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Fullness, also known as hunger, is a survival stat that is required to survive.


Fullness is indicated by the stomach in the lower right corner of the screen and on the stats page of the Survival Guide. It will slowly decrease over time and the player is required to refill the fullness with food. If fullness stays empty for too long, the player will eventually start to lose health, which may result in death by starvation. Calories are often a result of increasing fullness.

Increasing Fullness[]

You can eat any food item to increase fullness:


Starvation occurs when the player's hunger bar is empty. The player will continue to take damage until they eat something. If starvation is left untreated, it will kill the player.


Update history[]

Version Changes
v0.71 Nutrition System Revamp: Consuming edible items now yields calories on top of fullness, doing physical activities counts as burnt calories and strength, excess calories are resolved and transformed in weight and strength gain or loss
v0.70 (Hard Survival)Food fullness amount set to same as normal mode
v0.68 Thirst & Hunger damage message now flashes in red when taking a hit

(UI) Dying of thirst and starvation messages are now with other tutorials in bottom left, but with greater emphasis to showcase the urgent need to take action
Thirst damage now occurs on a 8s timer instead of a low random chance each frame and is displayed in hud like starvation, with the icon filling back up in red
(UI) Fixed offset in between fullness & starvation hud visual and underlying values

v0.67 Setup stats page to display Fullness & Hydration (thus matching hud display) instead of ‘Stomach’ and ‘Thirst’
v0.64 Fixed thirst and hunger warning messages not leaving screen even after drinking or eating
v0.33 Fixed player camera breaking when taking starvation damage while sitting on bench
v0.30 Underfeeding is now based on time spent below 50% fullness
v0.29 Added Food Poisoning: has 20% chance of kicking in when getting damage from food. Can be cured with aloe or by sleeping. Lowers fullness/thirst/health/energy regeneration from consuming edible items

(Balance) Lowered energy loss while hungry

v0.27 (Balance) Hunger speed 30% lower (was about 2 full stomachs per in game day, now 1.35 per day)
v0.25 Fixed fullness not getting consumed while sleeping (so it behaves like thirst)

While sleeping both fullness and thirst can only be consumed up to a threshold, so that you never wake up on the verge of dying (unless you engaged sleeping in this state)

v0.24 Fixed some survival settings (starvation/thirst/cold) broken after loading a saved game, causing for example breathing duration to be really small
v0.23 Eating mutant limbs now hurts player slightly and gives less fullness replenishment
v0.18c (multiplayer) Fixed client players not getting hungry, thirsty or cold
v0.15 Dying no longer resets fullness to zero
v0.14 Lethal starvation system ! Be aware of your food supplies as staying hungry too long will eventually cause you harm.
v0.08b Fixed some player stats not being set on load save game (lizard armor, hunger etc)
v0.04 Re-balanced hunger drain

Fixed fullness always starting at half when loading a saved game