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Map pieces
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All 4 map pieces put together using photoshop
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Cave map pieces
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Combine the map 4 pieces
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Map pieces were tool items that came in 4 pieces that could be combined on the crafting mat to create a full map in The Forest. They were added in update v0.19 though were removed in update v0.27. The 4 piece map system was replaced by the map, which was drawn out the more the player explored. It was added after Map cave 2 though this was also removed from the game.


The map system has gone through some changes in the games history. When introduced in v0.19, it was a 4 piece system and the player had to find all 4 pieces to complete the map. In v0.27, it replaced the piecing together map and relies on player exploration. The map pieces are still in the game files and can be added with mods or console commands, though they don't work anymore and they are quite bugged.

Console Commands[]

The map pieces can still be added with console commands or using ModAPI and the Ultimate Cheat Menu, though it may be buggy. When the player uses the addallitems command, it will still add the map pieces though it is unknown if they can be seen in the players inventory. It is most likely that the map pieces can no longer be combined to create the map. Here are the console commands for the map pieces:

  • Map Part 1:
    • additem 156
    • spawnitem 156
    • removeitem 156
  • Map Part 2 -
    • additem 157
    • spawnitem 157
    • removeitem 157
  • Map Part 3 -
    • additem 165
    • spawnitem 165
    • removeitem 165
  • Map Part 4 -
    • additem 159
    • spawnitem 159
    • removeitem 159


Update history[]

Version Changes
v0.27 Map pieces removed from the game

Map added to the game to replace map pieces

New item: Cave map ! Once found, visit cave system to reveal it. Replaces piece together map.

New input action: “Map” Set to M on keyboard and Left shoulder 1 on gamepad (check your settings if you have done custom mappings it won’t overwrite it)

v0.26 (multiplayer) Fixed bug where if one player was holding full map, other players would only see them holding a partial map piece
v0.21 (multiplayer) Fixed map pieces not showing properly for remote players
v0.20 Held map is now more readable under lighter

Circled map cave entrances to make them more clear, and made crosses to blow up caches smaller

v0.19 Map pieces added to the game

New item added: World Map (torn apart in 4 pieces to find and combine on crafting mat)