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A Molotov
Also known as
Molotov Cocktail
Added in
Item type
Incendiary projectile
Obtained through
Explosives Holder
Other Effects
Lights enemies on fire
Very Slow
Fire Damage
Max. Stack
Used by
Used to make
Molotov Wire Trap

The Molotov Cocktail is an improvised incendiary explosive weapon that can be crafted, it was added in update v0.01 of The Forest.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Once held, the Molotov can then be ignited using the lighter and thrown in the desired direction. If thrown on a solid object, it will explode and create a small area of fire for a short amount of time. If thrown on any enemy or animal, it will cause burning damage to the target. The impact will also ignite flora, including bushes, small trees and trees. Burned flora will turn to ashes and will not produce any stick or log.

The Molotov is an effective weapon against most type of enemies, including mutants and hostile fauna. The player can carry a maximum of 9 Molotovs in their inventory.

In update v0.23, the developers stated: We’ve changed how molotovs work slightly. You now have to light the molotov by pressing L. However you can also throw unlit molotovs at enemies, dousing them in flammable liquid and increasing the damage further lit molotovs do to them! The patchnote states: Molotov dousing – throwing unlit molotovs at enemies will cover them with alcohol, causing increased damage when set alight

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Molotov Cloth Booze
Stick Cloth Molotov

Storage[edit | edit source]

Molotov can be stored in:

Stick Log
Catapult Stick Rope Log

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Molotov can also be used as a torch, and is a better light source than the lighter, seeing as it is basically a giant candle.
  • The Molotov label sometimes says "Yakov," which is a parody referencing "Yakov Smirnoff," the comedian who choose the popular vodka brand for his last name.
  • The Molotov Cocktail is also known as the "poor man's grenade".

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v1.0 Items that cannot be crafted due to being at max capacity in inventory now show up in recipe list with an icon showing it cannot be carried

Molotov’s and held burning weapons are no longer extinguished by rain

Item thrown as projectile with the catapult now use the correct pickup icon

Improved look of held weapon fire and added distortion effect

Crafting tutorial now says to open book and doing so will now open the crafting chapter. replaces the tutorial in inventory when acquiring molotov ingredients for the first time

New base fire effect. New molotov fire effect. Replaced also player on fire and enemies on fire with new fire effects!

v0.73 It is now possible to light burning weapons, molotov and dynamites while having the plastic torch equipped, it will now switch to lighter automatically
v0.72 Fixed enemies and animals not reacting to being hit with unlit molotov’s

Lit molotovs and dynamites thrown in water are now turned off

Pressing the “Drop” button while holding a stashable item now always stashes it, with the exception of lit projectiles that will instead be dropped

v0.71 It is now possible to have more items than what a recipe requires to complete and doing so will leave the unused ingredients on the crafting mat along with the created item (ie: can add all booze and cloth to the crafting mat, and thus quickly iterate through the molotov making process)
v0.70 Fixed throw animation not playing if throwing molotov while airborne
v0.69 (Audio) Polished audio events for molotov, flare and dynamite when holding and then throwing. Flares also now emit a burning sfx after thrown.
v0.57 (Multiplayer) Smoothed movement on several dynamic projectiles, fixes stuttering look when viewing other players throw molotovs/bombs
v0.51 Molotov fires now get put out by water

Fixed molotov sometimes getting stuck non ignitable for a few seconds if trying to light it too fast after equipping it

v0.43 Unlit molotov thrown at lit fires now fuel it (but still doesn’t light unlit ones)

Increased chance of enemies dodging thrown molotovs and other projectiles

v0.42 Light molotov tutorial now gets hidden when opening inventory or book
v0.39 Fixed molotov/burning weapons sometimes getting put out when player has water at ankle level
v0.38 (multiplayer) Fixed player_net molotov fire looking different than local player molotov fire

Audio – added new extinguish sound for when molotov is put out by water

v0.37 (Multiplayer) Fixed molotovs thrown from multi-thrower not breaking correctly for clients

New molotov fire effect! Fixed thrown molotov missing fire Added dynamic movement to new lighter and molotov flames Fixed held molotov blur breaking when camera moved Fixed throwing unlit molotov at unlit fires lighting it Audio – added sound of liquid when equipping a molotov

v0.34 Fixed molotov exploding when dropped from sharing tray
v0.33 Only fuel based fire weapons (such as molotov) will now cause enemies to flail around on fire, otherwise they will receive fire damage, stagger back but still remain able to attack
v0.31 Crafting anything now closes the crafting tutorial (was closed only by making molotov or closing inventory)
v0.29 Unlit molotov broken on the ground can now be set alight with another lit molotov for a greater fire effect

Trip wire molotov trap now costs cloth & booze instead of molotov

v0.28 New building: Molotov trip wire trap !

Lit molotov can now set all fire types alight Extended molotov fire duration by 2 seconds Improved look of molotov explosion and of timedbomb explosion

v0.27 (Audio) Added glass smash for unlit molotovs
v0.26 (balance) Lowered molotov fire spread duration

Fixed a case of molotov getting stuck unlightable after a failed lighting attempt Improved look for light molotov and light arrow animation Improved look of molotov burning cloth – now correctly uses 2 sided material

v0.25 Added more fire particles to molotov to make it look spread out Molotovs can now be used to fuel fires

Molotov no longer leave fire floating in the air when colliding mid air with something

v0.24b (multiplayer) Fixed issue with lighter behaving strangely if other players had molotovs out
v0.24 Molotov tutorial now only shows when a molotov is up, and is deemed done when a molotov has been lit

Thrown molotovs will wake nearby sleeping enemies

v0.24 Improved molotov fire particle quality
v0.23 Lighting a molotov now requires “L” to light

Molotov dousing – throwing unlit molotovs at enemies will cover them with alcohol, causing increased damage when set alight

We’ve changed how molotovs work slightly. You now have to light the molotov by pressing L. However you can also throw unlit molotovs at enemies, dousing them in flammable liquid and increasing the damage further lit molotovs do to them!

(Audio) Added lighting molotov sound and improved its held on fire sound

v0.23 Improved look of held molotov.
v0.20 Fixed weird molotov throwing anim when spamming

Fixed molotov spreading fire not centered on flame position

v0.18 (multiplayer) Added support for throwing flares, bombs and molotovs
v0.17 Lowered throw force on molotov
v0.16 Fixed molotov fire never shutting down
v0.13 Lowered damage amount molotovs do to Armsy. Setting Armsy on fire will cause him to become enraged, running around or attacking the player

New buildable item: Explosives/molotov holder

v0.10 Fixed molotovs not exploding on impacting enemies

New molotov weapon art

v0.09b (multiplayer) Fixed bug where molotov could crash/kick players from game
v0.07 Switching weapons whilst holding molotov will no longer cause it to drop

Fixed molotov pieces bouncing around causing fire to move in strange ways

v0.03 Molotov will extinguish if in contact with water
v0.01 Molotov added to the game

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