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Head Effigy
Head Effigy
Also known as
Simple Effigy
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Replaced by Custom Effigy
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The head effigy, also known as the simple effigy, was a building and effigy that consisted of a few rocks, a stick pole and a head. It was added in update v0.03 though was replaced by the custom effigy in update v0.25. It is possible that this effigy was too cheap so it was removed for balance reasons, or it didn't have much of a purpose or just to allow room for the custom effigy.

It is possible to spawn the head effigy using console commands: PlaceBuiltObjects EffigyHead 1. It doesn't allow you to choose where you can place it however.


  • The head effigy may have been the simple effigy. The simple effigy appears to be the small effigy in the survival guide image, though the names and images may have changed during its time in the game.


Update History[]

Version Changes
v0.25 Head Effigy removed from the game

Custom Effigy added to the game, replaced head effigy

New player-made effigy: Custom Effigy: replaces ‘Simple Effigy’ in book (once built, use sticks to add to base shape and/or limbs and torsos to create effigies of your own. Range and duration of the repulsive effect when lit depends on amount of added limbs.

v0.03 Head Effigy added to the game

Arm Effigy added to the game

Two new effigies buildable, simple head on stick and arms pointing to sky