The Forest Wiki

A variety of flora is represented in the game, including trees, bushes and herbs

Flora refers to the various plants and fungi that can be found in The Forest. Some species can be found in the Nature Guide book in the Flora sections. The plants are broken down into two groups: generic plant life, which consists of the general flora found around the Peninsula, and consumable plants, which are the edible, medicinal, and poisonous organisms growing in the environment.

Consumable flora, such as berries, herbs, and mushrooms are immediately eaten when collected with no regard to toxicity. Having an actively equipped crafted Pouch will store the item in inventory for future use.

The flora in The Forest have many purposes in survival:



IconBlackBerries.png Blackberries
IconBlueberry.png Blueberries
IconSnowberries.png Snowberries (poisonous)
IconTwinberry.png Twinberries (poisonous)

Medicinal Herbs[]

IconAloe.png Aloe Vera
IconChicory.png Chicory
IconConeflower.png Coneflower
IconMarigold.png Marigold


IconAmanitaMushroom.png Amanita Mushroom (poisonous)
IconChanterelleMushroom.png Chanterelle Mushroom
IconDeerMushroom.png Deer Mushroom
IconJackMushroom.png Jack Mushroom (poisonous)
IconLibertyCap.png Liberty Cap Mushroom
IconPuffMushroom.png Puff Mushroom