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If you want to help improve The Forest Wiki, with your vast knowledge of the game, your amazing screenshot/photographer skills, your ability to spot grammar 'misteaks' from a mile away, you have previous Wiki experience or you just help in any way you can, then this is the page for you!



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  • Don't be afraid to edit. An important part of the wiki system is the ability for you and other users to see, and revert to, previous versions of a page. If you make a mistake, someone can fix it, be it you or someone else. (Tip: Always use the "Show Preview" button at the bottom of the page to see what it will look like before publishing your changes)
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  • If you don't know how to format a page, then you may want to check the editing help for advice.
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How Do I Edit A Wiki?[]

Before you start editing, it is recommended that you read these sections first as a guide:

You can always take a look at the source information for how it is set out. Looking doesn't do any harm. Some pages are more complicated than others, though the more you look and edit, the better you will become.

The Gamepedia Help Guide, has TONS of information that will get you started or keeping you going:

If you want to test some editing though you're not comfortable with how it will turn out, you can use The Forest Wiki:Sandbox if you want, feel free try it out and test things.

You should consider registering so you can keep track of your work, no sense in all that hard work going without a name! Special:UserLogin

How Can I Help?[]

This section will help guide you to where the The Forest Wiki NEEDS your expertise the most. Remember, there's always pages that haven't been tagged or marked. You never know what pages could need you. If you're feeling lucky, click here for a random page on The Forest Wiki: Special:Random

Updating Pages With Patchnote Updates[]


One of the easiest ways to help The Forest Wiki is to update the patchnotes on relevant pages, this will also score you HEAPS of wiki points and it's VERY easy!

Patchnotes Formatted contains all the patch notes that have already been formatted! All you have to do is Copy and Paste them on to the pages!
Adding Patchnotes contains the guide if you are looking for more help.

Pages That Need New Screenshots or Images[]


Click here: Wanted Images

Not all images that need updating/replacing on the Wiki are listed here, check some assorted pages, you'll probably find more that need your photography skills!

You don't have to use the same name as this will replace the image, you can always upload it with a new name and move the old image to the gallery, this is up to you.

How Do I Take A Screenshot?[]

To take a screenshot, press F12. This is the default key within Steam for taking screenshots.

How Do I Access My Screenshots?[]

  • Close the game OR Alt-Tab
  • Open up Steam
  • Go to Library
  • Find The Forest
  • Right Click on The Forest
  • Click on View Screenshots
  • Then Click on SHOW ON DISK

It will then open a folder with all your screenshots that you can now use.

Are There Rules When It Comes To Images?[]

It is preferential if the images have the following:

  • HUD switched off (Adds 20% bonus photographer skills).
  • You may consider cropping out unnecessary parts of the picture, this will make your image stand out more and give it focus. Though ONLY if its relevant, this is up to you.
  • Try and keep the pictures relatively bright and colorful. Dark images can be harder to see, especially with this dark Wiki (rhyme was not intended).
  • Try and make sure the images aren't too large in size or too high in quality, they will take much longer to load and people might not even see them before they leave the page!

Replacing Images From Older Versions Of The Game[]

There are many images/screenshots that are from very early patches of the game, you could replace these with more up to date images if you want. Old/Outdated Images can be spotted by certain elements in the picture:

  • Shiny look on the game world (this was removed, though it kinda looks cool).
  • Older style versions of the weapons, such as the Modern Axe, it has changed a lot since the beginning!
  • Older versions of the icons can be seen in the image.
  • It has textures that are no longer in The Forest.

Replacing Images That Are Poor Quality[]

Sometimes people upload images with the best intention, but often overlook the quality of the image. If you notice an image that is poor quality, feel free to update it with a higher quality image. Poor quality images can be spotted by:

  • Clicking on the image and see its resolution, if it's really low, it might have to go.
  • It looks blurry or grainy.
  • It looks very dark or its hard to make whats actually going on in the picture.
  • Image is from a very early version of The Forest and it doesn't look like The
  • You ask yourself, Is that even an image from The Forest?

I Want To Replace An Image, But It's Still Relevant?[]

Send it to the Gallery!

Or you can create a Gallery at the bottom of the page, before the category sections, but after the patch notes.

Pages That Need Confirmation Or Testing[]


Click here: Needs Confirmation

Pages that need confirming, checking, double checking, or rectifying. You may have the answers, provide these pages with your Wisdom!

Not all pages that need confirmation on The Forest Wiki are listed here, they could be hiding on other pages.

Pages That Need Work[]


These pages need more information or are too short, expand these with your knowledge of The Forest!

Not all pages that need expanding/updating on the The Forest Wiki are listed here, there's plenty more out there that could use you knowledge of the game. These pages need more information or are too short, expand these with your knowledge of The Forest! Click here: Short articles

These pages are often outdated, need formatting, sorting, tidying, or additional information. These are most likely more complex jobs though if you're ambitious and you know your stuff, you've probably come to the right place! There are pages that have the fewest revisions, we all know how often things change in The Forest, good chance these ones need updating. Click here: Pages that need cleaning up

Not all pages that need expanding/updating on the The Forest Wiki are listed here, there's plenty more out there that could use you knowledge of the game! There are some pages that are short or lack revisions that may need work. You can find them here, some of them might need looking at. Click here: Short Pages or here Pages with fewest revisions

I Want To Help, But I Can't or I Don't Know What To Do!?[]

Sometimes you will come across things that need updating, fixing, changing, formatting, etc. and you can't do it. This could be lack of time, knowledge, experience, or wiki's might be too scary. Here are some ways you can help notify other people so they can have the problem fixed.

Don't be afraid to use these! You won't get in trouble if you make a mistake by placing these.

Citation Needed[]

If you've changed updated something that you are not 100% sure on, or if you notice something that doesn't seem quite right. Then place this next to the piece of information and someone else will take a look or test it:

{{citation needed}}

Image Needs Adding[]

If you notice an image that needs adding, then place this at the top of the page:


Image Needs Updating[]

If you notice an image that needs updating, then place this at the top of the page:


Page Needs More Information or Expanding[]

If you notice a page that is really short, or has a lack of information. Then place this at the top of the page:


Page Needs A Clean Up[]

If you noticed a page that needs work done with formatting, sorting, tidying etc., then place this at the top of the page:


Make sure you change the "Reason" to what you think needs cleaning up, we need know what it is that needs the Hole Cutter.