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Head-shots are a damage mechanic that was added to The Forest in update v0.66. It is similar to Stealth Kills though it is difficult to say whether head-shots kill instantly or not.


Head-shots are shots to the head. They currently only apply to Cannibals.

If a head shot is performed correctly, accounting for the mechanics of the shot and its placement, most of the time it will kill instantly.

Currently, only a majority of ranged weapons available in the game can perform head shots (as listed below):

Head-shots can be difficult to land, and frustrating due to losing arrows. If missed, the arrow could go over or past an entity instead of where it was intended to land. Some cannibals, such as the skinny variants, can be difficult to hit due to their crouching maneuver quite often and will tend to move around a lot.


Update History[]

Version Changes
v0.66 Arrows, spears and flintlock pistol can now deal increased headshot damage to enemies