn’t see light from other players lighter or flashlight.
  • Fixed animals sometimes moving without playing animation
  • Reworked the network prioritization algorithm to provide more relevant updates of remote entities to players (Smoother, less jittery enemies)
  • New multiplayer octree based priority calculation
  • Fish and sharks are now also in multiplayer games!
  • Fixed sitting on bench not lining up correctly
  • Water Collector now works for clients in MP games
  • Fixed infinite item/log from holder buildings in MP
  • Fixed bug where Sometimes when someone else completes a build, it says it still needs materials, then just eats the materials.
  • Fixed issues with some built buildings not working correctly for all players.
  • Fixed bug where clients could be kicked from host after 5-10 minutes
  • Fixed bug where after being kicked out by the server, every single door placed in world would duplicate
  • Fixed bug where items from cabinet/racks/shelves could vanish when host ends session, at random, or on loading the game.
  • Fixed issue where lizard armor wouldn’t show up for other players
  • Fixed player climb rope animation not showing for other players
  • Fixed Log sled position and contents not syncing correctly
  • Fixed bug where after time passes player avatar moves away from actual player location, while players name stays with players true location.
  • Fixed Issue with screen re-positioning and orientation bugs that could occur after time
  • Fixed walls disappearing after too many placed
  • Added two new player character model variations
  • (hopefully) Fixed bug where enemies would sometime appear in t-pose in multiplayer games
  • New voice chat system! Using microphones/walkie talkies will no longer cause memory allocation and framerate stutters as memory is attempted to be cleaned out.
  • Performance improvements!
  • Fixed delay where log would remain visible for a short period of time even after being picked up by clients
  • Fixed delay between tree falling and breaking into logs for clients
  • Craft audio now plays for each player, you should no longer hear other players craft sfx play from far away
  • Fix a bunch more 2d sounds that could be heard by both players at wrong time
  • Major lag improvements for enemies! Enemies will now visually update more often when close to a player
  • Fixed fires not replicating
  • All enemy types now show up in multiplayer games (distorted, pale creatures etc)
  • Steam multiplayer! No more manual ip entering or having to open ports! You can now invite friends to play and they can easily join your game through steam!
  • MP Client loading added – will now keep client player stats and inventory when client continues a multiplayer game (buildings are still saved on server)
  • After being downed in a multiplayer game, player will enter an injured state. In this state they can choose to restart, or wait to be revived by another player. A kind player with medicine can approach downed player and heal them, or a mean player can hit them with a stick.
  • Days survived screen will appear for a few seconds after players are killed and before they can respawn.
  • First bash at performance improvements.
  • Fixed bug where fire would appear overbright for other players who didn’t start fire
  • Increased chat log visibility length and history
  • (audio) Fixed bunch of 2d sounds which could be heard in multiplayer by both players (hammer audio, enter water etc)
  • Can no longer have more than one set of corpse items waiting to be retrieved. Dying will cause your current items and location to be the corpse items.
  • Fixed error with multiplayer save games sometimes breaking due to racing condition with data fetching in gui.
  • Fixed issues with traps (noose, spiked wall, happy birthday) not being buildable in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed some issues with single and multiplayer save games when a large amount of buildings were built.
  • Multiplayer save/load added Note: Currently limited to server being able to load the savegame, clients will start game fresh each time but still be able to enter a previously saved hosts game. Server/host will be able to save state of game world/structures.
  • Fixed log duplication bug, where it was possible to spawn multiple logs when picking up up a log
  • Fixed bug where some shadows would break/change after respawning
  • Walkie talkies added! Press Q to communicate in multiplayer games
  • Fixed issue where items needed would sometimes stay on screen depending on if client/server destroyed a blueprint
  • Fixed issue where returning to start menu would break game and turned back option in menu
  • Fixed Enemies not showing blood particle fx on clients when they are hit.
  • Default player cap increased to 8 along with option to go up to 128 players (for adventurous players only! not recommended)
  • Fixed Suitcases not being replicated over the network and existing only locally for each player
  • Fixed Mutant ragdolls not replicated properly on client
  • Fixed Wall built in MP vanishing instead of turning into logs when destroyed
  • Fixed issue where remote players would not alert enemies via sound detection
  • Lizard skin player armor now visible by both client/host
  • Fix for overlapping chat text
  • Fixed some Log duplication bugs
  • Fixed Logs invisible for client in certain spots on the map
  • Fixed issue where only newly built effigies would only be seen by host
  • Fixed client/host sometimes having differently positioned yacht location
  • Fixed bug where building a Bonfire/Standing Fire/Fire Pit could cause game to crash
  • Fixed bug where traps wouldn’t reset correctly (rabbit trap, 3 enemy trap types)
  • Fixed bug where destroying blueprint/ghosts could cause client or server to be kicked from game
  • Fixed bug where rock holder/log holder/log sled use/construction could cause clients to be kicked from game
  • Fixed bug where if Host alt-tabbed out of game client would be kicked almost instantly

vFixed bug where having max rabbits or lizards in inventory and trying to pick more up could cause client to be kicked from game

  • Fixed bug where molotov could crash/kick players from game
  • Hopefully fixed issue where client/server pc camera would intermittently turn completely black – this one is hard to track down, let us know if still occurring.
  • Fixed missing enemy sound effects for client player (may still not appear in some cases if client is very far away from server player)
  • Fixed issue where picking up a fish would destroy player and crash server
  • Multiplayer added to the game
  • Server configuration screen – This will automatically tell you your public ip address – This is temp, server browser or better Steam integration coming soon!
  • Chat box – Press enter to type messages to each other – This is temp and may be buggy!!, Voice chat is coming soon! (we’re modeling walkie-talkies)
  • Player texture variation, run around with your survivalist buddy!
  • First pass at player respawn system, on dead try and find way back to body to collect your belongings
  • Player head added! (this also fixed issues with player head shadows in single player)