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Disambig.png This article is about the mutant that can spawn on the surface. For the boss at the end of the game, see End Boss.
Girl Mutant
Also known as
Spider Mutant
Creepy Mutant
Added in
Above ground only
Weapon(s) used
Single Strike
Multiple Strikes
Spin Attack
Spawn Mutant Babies
Can be stunned
Spawns on Day
End Game
Normal: 25
Hard/HS: 42
Difficulty Mode Statistics
Damage Diff
50% more on hard modes
Health Diff
Fire Damage Resistance
65% LESS damage on hard modes
Can "Play Dead"

The Girl mutant, is a late game creepy mutant which can only spawn after the ending has been reached that allows the player to continue playing, it was added in update v1.10 to The Forest.


The girl mutant is an enemy with several appendages, that has a single worm as its host. It can be found above ground, after the player(s) have finished the Story, and have chosen to continue playing by way of the alternate ending (deactivating Power Obelisk). It uses an almost exact model of the final boss of the game, though is much weaker. When killed, the host worm will remain, and begin rapidly cloning itself to take one of its many forms. After dispatching a Girl Mutant, it is advised to kill the host worm as well, as it will quickly become a big problem for the player(s).


The Girl mutant has numerous attacks that it can use on the player, depending on the situation:

  • Single Strikes: This attack, as the name suggests, is a single swing with one of its legs. Its range is fairly decent and occurs when the player is close
  • Multiple Strikes: This attack involves three strikes towards the player, in a rolling motion. The range of this attack is fairly short, though the damage is high. This attack occurs when the player is very close.
  • Leap Attack: This attack involves the boss leaping at the player, covering almost three times its body size in one jump. This will knock the player down if they are hit, dealing a moderate amount of damage. It is difficult to dodge this attack, though the player can see the it coming as the girl mutant will crouch down beforehand, similar to the Virginia. This attack occurs when the player is at a moderate distance away from the girl mutant, generally out of striking distance.
  • Charge Attack: This attack involves the boss charging at the player with great speed and is extremely difficult to dodge. If hit, it will knock the player down and do a moderate amount of damage. This attack only occurs when the player is very far away from the Girl mutant. It seems to be used to prevent the player from healing or escaping.
  • Spin Attack: This attack is by far the most dangerous attack. It involves the boss spinning around in circles with its legs out. The damage of this is extreme, as it can hit players more than five times in less than three seconds and must be avoided at all costs. It is used when the player is close or a moderate distance away. If it occurs, run!
  • Spawn Mutant Babies: The Girl mutant can spawn five to six mutant babies at a time which can make defeating it more difficult. This occurs generally when the player is mid distance away from the boss. During this the Girl mutant is quite vulnerable as it pauses for about five seconds to give birth. This can be a good time to hit it with explosives, such as dynamite


  • The Flare gun is an effective way of killing it, even on hard modes, as the hit box on this enemy makes it very difficult to hit with other ranged weapons.
  • Will spawn a single Worm at its location after it has been killed.


  • It is the same mutant as the End Boss, though it has a generic host, that being a worm

Update history

Version Changes
v1.10 Girl Mutant added to the game
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