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Hydration highlighted on the HUD

Hydration is a survival stat added in v0.14.


In the game, hydration is shown next to fullness in the HUD. To increase hydration, the player has to drink regularly or death by dehydration will occur. Having low hydration doesn't have any negative effects until you are completely dehydrated.

What Increases Hydration[]


IconBlueberry.png Blueberries - Increases hydration fullness and energy
IconBooze.png Booze - Increases hydration and yields a miniscule amount of fullness, but decreases energy
IconBlackBerries.png Blackberries - Increases hydration fullness and energy
IconSoda.png Soda - Increases hydration and energy

Polluted Water[]

Polluted water will increase thirst though it will cause damage and it can cause sickness. The damage is dependent on difficulty, hard modes will cause 20 times more damage. It does not provide calories.
IconWaterskin.png Water Skin filled with polluted water.
IconOldPot.png Old Pot filled with polluted water.

  • Drinking polluted water from ponds, lakes etc.

Clean Water[]

Clean water is completely safe to drink, it has no adverse side effect. It does not provide calories.
WaterCollectorFarket.png Water Collector filled with rain water.
IconWaterskin.png Water Skin filled with clean water, can be gathered from boiled water from the old pot or Water Collector.
IconOldPot.png Old Pot filled with clean water, polluted water boiled on a fire, collected rain water, or collected from a Water Collector.

What causes Dehydration[]

  • Consuming Dried Meat of eating kind
    • 5% on Normal and Hard Mode
    • 20% on Hard Survival Mode
  • Occurs over time


Update history[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Fixed water level from water collector not decreasing if drinking not thirsty
v0.70 Player no longer plays hit animation from thirst damage while aiming or holding book or lighting fires

Added small amount of blood effect when taking thirst damage Eating dried meat now gives 5% thirst in Normal mode and 20% thirst in Hard Survival Thirst damage now ticks every 30s (from 8) and deals 11 damage (from 2) in normal mode, and 27 damage in HS (Hard Survival)Reduce dehydration increase rate back to default (Hard Survival)halved hydration gain from berries

v0.69 It is now possible to cook a stew with the cooking pot ! After adding the pot filled with water on a fire, add a choice of 20 ingredients (8 meats, 6 mushrooms, 4 herbs and 1 berry and oysters), it will start a 30s cooking period after which stew will be ready to eat, providing hydration, fullness and other benefits based on recipe. Can remain on the fire up to 10 minutes. Note, you can also add ingredients to pot without water, however this will not provide hydration and will burn food extremely fast.
v0.68 (UI) Dying of thirst and starvation messages are now with other tutorials in bottom left, but with greater emphasis to showcase the urgent need to take action

Thirst damage now occurs on a 8s timer instead of a low random chance each frame and is displayed in hud like starvation, with the icon filling back up in red Thirst & Hunger damage message now flashes in red when taking a hit

v0.67 Setup stats page to display Fullness & Hydration (thus matching hud display) instead of ‘Stomach’ and ‘Thirst’
v0.64 Fixed thirst and hunger warning messages not leaving screen even after drinking or eating
v0.51 Fixed thirst icon displaying full when starting new game then a second later when player looks at hand drops to correct amount
v0.50 Added a slight thirst threshold before it is possible to drink from waterskin or pot in inventory to prevent spamming the polluted water damage
v0.49 Hard survival setting: polluted water thirst replenishment 50% of normal
v0.39 (Multiplayer) Improved time of day syncing when joining a game to account for possible delay before receiving all required data to perform accurate local calculations (should prevent clients from sometimes starting game starving/thirsty even though it wasn’t saved like that)
v0.37 Filled Waterskin now holds up to 2 full thirst replenishment and drinking from it is now based on exact amount so you can replenish as often as wanted without worrying of wasted amount
v0.36 Fixed player not being able to climb ropes while affected by poison/cold/thirst etc
v0.29 Added Food Poisoning: has 20% chance of kicking in when getting damage from food. Can be cured with aloe or by sleeping. Lowers fullness/thirst/health/energy regeneration from consuming edible items
v0.25 Fixed fullness not getting consumed while sleeping (so it behaves like thirst)

While sleeping both fullness and thirst can only be consumed up to a threshold, so that you never wake up on the verge of dying (unless you engaged sleeping in this state)

v0.24 Fixed some survival settings (starvation/thirst/cold) broken after loading a saved game, causing for example breathing duration to be really small
v0.23 Halved soda thirst replenishment

Drinking from a dirty water source (like ponds) now replenishes only half of the total thirst

v0.18c (multiplayer) Fixed client players not getting hungry, thirsty or cold
v0.15 Fixed hydration icon fill values not set properly after loading a saved game at full thirst
v0.14 Lethal thirst system ! Stay hydrated and healthy by finding a clear water source every day, failing this may result in death.