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Large Drying Rack
Large Drying Rack
Also known as
Meat Rack
Food Rack
Added in
Removed in
Building Type
Stores and dries certain Meat
Takes 8 minutes and 20 seconds to dry all meat
Cannot dry Small Meat
Rabbit Meat
Lizard Meat
Other Effects
Dried Meat never expires, fixed in v1.0
Buildable on
Most surfaces & all boats

The large drying rack was the original drying rack that existed between versions v0.08 and v0.53. It was capable of holding around 20 meats at a time. It was replaced by a ‘lite’ version as it was difficult to place and remove meat with this variant. This version still exists within the game can be seen on older saved games if it was built. You cannot build this version anymore though you can spawn it with console commands. The command to spawn it is PlaceBuiltObjects DryingRackBuilt 1. This command is quite buggy, it will spawn the rack partially, or entirely in the ground.


It was used to make raw meat edible, as well as store multiple pieces of meat. Raw meat will become "cooked" after one day of being hung on the rack. All large meat items, including mutant body parts, are able to be placed and dried. The meat appears to never expire, though it will go black after a prolonged stay on the drying rack. It could hold heaps of meat.

The large drying rack could be built on rafts, large rafts, and houseboats

These items are the list of what was placeable on the large drying rack:


It required 18 sticks to build


  • Technically, this is the drying rack and the one that replaced it is called the lite drying rack or lite version. This is mentioned in the game files and patch notes.
  • The large drying rack was quite difficult to use due to its size and the meat placement on in the middle of the rack. It made it difficult to use which is mostly likely why it was replaced.


Update History[]

Version Changes
v0.53 Large Drying Rack removed from the game

Lite Drying Rack added to the game

Replaced drying rack with a “lite”, single row version. Costs 5 sticks. This version should alleviate the targeting issues last version of the drying rack had. (This update is not retroactive; previously made racks will still be the old version.)

v0.49b Fix drying rack items remaining selectable even when player moved away from rack
v0.49 Added whoosh sfx when adding items to fire and drying rack

(Building) Drying rack has been revamped to use slots for each drying meat piece

v0.48 (Building) Centered drying rack repair trigger

(Building) Added new way to interact with drying rack: it is now possible to store meat without holding it, when prompted press the “Rotate” button to select which meat you wish to add for drying. Holding the meat item you wish to add still works, and will lock the targeted meat type to whatever meat is currently held (Building) Not yet dried food on the drying rack can now be picked back up without waiting (it may be cooked on fire or relocated this way)

v0.46 (Multiplayer) Fixed arrow basket, bone basket, ceiling skull light, drying rack, rabbit skin, snack holder, meds cabinet, skull light, trophy, wall plant pot, explosive holder, catapult and water collector not following supporting dynamic structure for clients

Dried meat can now be properly put back on drying rack and retain decay status

v0.45 (Multiplayer) Fixed meat client gets on drying rack always fresh regardless of actual decay state meat had for host

Arrow basket, bone basket, drying rack and skull light can now be nested with dynamic structures (i.e.: houseboat)

v0.43 Mutants will now attempt to eat food from drying racks, once there is no meat left they will destroy the rack
v0.39 It is no longer possible to add meat to drying racks built in water (like fires)

(Multiplayer) Fixed adding lizard on drying rack taking a long time to show up client side

v0.37 Meat placed on drying rack by clients no longer goes away when client disconnects
v0.27 Fixed missing collision on drying racks, rock holder, cannibal village old fires, pig head sticks, and hollow logs
v0.17 Arms & legs can now be dried on the drying rack !
v0.16 Fixed drying generic meat
v0.08d Food is placed correctly.
v0.08b Fish no longer dried instantly.
v0.08 Large Drying Rack added to the game

Drying Rack added to the game.

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