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Metal Tin Tray
A hand with the metal tray
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Metal Tray
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Used to share items in multiplayer
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The Metal Tin Tray is a multiplayer exclusive item, and was added in update v0.30 of The Forest


When combining the metal tin tray with up to 6 inventory items, players in Multiplayer mode can share items or materials. This is especially useful for items that cannot be dropped on the ground once looted, such as snacks, crafting materials, and meds.

Known Bugs[]

  • It is possible to duplicate some stackable inventory items with metal tin tray. This is achievable by placing metal tin tray and, for example, more than 31 leaves on the crafting mat and pressing G. This will add 30 leaves to inventory. This bug is working with Leaves, Old Gun Ammo, Teeth, Sap, Coins, Feathers and Batteries. Arrows can be duplicated by using the same method with 6 or more arrows; only normal arrows will be acquired.
  • It is also possible to duplicate any item that can be put in the tray, simply by saving, putting the desired item in the tray, giving it to a friend (or trusted person), leaving without saving, rejoining, and you will have the item (in the amount you started with) and your friend will also have the item.
  • The Metal Tin Tray may be lost on death and become unrecoverable.

Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.06 Fixed saving when holding the sharing tray causing issues with deleting items
v1.0 Fixed adding lizard or fish to tray and not having them visible on mat

Fixed cant add some items to metal tin tray in mp

v0.68 (Multiplayer) Fixed sharing newest items on tray
v0.67 (Multiplayer) Fixed missing craft sfx when combining items with the metal tray
v0.58 (Multiplayer) Fixed toy parts and toy full positioning in tray
v0.56 (Multiplayer) Fixed game locking up if trying to add more than 6 different items to the metal tray
v0.56 (Multiplayer) Fixed positions of all items on metal tray!
v0.54 Closing inventory with metal tray and decayed meat not combined on the crafting mat no longer loses the meat decay state when it returns to the inventory
v0.54 (Multiplayer) Fixed some cases of meat reverting to raw after using it on crafting mat with metal tray
v0.53 (Multiplayer) All weapons can now be shared with the metal (Multiplayer) Metal tray held by another player no longer shows any icon if empty
v0.48 (Multiplayer) Fixed edible items shared with tray not always usable

(Multiplayer) Added support for syncing meat decay state when shared with tray Improved resolution on plane seats/tray

v0.45 (Multiplayer) It is no longer possible to equip items that are added to the metal tray directly from it, it needs to be moved back on crafting mat or inventory first (this is to prevent a duplication exploit)
v0.43 (Multiplayer) Fixed game freezing when closing inventory after adding more items than shown using metal tray on the crafting mat (i.e. add metal tray and 40 leaves to crafting mat then close inventory without combining)
v0.42 (Multiplayer) Fixed random object spawned at the location of metal tin tray for clients
v0.39 (Multiplayer) Added motion blur to items on metal tray

(Multiplayer) Fixed some item positioning issues in metal tray (Multiplayer) Cleared out metal tray black list ! Flare/Skull/Cloth/Bomb can now be shared with it Fixed adding non crafting material items (ie: soda) on the crafting mat for storage in metal tray causing duplicate views to be created

v0.35 (Multiplayer) Fixed head bomb exploding when dropped from picking up in metal tray while full

(Multiplayer) Now spawning correct amount of overflown items when trying to pick up from metal tray while full

v0.34 Fixed molotov exploding when dropped from sharing tray
v0.31 (Multiplayer) Fixed timed bomb exploding when dropped from metal tray when full
v0.30 Metal Tin Tray added to the game

(Multiplayer) New item: Metal Tin Tray ! Store up to 6 different items in any amount in it using the crafting mat then equip it to share almost everything (Cloth, Skull, Flare and explosives are currently blacklisted)