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Small Garden
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Building Type
Food and water
Can be made various sizes
Can plant & grow:
Can grow all Mushrooms when built in caves
Buildable on
Most surfaces
Top of House Boat
Custom Foundation
Custom Floor

The garden is a structure that allows the player to grow certain plants and mushroom. It was added in update v0.01 of The Forest.


While building the player can freely choose how large the garden should be. Very large gardens require an equally large flat surface, of which there are not too many to be found on the peninsula.
Building on a custom foundation or custom floor can make it easier to build a larger garden, though this will cost many more logs.

To begin, the player must collect seeds first, which are obtained by collecting blueberries, aloe, and coneflowers. The seed type can be switched with "R" and planted with "C".

A garden can be used endlessly, but blueberry bushes must be cut first or they'll block the spot they're on. Since the empty bushes don't wither away they could also be used as decoration.
Larger gardens can also grow more plants at once, but planting too much should be avoided, since the fully grown plants wither away after a certain amount of time.


Garden Log

Growing Blueberries[]

  • When collecting blueberries, there is a chance that the player will also get blueberry seeds. This includes blueberries collected from bushes grown in gardens.
  • Blueberries can only be planted in gardens. They will not fit in the wall planter.
  • The inventory can hold 30 blueberries at once. They do not spoil.
  • The inventory can hold 30 blueberry seeds at once.

Blueberry growing process measured in game days:

Growing Aloe Vera[]

Growing Coneflower[]

Growing Mushrooms[]

It is possible to grow all types of mushrooms, which include:

IconAmanitaMushroom.png Amanita Mushroom
IconChanterelleMushroom.png Chanterelle Mushroom
IconDeerMushroom.png Deer Mushroom
IconJackMushroom.png Jack Mushroom
IconLibertyCap.png Liberty Cap Mushroom
IconPuffMushroom.png Puff Mushroom
To grow mushrooms, the garden must be built within the cave system. Mushrooms don't work the same as other plants when growing. Instead of yielding more mushrooms that are planted, they duplicate next to each other. If you fill the garden with mushrooms, they won't be able to duplicate. Ensure there is space free for the mushrooms to grow.

To build a garden inside a cave, you will need to bring logs into the cave. This can be done by simple holding the logs, and walking inside the cave while holding them. This does not work for drop down caves.


Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Fixed berries not moving with bush in garden
v0.72 Gardens can no longer be built on dynamic structures

Log cabin,small cabin, gazebo, garden, bonfire, rock side platform, defensive spikes, tree platforms, floor platform, wood target, procedural roof all use new log model/texture type now

v0.66 Gardens in caves will now grow mushrooms instead of the other plants

Gardens created in caves now have the option to plant mushrooms instead of seeds.

v0.63 Custom sized garden added to the game

New building: Custom garden ! Replaces the legacy garden, amount of available grow spots based on its size. Ground with slope/holes will prevent from placing it really big

It is no longer possible to grow plants in garden while in caves

v0.62 (Multiplayer) Fixed dirt piles remaining in world if owning garden gets destroyed
v0.58 Fixed dynamic objects getting stuck underneath newly built gardens, causing player to be knocked into the air when walked over
v0.57c Fixed garden not showing any UI when owning a single seed type
v0.57 Fires, Drying rack, Armor mannequin, Skin rack, food holders, weapon rack, explosive holder, stick, rock and log holders, arrow and bone baskets, and gardens all have a new UI
v0.54 Fixed player able to get permanently stuck between gardens placed close together
v0.53 (Multiplayer) Fixed destroying garden blueberry bush not working after collecting all berries on host side
v0.49 switched garden icon positions and replaced rotate icon with switch one
v0.48 (Multiplayer) Fixed severe lag when client joins a game that has garden with planted seeds located far away from all current player locations
v0.47 Fixed garden rotate seed type icon remaining visible after planting max amount of seed
v0.44 Planting seeds in garden now uses the “Craft” button (use to be the “Take” button but was inconsistent with other feature that imply adding items in world, like food on fire)
v0.43 Fixed excessive distortion when damaging gardens

Clamped garden plants scale to prevent it from ever going into negative

v0.39 Garden now toggles to whatever seed type player has available, fixing issue of garden eventually getting stuck on a not available seed type without possibility to switch to another one

Fixed soil in gardens not casting shadows and darkened dirt piles to make them easier to see

v0.38 Fixed garden plant flashing big when planted before getting proper size
v0.35 (Multiplayer) Consuming blueberries in garden no longer removes the whole bush and instead each individual berry can be used as expected

Now saving which garden blueberry have already been used so that gardens no longer respawn at full yield after loading a saved game if previously consumed

v0.34 New item: Aloe vera seed (can be planted in garden and wall plant pot)

The player can now pick which seed type to plant in garden and wall plant pot !

New item: Blueberry bush seed (can be planted in garden)

New item: Coneflower seed (can be planted in garden and wall plant pot)

v0.33 Wall Garden image added to survival book

Fixed issue with garden preventing to load properly from a save if it had planted seeds

v0.32 Decorative wall plant pot add Similar to garden but has 2 grow spots and only grows aloe or coneflower
v0.28 Reworded information on Garden in survival book
v0.27 Fixed garden blueberry respawn bug
v0.26 Improved garden dirt material/texture

(audio) Added garden digging sound

New add seeds icon for garden

Fixed garden plants popping on too close even on high draw distance settings

Garden revamp: Seeds are now added one by one and spawn little dirt piles in the garden.

Improved draw distance on thrown explosives and on built garden plants

v0.21 (multiplayer) Gardens now replicate for players over network
v0.08 Fixed garden not working with seeds
v0.03 Gardens no longer float.
v0.01 Small garden added to the game.
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