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The HUD consists of indications and GUIs that are displayed in the game.

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Interactive HUD

Player status[]

The player's status is displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Messages, counters and screen artefacts[]

Messages are displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen.
Certain elements in the game can affect your screen partially or completely.


Ice around the edges of your screen.

If you walk around in the rain for too long your temperature will drop.


  • A message will be displayed advising you to find a heat source.
  • Ice will eventually appear around the edges of your screen (see screenshot).
  • Your character will start to shake and his breathing will change.
  • Your energy will start to drop.
  • The temperature indicator on the right side of your HUD does not change in the current version of the game.

As soon as you get close enough to a heat source, like a lit fire pit, the message will disappear and the ice will also disappear slowly. Currently, you cannot freeze to death or even take damage.

You can find more info here: Temperature and Freezing


Player shows hands in blood.

When you come in contact with blood a message will appear advising you to wash it off to avoid infection.
Other visual indicators are the weapon you are wielding and your hands. Your character will raise his hand and examine it when there is blood on it.

You can find more info here: Bloodied, Infected and Controls


Player covering themselves in mud.

Mud can be used as Stealth which increases your stealth. It can also be used to remove blood.

Certain elements in the game can remove the mud. You need to be aware of your character's state, as this could easily happen by accident.

The only way to check if there is any mud left on your body is to make your character raise his hand (see controls).


The player finds the passengers of the plane.

When you find the dead body of a fellow passenger a counter is displayed briefly indicating how many bodies you have found and the total number of bodies in the game. At the moment, it is not possible to manually show the counter. Once it disappears, you can only get it back by finding another body.

It is unknown at this point why the game displays how many bodies you have found and what happens if you find all of them.


Counters show which materials are needed to complete a basic fire.

When you start building structures, big or small, a counter will appear for every type of material required to finish the structure. Unlike the passenger counter, these counters will stay on-screen until the structure is finished.

You can work on multiple structures simultaneously but it won't be clear which counter belongs to which structure.

A waypoint in the form of a yellow hammer (building in progress) can be used to easily locate the unfinished structure. This waypoint will be visible no matter how far away you are.


Certain structures will cause a permanent waypoint to be displayed on-screen. Like the "building in progress" waypoint, these waypoints are also visible no matter where you are, even when you are inside a cave.

The following are such waypoints.

Stick Marker[]

Waypoint to a stick marker

Stick Markers can be built anywhere you like, and they are quite cheap. Their locations are indicated on-screen by flag icons.
Stick Markers cannot be destroyed or relocated and their waypoints cannot be labeled or turned off, so use them wisely to avoid confusion when navigating the islands.


Waypoint to a shelter

All types of Shelter, except the Temporary Shelter, will display a waypoint in the form of a house icon. This is quite useful when you suddenly need to rest or save the game because you will know exactly where to go. The Temporary Shelter lets you rest and save the game as well but once you have left the area it can be quite hard to find again.


A player aims from a bow

There is no crosshair and there is no option to turn it on either. This is not a big problem when using melee weapons but aiming with the ranged weapons like the crafted bow or the modern bow can be quite challenging.


The following bug is present in v0.08b:

  • If for some reason you are unable to finish a construction then the "building in progress" waypoint and the material counters will be displayed permanently. It does not break the game. It is just really annoying. If this happens you will have to load a game that you saved before you started the construction.

Do not attempt to construct anything inside a cave, not even a fire pit. Whatever you attempt to construct will most likely fall through the surface you were standing on (especially large rocks). You won't be able to cancel the construction, which leads to its waypoint and material counters being displayed permanently.