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Geese Lake
Geese Lake 1.png
Aerial view of Geese Lake
Official Names
Geese Lake
Player Given Names
Goose Lake
Large Pond
Added in
Center left of the map
The Forest Map
Small amount above sea level
On Patrol Route
Surrounding it completely
Safe to build inside

Goose Lake (also referred to as Geese Lake) is a location within the forest where a multitude geese can be found. In the center of the lake is an entrance to Cave 5, while multiple other cave entrances can be found within a short distance of the lake. It has a small boat with a rope in it, as well as two lookout posts The lake backs up to a cliff, and it is a popular base spot due to its memorable nature, natural cliff protection, and plenty of nearby food (geese).

When in water the player can't attack animals/enemies, carry logs or log sled, open the inventory or survival guide, or do practically anything besides swim. However, the player can place blueprints underwater, provided they were selected from the survival guide prior to entering the water.

Gallery - Release 1.0[]


Update history[]

Version Changes
VR Beta 3 Caves - fixed air hole in waterzone under geese lake
v1.0 Fixed geese lake water reflection being too small for size of lake
v0.73 Fixed geese sometimes appearing to float above water
v0.68 Fixed weird square blocks visible when emerging from under geese lake

Fixed a case of animals sometimes spawning underwater in geese lake

v0.51 Improved navigation mesh quality around geese lake and other lakes
v0.39 Fixed rock hole in geese lake waterfall
v0.37 Fixed geese sometimes floating above water
v0.28 Stalagmites added to geeselake swimout.
v0.17 Geese lake made deeper, and easier to swim in
v0.11 Improved geese lake layout, new rocks and details
v0.06 2 New cave systems added near geese lake
v0.03 ‘Lake’ track added to Geese Lake
v0.01 Geese Lake added to the game