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House Boat
House Boat
Added in
Building Type
Small Raft
Large Raft
Traveling on water
Moving Materials
Can be pushed on land
Only boat that attaches to dock
Most buildings must be placed on top
Can be flipped over
Other Effects
Inside provides protection from rain
Buildable on
Water only

The house boat is a medium size boat that was added in update v0.03 to The Forest.


The House Boat is similar to the raft, but as a shelter it is larger and has walls/windows it is smaller than the Large raft.

It could be used for traveling across the water and to stay safe from mutants and cannibals. Inside you are protected against rain, sharks and getting cold. It is possible to build fire inside without burning the House Boat.

You are not able to save your progress and sleep through the night in this shelter.

  • The House Boat offers protection from sharks and cannibals when traveling on the water.
  • Unlike the Large Raft, the upper portion of the House Boat is able to be built upon. Building a structure such as a Water Collector near the door will allow you to easily jump onto the roof where bigger structures like Catapults and large storage containers can be put safely.
  • A good place to build a campfire on the raft is on top of the small roof portion next to the Oar. It will keep you warm and dry while rowing with almost no risk of accidentally stepping in it.
  • You can fit log holders on it, enough to carry over 300 logs if you build them within each other.


Stick Rope Log

The house boat can be moored/anchored to the dock:

Dock Log


Action Button
Use Boat E On the paddle of the boat
Paddle Forward LMB Paddles the boat forward
Paddle Backwards RMB Paddles the boat backwards
Turn Left A Turns boat left
Turn Right D Turns boat right
Push Boat E Aim at sides of boat to push
Look around Move Mouse Move the mouse to look around

Boat Attachments[]

Here is a list of the types of buildings and their abilities to attach, or not attach to all the boats. This can help you plan and choose what to build on boats.

Description Key ####
Can be placed, no exceptions
Cannot be placed, no exceptions
Can be placed on custom stairs, garden, shark and crocodile head trophy
Can be placed but it's not connected
Can only be placed on top of the house boat
Can be placed on specific buildings
stick marker, wood target, garden, rabbit cage, basic fire, fire pit,
weapon rack, explosives holder, small cabinet, large cabinet,
stick holder, rock holder, log holder, bed, custom stairs, skull lamp, birdhouse,
wall planter, wall weapon rack, shark and crocodile head trophy
Building Small
Basic Fire 0 0 0
Standing Fire
Fire Pit 0 0 0
Temporary Shelter
Hunting Shelter
Log Cabin
Small Cabin
Rabbit Cage 0 0 0
Garden 0 0 0
Water Collector 0 0 0
Drying Rack 0 0 0
Stick Holder 0 0 0
Log Holder 0 0 0
Rock Holder 0 0 0
Log Sled
Weapon Rack 0 0 0
Explosives Holder 0 0 0
Small Cabinet 0 0 0
Large Cabinet 0 0 0
Skin Rack
Armor Rack 0 0 0
Bone Basket 0 0 0
Arrow Basket 0 0 0
Custom Foundation 1
Custom Floor
Custom Wall 1
Custom Roof
Custom Stairs 0 0 0
Hole Cutter
Rock Wall 1
Stick Fence 1
Bone Fence 1
Rock Path
Tree House
Alpine Tree House
Tree Platform
Tree Bridge
Basic Wall
Simple Stairs
Wall With Window
Wall With Door
Stick Marker 0 0 0
Wood Target 0 0 0
Climbing Rope
Sap Collector
Freestanding Zipline 1
Tree Zipline
Crane 1
Wood Bench
Bed 0 0 0
Side Table
Bone Chair
Deer Skin Decoration 2 3 2
Rabbit Skin Decoration 2 3 2
Skull Lamp 0 0 0
Ceiling Skull Lamp 4 3 4
Decorative Skull 2 3 2
Head Trophy 2 3 2
Wall Weapon Rack
Ground Weapon Holder 0 3 0
Wall Planter 2 3 2
Bone Chandelier 4 3 4
Bone Frame 2 3 2
Stick Frame 2 3 2
Birdhouse 2 3 2
Explosive Wire Trap
Molotov Wire Trap
Deadfall Trap
Happy Birthday Trap
Rope Swing Trap
Noose Trap
Defensive Spikes
Defensive Wall
Defensive Wall Reinforcement
Catapult 0 0 0
Custom Effigy
Small Effigy
Large Effigy
Arm Effigy

Known Bugs[]

  • When you place the house boat on the water while some other structure exceeds into its blueprint, the house boat will bounce off the ground upon construction.
  • You can glitch through the side of the house boat by crouching at a window, un-crouching, and sprinting forwards.
  • Sharks may swim through the bottom of the boat.
  • If you cancel unfinished constructions (i.e. bed or furniture) material tend to fall through the floor into the water
  • If snacks are put inside of a cabinet on the House Boat, the House Boat will jerk in the direction that the back of the cabinet is facing
  • If the house boat will collide with some fixed "swimming" object, e.g. hollow tree trunks like the ones met on lakes, it will turn at an strange angles; it won't cause player to fall off, if holding a paddle.
  • It is possible to put Rabbit Cage inside the boat house, but rabbits will fall under the boat, if it'll be moved.
  • It is possible to put Custom Wall on the roof, matching the boat roof edge's perfectly, but moving the boat will leave the walls still above in the air.
  • Placing a body on the boat will cause it to tip in the direction that the body is located


Update history[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Fixed houseboat ghost building too high above water

Fixed boats being pushed if moving against additional built structures on them making them easy to flip over

v0.68 Made rafts move overall slightly faster

(Multiplayer) Fixed rafts moving at different speeds sometimes

v0.67 Fixed raft making water splash sounds when on land

(Multiplayer) Hole cutter can no longer target boat or the sled while it is currently being driven by someone (Performance) Optimized boat foam system, games with many boats will benefit from this most

v0.65 Ghosts and building requirements updated for raft and houseboat
v0.63 (Audio) Added new sound fx when raft is pushed

Fixed boats and rafts being able to be built on top of each other (Audio) Added sound for pushing raft on ground and water.

v0.61 Fixed houseboat not saving HP
v0.58 (Audio) Tuned volume for paddling sound event when on rafts and house boats.
v0.56 It is no longer possible to use quick select while swimming/on rope/driving raft
v0.55 Fixed player not disconnecting from raft oar properly if raft was destroyed
v0.53 (Performance) Optimized physics CPU usage when there’s a raft in game

Fixed rock thrower having no collision when built on a raft

v0.50 (Multiplayer) Fixed boat loading unmoored from dock when launching game with a client in lobby
v0.49 (Multiplayer) Fixed houseboat oar not working
v0.46 Fixed player sometimes not able to paddle raft or houseboat
v0.45 Arrow basket, bone basket, drying rack and skull light can now be nested with dynamic structures (i.e.: houseboat)

Fixed player able to glitch through houseboat collision under some circumstances It is now possible to nest small buildings in both treehouses (considered dynamic, so it has same limitations as the houseboat) Several small buildings like rabbit skin decoration and snack holder can now properly be nested to dynamic structures (like houseboat or tree structures) Fixed material icons not visible when building a structure nested with a dynamic one (like houseboat) that has moved after ghost was placed

v0.42 Bigger structures that can’t be placed on houseboat floor can no longer be placed on its walls
v0.41 Fixed houseboat on land not automatically unlocking the driving player

Updated houseboat with new log model Added docking capability to house boat ! Approach houseboat close to dock stilts until the dock icon shows up and use the “Take” button to toggle the docking. While docked the boat cannot move or rotate Push houseboat icon is now outside its walls (Performance) Fixed extra physics cost for MP clients when there was a raft or houseboat in the game Ghost house boat now stays above water and can only be placed above water Added rolloff to building distortion intensity, looks a lot more natural and avoids axe hits from distorting a whole house boat (for example ;)

v0.40 Added a rowing paddle to house boat !

(Multiplayer) Fixed issue of remote non driving player falling off raft while moving it (not very noticeable on raft but was mandatory with houseboat) Fixed jitteriness sometimes when driving raft/houseboat Fixed player body disappearing sometimes while driving raft/houseboat (Multiplayer) Unblocked house boat (audio) added snapshot to duck ambient audio when inside house boat

v0.37 Audio – House boat now plays audio event when on water.
v0.23 (Audio) Increased volume of small boats/raft on water and raft paddling events.
v0.13 Player is no longer able to pick up logs while jumping, swimming, sailing raft or pushing sled

Equipped logs are now dropped when beginning to swim, sail a raft or push a sled

v0.04b Fixed bug where houseboat blueprint wouldn’t appear or couldn’t be placed in world
v0.03 House Boat added to the game

House boat buildable (Warning : buggy!! – especially with sharks. Also, may sink)