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Hole Cutter
Hole Cutter Box
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Floor Cutter
Building Remover
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Removing buildings
Custom roofs
Custom floors
Custom foundations
Size not adjustable without mods
Can have unintended side effects

The Hole Cutter custom building tool and mechanic that can be found in the Survival Guide, it was added in update v0.21 of The Forest


WARNING: The hole cutter is extremely destructive and can cause undesired effects. It is best to save before using it.

It can be used to cut a hole in structures such as the Custom Foundation in order to make a way for the player. Possible uses include building Custom Stairs up to/down from the hole made - useful for creating large bases with complex floor designs.

Currently building destruction must be on for anyone other than the host to use this tool in multiplayer.

The hole cutter cuts holes in custom roofs, custom floors, and custom foundations. It will destroy everything else that the player can build.

It is currently the only way to remove a Log Sled. When placing the hole cutter over a Log Sled, it will knock it, causing it to move or launch into the air. It is unpredictable though its possible its an intended mechanic for getting log sleds out of water or sticky places.


The hole cutter has a max cut limit of 20 holes for custom roofs, custom floors, and custom foundations. After this limit is reached, you will no longer be able to cut holes, even if you haven't finished.

Keep in mind if you computer struggles to run The Forest, cutting more holes in these buildings will causes your game to run slower. If you use Ultimate Cheat Menu you can extend the size of the hole cutter using the Mouse Scroll Wheel. This could allow you to cut less whilst improving performance of you game

  • v0.48 - (Building) Each floor and roof now has a 20 holes limit, this works around an issue in multiplayer causing clients to no longer receive holes past a certain amount, also prevents escalating computation costs due to inappropriate use of the hole cutter

Replacing Cut Holes[]


Entering this code in the main menu enables you to reset the floor or roof holes in the saved game. The command will be effective in the start of the game and will reset on going back to the title screen unless you save. This works in multiplayer, though it is unknown if the original host is required to input the command or if anyone can do it.

  • v0.42 - Added new cheat code: “woodpaste”. Can be used to reset floor & roof holes in a saved game. Cheat works once when game is started then gets reset when going back to title screen. Does nothing for MP clients

Known bugs[]

  • The hole cutter can be left behind after using use it. To fix this, you will need to save and exit.
  • The hole cutter can bug out, causing it to cut above and below it. To fix this, save and exit.
  • There is a rare glitch where the hole cutter just refuses to activate sometimes on one piece of object, like custom roofing or custom flooring. This is an extremely frustrating bug.
  • There is an occasional glitch when the hole cutter removes a blue print. The blueprint is destroyed, but the blueprint's requirements (rope/sticks/logs) remain.


Update history[]

Version Changes
v1.0 It is now possible to remove defensive wall gates using the hole cutter
v0.68 Fixed grass displacement object becoming visible after destroying sled with the hole cutter
v0.67 Added hole cutter removal to ceiling skull light

Fixed hole cutter removal for rabbit skin decoration Fixed hole cutter targeting lit fires from far away (Multiplayer) Hole cutter can no longer target boat or the sled while it is currently being driven by someone

v0.66 Hole cutter can now also remove rock path, deer skin, rabbit skin and skull decorations
v0.63 Hole cutter now properly clears out the yellow hammer on ghost structures

Hole cutter no longer has issues when targeting ropes

v0.54 Hole cutter can no longer be applied if is there is an enemy in range

Hole cutter no longer has any effect on ghost procedural buildings (which was making it non completable)

v0.48 (Building) Fixed a bug with hole cutter causing some buildings to leave a broken ghost behind when targeted, increased amount of buildings it can remove, and fixed some errors/crashes with removing some structures
v0.48 (Building) Each floor and roof now has a 20 holes limit, this works around an issue in multiplayer causing clients to no longer receive holes past a certain amount, also prevents escalating computation costs due to inappropriate use of the hole cutter
v0.47 Fixed floor hole cutter rendering on wrong layer

Fixed floor hole cutter not properly showing wood particles at all rotations Floor hole cutter now also removes (some) overlapped structures Fixed wrong material on ghost log holder sticks, ghost basket sticks, raft built sticks and wrong layer settings for ghost weapon rack and floor hole cutter

v0.42 Hole Cutter added to multiplayer

Clients cannot cut holes in ironforest mode to prevent griefing Roof hole cutter now allows cutting several holes aligned with each other without completely cutting the roof in between holes

v0.41b Floor hole cutter now only cuts structure within the visible white rectangle area and no longer those that have been targeted and are above or below
v0.41 Hole cutter can now cut several buildings at once, whether side by side, at different heights and/or overlapping each other, making it a lot easier to edit complex/composed structures. Watch out for side effects of this change when trying to cut a single floor

(Performance) Revamped floor hole cutter preview, instead of cutting the actual floor or roof it shows a ghost overlaying it with no physics/navigation cost involved

v0.21 Hole Cutter added to the game

Hole Cutter added to the game (singleplayer only)

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