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The Inventory is an interface that shows both items players collect and the ability to craft in it as well. It's accessible by pressing the I key by default and is currently the only way to craft items. Most items are equipped from here. With the Quick Select feature, assigning items with the corresponding numbers (1-4) can be used to access most items quickly at ease without the inventory opening.

The noticeable background of the inventory is a dynamic picture related to the time of day and the surroundings. Hovering the mouse over anything in the inventory will create an information tooltip for that item and give the option to craft, consume, or equip the item. Add items to the crafting section by clicking right mouse button. Pressing either ESC or I again will close the inventory.

In Normal Mode while using Single-player, the game will pause, however will prevent stamina regeneration. In Hard Mode, Hard Survival Mode and all modes of Multiplayer, accessing the inventory does not pause the game, thus allowing stamina regeneration and continuing the game normally as if the inventory wasn't opened.

Opening the inventory plays a sound effect but does not attract unwanted attention nor scare off creatures.

Interactive Inventory[]

Air CanisterAloe VeraArmArrowBoar SkinDeer SkinLizard SkinRaccoon SkinRabbit FurArtifact BallArtifact KeyBatteryBlackberryBlueberrySnowberryTwinberryBoneBone ArmorBoozeBombSticky BombCamcorderCashCassette PlayerCassette TapeChainsawChicoryCircuit BoardClimbing AxeClothClubCoinCompassConeflowerCrafted AxeCrafted BowCrafted ClubCreepy ArmorCrossbowCrossbow BoltDynamiteElectrical TapeEnergy MixEnergy Mix+FeatherFish MeatFlashlightFlareFlare GunFlare Gun AmmoFlintlock PistolFlintlock Pistol#Gun partsFuel CanModern BowHairsprayHeadHead BombHerbal MedicineHerbal Medicine+KatanaKeycardKeycard TwoLeafLegLighterLizard MeatMacheteMapMarigoldMeatMedsMetal Tin TrayModern AxeMolotovAmanita MushroomChanterelle MushroomDeer MushroomJack MushroomLiberty Cap MushroomPuff MushroomOld Gun AmmoOld PotOutfitOysterPassenger ManifestPedometerPlane AxePouchQuiverRabbit Fur BootsRabbit MeatRebreatherRepair ToolRockRock BagRopeRusty AxeSapSeedsSkullSlingshotSmall MeatSnackSnow ShoesSodaSpear BagStealth ArmorToyStickStick BagSurvival GuideToothTennis RacketSmall RockSmall Rock BagTurtle ShellUpgraded RockUpgraded SpearUpgraded StickWarmsuitWater SkinWeak SpearWrist WatchCache PhotosTimmy DrawingCamcorder#TapesInventory4kZeb.jpg



  • Items that can be crafted and upgraded will display a translucent cog icon. Hovering the cursor over this will display possible results.

Update History[]

Disabled player inventory and game pausing if player is dead Collected seeds are now visible in inventory Cassette tapes are now pickups and have unique names/info in inventory. Search caves and other areas to find them. Closing inventory now removes items from crafting cog
Version Changes
v1.06 Item tooltip now accounts for item properties such as decay state to force a refresh when hovering between different inventory views of a specific item (ie: hovering from a fresh rabbit to a spoilt rabbit will properly refresh the UI)
v1.05 Fixed dx9 tone mapping too dark in inventory

Fixed items in world placed in holders such as bones or chocolate bars visible over inventory in some rare cases depending on where player saved

v1.0 New skin models and art for skin rack and for skin in inventory

Replaced inventory cod with new cod model/textures

Cloth covered stick upgraded in inventory now positioned correctly with cloth showing

Setup all systems that involve adding or taking an item and were playing the whoosh sfx to play a custom sfx for any item that has one

Items that cannot be crafted due to being at max capacity in inventory now show up in recipe list with an icon showing it cannot be carried

Player backpack recovery message now reads “Recover your backpack”

Now assigning items as quick select by pressing the matching buttons after combining backpack with an item on the crafting mat

Fixed multiview created crafting inventory views retaining the selection outline

Calories text in stats pages and inventory item tooltip is hidden unless in a hard survival game

Crafting tutorial now says to open book and doing so will now open the crafting chapter. replaces the tutorial in inventory when acquiring molotov ingredients for the first time

Sheen inventory now uses a screen space effect! Fixes sheen effect being affected by UV’s

Item tooltip positioning improved

Added a 0.2s delay before showing tooltips in inventory

Improved look of selected materials in inventory and fixed manifest not highlighting when selected

Selecting pouch or quiver in inventory now correctly highlights entire model

Ingredients recipe now shows along product icon and name when adding ingredients to the crafting mat, giving you a list of all possible items you can craft using this ingredient.

Newly picked up in world items now shine in inventory until first interacted with to alert you about the new item

All items in the inventory now animate and play a sound when hovered over! Crafting items together will also cause an animation to play and the cog will spin when hovered.

Rearranged positioning of many items in the inventory

Item tooltip now extends length if item name is longer

Icons on backpack quick select tooltip now render correctly

You can now equip timmy photo from inventory to remember him!

Increased thickness of yellow outline when hold to select an item

Reworked inventory item descriptions, and placement. Less text overall.

(Multiplayer) Dying with an empty inventory no longer produces a backpack

Darkened inventory UI backing when hovering an item

Made lighter yellow to be easier to see on inventory tarp

Improved look and resolution of blue inventory tarp

You can now retrieve boar and racoon skins! And carry 10 of each in inventory

v0.71b Fixed dried meat eaten from inventory having the calories applied twice
v0.71 Small rocks are now collected directly to your inventory

Fixed some story items in inventory not having correct outlines Fixed forcing cursor back in center after opening inventory Calories are now listed in the food and drinks when hovered over in inventory

v0.70 Added new art for the collected coins and cash in inventory

(Performance) Main camera is now disabled while in inventory which greatly increases FPS and locked fps in inventory to 60fps. (UI) Items inventory tooltip is now bigger (UI) New cursor in inventory. Adjusted cursor sensitivity when using gamepad in inventory SurvivalDualshock 4 touchpad button now opens inventory (Hard Survival) Fixed single player inventory time pause not working in hard survival mode Fixed aim down sights mode getting stuck on if inventory was opened while in aim mode Blocked equip weapon from inventory while placing building

v0.69 Fixed cave map in inventory not showing the hovered outline

(Performance) Inventory & book are now kept outside of the player hierarchy at runtime which frees 2-3% of the total CPU usage while moving around

v0.68 Matched color of suitcase cloth with pickup and inventory cloth color

Fixed opening book then inventory not equipping the previously held item back Fixed opening book from inventory not working

v0.67c Fixed a specific case of toggling quickly between book and inventory that could leave the hud invisible
v0.67 Fixed survival book not opening properly sometimes when closing inventory and immediately opening book

Flare gun now displays amount of ammo in the inventory tooltip Fixed missing amount display on mushrooms inventory tooltip Fixed some wrong icons in inventory UI – Bottom left messages are now hidden while in inventory to avoid overlapping with item tooltips Fixed mushrooms always having sheen in inventory It is now possible to take items off weapon racks while not having room for it in the inventory in which case a pickup version of the items is dropped Fixed getting knocked down from explosions while in inventory breaking all interaction and movement

v0.66 Fixed flashlight not properly set as the current light item after selecting it in inventory
v0.65 Improved snap to items in inventory with a gamepad feature, it now targets groups of objects with same properties (so that it goes through the pile of sticks in 1 click but allows to target fire arrows amongst normal ones, decayed meats etc)

Changed gamepad snap in inventory feature to free by default

v0.64 Fixed dropping the leftmost fish in inventory spawning wrong prefab

Fixed a race condition in inventory and crafting logic allowing to craft item past the max amount (but not take it in inventory) by adding the product on crafting mat and then back in inventory

v0.63 (Translation) Added missing translations keys in title scene, options menu, MP Screen, Hints, pause menu, items/meats inventory tooltips, todo list, tick off system, available recipes list

(Multiplayer) Fixed issues between MP player list, pause menu, book, and inventory screens

v0.62 Improved selection mesh of bone armour pieces in inventory

Fixed item inventory tooltip issues with broken toy, feathers, flintlock, Gun parts, blueberry and coneflower seeds, deer skin and leaves Fixed pressing R on fires with nothing but cash in inventory causing the widget to rotate continuously Fixed some incorrect USE/TAKE naming on various inventory items Fixed marigold, aloe, coneflower and chicory not dropping their world pickup if you have too many in inventory and try to collect them. Fixed lighter in inventory using old version of lighter art compared to held version

v0.58 Added a failsafe in case inventory was saved with some missing/destroyed inventory views so that it keeps functioning regardless
v0.57 Added new icons for pickups in world and for inventory
v0.56 Added fail safe in inventory when loading a save to prevent losing an item if an issue occurs while restoring an equipped item
v0.55 Fixed drop spoilt food option in inventory not available on food that was picked up already spoilt

Improved accuracy of hovering detection for some items in inventory

v0.54 Closing inventory with metal tray and decayed meat not combined on the crafting mat no longer loses the meat decay state when it returns to the inventory

Fixed painted inventory item material reverting when hovered (Balance) Opening inventory no longer pauses time in hard mode Blood effect that shows when getting hit now occurs while in inventory Lowered time inventory takes to pause the game in single player non hard mode games to 0.05s (from 1s) Fixed spelling mistake in inventory arrows

v0.53b Fixed repair hammer remaining visible on crafting mat if you closed inventory without removing it first
v0.53 Fixed being unable to interact with triggers after equipping an item from inventory while pushing sled

Fixed a case of upgrade not completing if there previously was a full recipe on the crafting mat without room for the product in inventory Fixed some items in inventory having wrong outline(herbs, medicine, berries) Fixed pedometer screen in inventory changing when leaves are hovered over Added support for multiple renderers to inventory item views, allowing items such as shoes etc to be fully highlighted when hovered Fixed gold keycard not appearing in inventory

v0.51 Fixed flintlock part 8 not showing inventory tooltip
v0.50 Added inventory gamepad navigation to new find cache photos and flintlock parts

Fixed hold right click batching in inventory wrongly triggering in some cases, like after emptying waterskin Added a slight thirst threshold before it is possible to drink from waterskin or pot in inventory to prevent spamming the polluted water damage Batteries inventory tooltip now displays amount (Balance) Aloe, Chicory, Coneflower, Marigold are now limited to 10 each in inventory (Balance) Meds, crafted meds, energy mixes are now limited to 5 each in inventory Fixed some bag inventory icons set to wrong icon Fixed a case of “Fire1″ action icon not showing in inventory tooltip for hybrid equipment/edible items (like waterskin or meats)

v0.49 Slightly pull out inventory camera and tilted up to give a bit of space for upper items
v0.48 Fixed missing Combine prompt in inventory item tooltips for a bunch of items

Fixed club selected material in inventory having wrong texture plugged in and a bunch of other selected materials looking wrong when hovered over (Multiplayer) Fixed weapon upgrades not showing on remote player if he hasn’t opened inventory once since starting game

v0.46c Fixed items hard to interact with in inventory at low FPS
v0.46b Fixed some items being impossible to select in inventory with new snap controller system in old saves
v0.46 Added another way to batch items from inventory to the crafting mat, it is now possible to hold the “Combine” button to incrementally add more and more items

Hitting the “Drop” button while having ingredients on the crafting mat will now return everything to the inventory Fixed eating dried meat from inventory not yielding fullness Tweaked inventory management to allow items that are both equipment and edible (such a pot filled with water) to be used with the combine button, thus leaving open the option to equip the item even when currently edible

v0.45 Fixed disassembling upgrades causing burning upgrade cloth to no longer show up in inventory

(Multiplayer) It is no longer possible to equip items that are added to the metal tray directly from it, it needs to be moved back on crafting mat or inventory first (this is to prevent a duplication exploit) Fixed case of wrong weapon stats being used after upgrading a weapon and closing inventory with escape (without selecting a weapon) It is now possible to eat dried meat in inventory Fixed placing several buildings ghost with the Batch feature blocking opening inventory

v0.44c Fixed dropping meat leaving a broken unusable view in inventory
v0.44 (Audio) Added new sound for air tank dropping when inventory is full

(Audio) Fix for crafting sound sometime being inaudible in inventory! Fixed toggling back and forth between book and inventory switching back to default weapon or no weapon Fixed some cases of weapon switching to default axe or none when toggling between book and inventory

v0.43b Fixed max amount bonus from having stick or rock bag in inventory stacking up each time a saved game is loaded
v0.43 (Multiplayer) Fixed game freezing when closing inventory after adding more items than shown using metal tray on the crafting mat (i.e. add metal tray and 40 leaves to crafting mat then close inventory without combining)
v0.42 Fixed a bug when loading a saved game without owning plane axe preventing inventory system from functioning, notably causing both inventory and book to be impossible to open

Added generic protection against inventory initialization failure, game should keep working even if something goes wrong in there Light molotov tutorial now gets hidden when opening inventory or book

v0.41 WaterSkin and pot inventory tooltip now shows current water fill percentage

Fixed player still moving sometimes while inventory is open

v0.39 Allowed back drinking dirty water in pot from inventory

Fixed keycard not going to inventory when picked up Fixed incorrect outline shader settings on a bunch of inventory items

v0.38 Fixed equipping pot in inventory

Audio – Fixed mutant audio not pausing when player was in inventory in single player giving illusion game wasn’t actually paused Fixed dropping bones & fixed inventory item tooltip displaying 0 bone after dropping last bone (Multiplayer) Fixed saving inventory for clients

v0.37 Upgrading system now tries to take items in inventory after ones from recipe have been used to keep placing until player quits upgrading
v0.36 Closing inventory or removing an item from crafting mat while implanting upgrades now attempts to instantly place all the views

Fixed swimming no longer cleaning weapons, it now cleans all weapons in inventory Fixed duplicating equipped item using batch in inventory Fixed some issues loading saves with meat in inventory

v0.35 Fixed batching items in inventory being limited to amount of views in inventory

Improved pickup auto equip feature: it will now work regardless of current state of inventory, this way it goes through even while item slot is locked while equipping another item (hint: allows super fast combat style with spears) Fixed automated removal of multiview items from the crafting mat when closing inventory (Performance) Optimized inventory animator scripting cost

v0.34 Fixed inventory batching with fire/poison/regular pile of arrows (both to and from the crafting mat), batching arrows will now only grab the targeted type (i.e. control click on poison arrow while having 7 poison arrow and 20 fire arrow in the pile will move only 7 poison arrow instead of 10 arrows with undetermined bonus)
v0.33 Player can no longer hold anything he picks up while underwater, held only items are dropped again and other items can only go to inventory

Added right click to drop from inventory action on spoilt meat Replacing a damaged armor piece doesn’t give back the item in inventory

v0.31 Fixed rebreather not getting picked up when inventory already full of air canisters

Inventory can no longer be opened while airborne Crafting anything now closes the crafting tutorial (was closed only by making molotov or closing inventory)

v0.29 New art added: improved inventory tarp textures
v0.27 Fixed exploded enemy pickup objects icons showing the “Inventory” action key
v0.26b Fixed energy mix staying on crafting mat when closing inventory without removing it first
v0.25 (UI) Added weapon block strength display to inventory item tooltip

Upped max arrow amount in inventory from 12 to 30 Fire arrows now look red in inventory

v0.24b Fixed small bug with deer decoration rendering on top of inventory
v0.24 Inventory camera now moves back to fit whole carpet in view at all aspect ratios

New art – new model for regular crafted club – also now easier to select in inventory Fixed action icons of inventory item tooltip breaking their scale and position when switching from mouse to gamepad while it is visible Removed upgrade counters in inventory item tooltip Now displaying weapon speed & damage values (upgrade bonus included) in inventory item tooltip Improved inventory item tooltip positioning so that it cannot go below bottom of screen Arrows now limited to 12 in inventory

v0.23 Player can no longer survive falls by using survival book or inventory

Can no longer open inventory while underwater Pause in inventory is now delayed by 1s to solve tone mapping issue

v0.22 (multiplayer) Fixed some inventory sounds audible to other players
v0.21 Timmy’s Robot toy can now be fixed on the crafting mat in inventory !

Can no longer equip utility item when in inventory using keyboard shortcut Fixed torch getting stashed when equipped from inventory while having lighter equipped Time is now paused while in inventory in single player mode

v0.20 Removed ‘animal’ layer from inventory camera fixing bugs with animals walking over inventory, blocking view, or viewing fish swim over inventory

Decay system added! Meat now ages over time in inventory, going from fresh to edible to spoilt and providing less and less benefits and eventually becoming harmful. (meat appearance as well as inventory tooltip title change to reflect decay state) (multiplayer) Fixed issues when dying with inventory or book opened Closing inventory while upgrading weapons now properly turns things off instead of breaking craft item positioning Fixed wrong icon display in inventory item tooltip while using a gamepad

v0.19 Added “Equiped” status display to rebreather inventory tooltip

Fixed bug where inventory would appear black if an integrated (intel) graphics card was used Replaced “pedometer” input action by “Utility” which toggles latest item used from inventory of Pedometer/Walkman/Compass Aligned turtle shell to upper part of tarp to make it easier to find in inventory

v0.18 New inventory backpack model.

When pot is filled with clean water, it can be drunk from within the inventory (like the waterskin) Rebreather no longer auto equips (open inventory to equip) and light now only comes on when underwater

v0.17 Fixed water not showing up in pot until inventory has been opened once

Less shiny/distracting tarp in inventory Fixed square leaf in inventory Fixed some small inventory glitches

v0.16 Grabber system now turned off when in in inventory/book/pause menu or while placing a building (ie, placing a building near water will no longer trigger drinking)
v0.14 Increased inventory bomb carry limit to 5
v0.12 MP Client loading added – will now keep client player stats and inventory when client continues a multiplayer game (buildings are still saved on server)

(performance) Improved material memory usage in inventory Fixed cassette player overlapping pedometer in inventory making it unselectable Fixed bug that caused inventory to stay up when dying while in inventory Fixed bug that allowed players to craft items for free after closing inventory while having a valid recipe ready on the crafting mat Fixed energy mix inventory info Fixed bug where opening inventory would sometimes give you a black screen!!!

v0.10 Fire Arrows! Press L with bow equipped and at least 1 piece of cloth in inventory
v0.09b (multiplayer)Fixed bug where having max rabbits or lizards in inventory and trying to pick more up could cause client to be kicked from game
v0.08d Fixed bug where item would be unequipped after using inventory, then opening book then hitting escape
v0.08b More informative text about leaves in inventory
v0.08 New lizard skin inventory model (replacing scaled lizard mesh)

New inventory item : Tree sap! can be collected from trees, can be used in weapon upgrading/crafting Improved look of alpha selected items in inventory(feather, herbs) Torch now displays amount of charge left in inventory tooltip Inventory herb models replaced with more realistic versions Flashlight no longer auto equips on pick up, needs to be manually selected from inventory

v0.07 Whoosh sound added when items moved around inventory

Fixed bug where you could sometimes get infinite sticks/rocks in inventory

v0.06b Fixed bug with inventory light at night being too bright
v0.06 Fixed marigold and dead rabbits overlapping in inventory

Fixed yellow axe not appearing in inventory Fixed rope not appearing in inventory when collected Made feathers brighter, made batteries brighter (easier to see in inventory) Fixed issues with taking bombs from inventory

v0.03 Inventory can now carry 1 additional stick (to make shelter construction easier)

Med pickups now go direct to inventory instead of being eaten on pickup Fixed some items missing from inventory when game was loaded Removed gleam on inventory coins and flares Removed grass cutting from opening inventory (was causing crashes on some pc’s)

v0.02 Fixed some items not being saved in inventory when game is loaded (some might still vanish, expect more saving fixes/improvements soon)
v0.01b Heads/arms and legs now go to inventory instead of being directly equipped
v0.01 Inventory added to the game