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Branta canadensis
Also known as
Goose, Canada Goose, Geese, Duck
Added in
Goose Lake, Lakeside Village, near the Land Bridge, Flying around
1 Meat
5+ Feathers
1 Goose Head
Very bugged

The Goose is an airborne, feathered animal which is found close to lakes. It is the only bird that lands on water, and the namesake of geese lake, southwest of the Sinkhole.

This animal suffers from significant technical issues and bugs, as of v1.09.


Geese can be seen flying between sources of water around the Peninsula. They fly at a high altitude, unlike most other birds in the game. Their flight behavior can make them difficult game to track and hunt.

Additionally, when they are in the water, if they are approached they will often swim away fast.

Geese can be killed with a single hit from any weapon, as well as by throwing small rocks.

Birdhouses do not attract geese.

Goose Meat Feathers Goose


  • There is an idle animation featuring the player raising his hand to have a bird land on it. It flaps its wings several times before venturing back into the sky. Birds seen this way seem not to be killable, as they serve as decoration.
  • The geese in-game are Canada geese.

Known Bugs[]

  • It is very difficult to obtain a goose head from these animals.
  • If killed in water, the feathers will drop to the bottom of the water and they won't be obtainable.
  • If a goose is killed and its body is on land, it can be hit multiple times to get feathers. It is possible to get 20 feathers or more. Though this is unpredictable and doesn't always work.
  • A somewhat common glitch involves geese occasionally swimming in random places inland, and very rarely in the caves.
  • Goose sometimes swim through a rock and disappear when being approached.


Update history[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Fixed some held animal heads in wrong position on other players
v0.73 Fixed geese sometimes appearing to float above water
v0.72 Fixed geese not affected by certain weapon types
v0.62 (Multiplayer) Arrows in birds and animals should now be visible and retrievable by both players

Fixed birds sometimes flying underneath the ground

Fixed birds not being set on fire when shot with flare gun

v0.58 (Multiplayer) Fixed clients sometimes not seeing many birds compared to host

Fixed wrong attack animation sometimes playing when attacking with a bird on player hand

v0.55 (Multiplayer) Fixed birds sometimes not playing flying animation for clients
v0.36 Feathers are now detached from bird ragdolls thus remaining active even after small meat has been picked up

(Multiplayer) Birds are now synced properly in multiplayer games

v0.34 Blocked bird from landing on player hand while survival book is open

Birds will attempt to avoid flying through trees and structures now

v0.31b Dead birds no longer provide meat
v0.31 Birds and squirrels now yield 1 meat

Birds no longer land on bodies that have been dropped on a fire New bird types added to world

v0.24 Reduced maximum amount of feathers you can get from hitting dead birds with rocks
v0.21 Birds can now be killed with explosives
v0.16 Dead birds now have a chance of spawning feathers when hit
v0.13 Birds are no longer active while inside a cave

Slightly larger hit colliders on birds and stick weapon, makes it easier to kill grounded birds with a stick

v0.01 Geese added to the game.

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