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The Jarius Project, spearheaded by Dr. Mathew Cross, is the official name of the Sahara Research Laboratory's experiments on children, both with and without the resurrection obelisk. The goal of the project, as seen through Orientation Slideshow #2, is to increase longevity in children. It appears that they are studying the Armsy, Virginia and the Cowman mutations, as the mutations cause both increased lifespan and monstrous appearances. It can be assumed that Sahara is trying to isolate the part of the mutation responsible for simply the increased lifespan, without the horrendous physical side effects. Judging by Megan's and Timmy's mutations, this attempt had a mixed result.

Orientation Slideshow[]

The Orientation Slideshow (officially titled Orientation Slideshow #2 with a subheading of Longevity Medicine through Jarius Project) is a non-interactable story item found deep in the Sahara Research Laboratory. It plays from a projector, and the player can choose to sit and watch.

The Orientation Slideshow confirms that Sahara was actively experimenting on both children and mutants. The Jarius Project, led by Dr. Mathew Cross, details some of results of the experiments run, including their work on Subject 37B5 and 82C6.

Subject 37B5[]

  • Subject 37B5, nicknamed 'Virginia': Age 12
  • Developed multiple sexual organs
  • Face distortions
  • Multiple limbs might be sibling anomaly

Subject 82C6[]

  • Subject 82C6, nicknamed 'Armsy': Age 6
  • Multiple limbs might be sibling anomaly
  • Face distortions
  • Highly Aggressive

While Cowman is not mentioned in the Orientation slideshow #2, a photo of cowman can be seen on the notice boards in the Sahara Laboratory.


  • The name Jarius is likely a reference to Mark 5:21-43, a Bible passage involving the healing of a young girl. Jairus, her father, believed her to be dead, but was told "She is not dead, she is only sleeping" by Jesus, who resurrected her.
  • The molecules in the presentation represent impossible Lewis structure diagrams. There appears to be an obvious error on Slide 5 where a carbon is shown to have 8 bonds, however carbon can form 8 bonds as evidenced in However, there is a 4-dimensional dodecahedron in the Sahara Research Laboratory, which may hint towards the involvement of something from outside of our reality. It could be possible that the software used to generate the Lewis Structure Diagrams could not comprehend the atomic structure of something that does not adhere to the known Laws of Physics, which could indicate that the very atoms of the subjects were being altered to points exceeding the limitations of our reality's laws.