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Log Cabin
Log Cabin
Also known as
Large Cabin
Added in
Building Type
Tree Bridge
Climbing Rope
Protection from rain
General Protection
Has house icon & color is changeable
Enemies can see through windows
Other Effects
Buildable on
Almost everywhere except on boats

The Log Cabin is a the largest non custom shelter. It allows the player to save and sleep. It was added in update v0.01 of The Forest.


Sleeping in the Log Cabin will restore fatigue and allow you to save the game inside. After finishing the building, the player can see a home icon from anywhere on the island.

Since there are two open windows on walls, lighting a fire inside will most likely attract unwanted attention from cannibals and mutants.

  • To have a place to sleep (pressing and holding 'Z' button if available)
  • To regain energy and restore fatigue by sleep
  • To save your progress (pressing and holding 'C' button)
  • You can build a fire inside during the rain, and it won't be extinguished
  • All shelters come with a house overlay icon which marks its location, it can be seen anywhere in the game world. This is advantageous to the player when adventuring, so they can always find their way home. The player can press R on this icon to change its color, or change it to ‘grey’ to switch the icon off.



The final amount of logs needed for construction is determined whether the cabin needs additional foundations and how high are you placing it. 82 is the very minimum.

The maximum amount of logs needed for a Log Cabin is 136.

Known Bugs[]

  • Sometimes, the construction might go wrong and one log will be missing, making the construction impossible to finish and leaving the Log Cabin unfinished. Reloading the game does not fix it.
  • The player can jump into a cabin from any direction by walking at the walls and repeatedly pressing jump, the player will jump over the wall and since the player has no collision with the Log Cabin's roof, can use this as a functional entrance/exit.


Update history[]

Version Changes
v0.72 Log cabin,small cabin, gazebo, garden, bonfire, rock side platform, defensive spikes, tree platforms, floor platform, wood target, procedural roof all use new log model/texture type now
v0.68 (Performance) Overlay icons logic is now batched to reduce the CPU overhead cost (should help on games with lots of shelters, cabins, tree houses, beds, stick marker, sleds with the overlay icon turned on)
v0.64 Fixed Temporary shelter, Log Cabin, and Skull lamp ghosts appearing as white outlines regardless of color setting in options
v0.57 New “home” icon UI on shelters, cabins and bed. Select a tinted icon to have the icon visible in world or the faded icon to hide the icon
v0.54 Fixed log cabin sleep and save icons remaining visible if active when a wall is destroyed
v0.44 (Audio) Added sound effect when opening wooden doors on cabins and doorways
v0.33 Applied new door physics settings to small cabin, log cabin, and legacy doorway
v0.33 Fixed Shelter, Log Cabin & Gazebo destruction looking weird with LODs wrongly taking part in the distortion/collapsing sequences of the destruction system
v0.33 Fire warm whole home system of custom buildings has been expanded to log cabins as well
v0.32 Fixed back of log cabin vanishing from outside
v0.30 Fixed missing underside of large cabin floor (visible when it was built high up on foundation)
v0.30 (Performance) LOD added for large log cabin,small hunting shelter and gazebo
v0.26 (multiplayer) Fixed repairing log cabin walls when whole chunk is broken
v0.21 (multiplayer) Fixed desync issue with log cabin destruction for client
v0.18 Building explosion system ! Small buildings like built fires are instantly blown apart but bigger ones like log cabins lose bits and suffer damage
v0.13 Added Structure Anchors to: Gazebo (2), Log Cabin (2), Platform (2), Extensible Platform (4), StairCase (2) and Wall (2) [retro-active] (you can now attach bridges or rope to these items) (Single player only)
v0.10 Platforms! Place the log cabin on a slope and procedural platform will be constructed underneath to give it support. No more cabins on side of hills.
v0.04 Fixed missing collision roof of cabin
v0.03 Log Cabin now has a floor, a door with hinge and a sleeping/saving spot

Birds will now land on window ledge of your built log cabin

v0.01b Fixed log cabin floating
v0.01 Log Cabin added to the game

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