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Flare Gun
Flare Gun
Added in
Item type
Ranged Weapon
The Forest Map
Obtained through
Wall Weapon Rack
Ground Weapon Holder
Weapon Rack
Max. Stack

The Flare Gun is a ranged weapon and also a distraction tool and light source. It was added in update v0.01 to The Forest.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

When shot, a flare shoots out of the gun towards the direction the player is looking. The projectile flare can set plants on fire, granting the burning status effect, as well as cannibals, mutants, and animals. It is a very effective way of killing mutants, as it can set them on fire, although a single shot doesn't deal the same amount as a thrown molotov. Shooting a flare illuminates the room for a few seconds before dying out. The flare gun can be reloaded by placing the flare gun and flare(s) on the crafting mat. While the player can only store up to 10 flares in their [inventory], the flare gun can store an (near) infinite amount as Flare Gun ammo.

To see how much flare gun ammo you have, place your cursor over the flare gun in the inventory.

As of v0.65, the flare gun now has a reloading animation. This has severely slowed the firing rate of the flare gun.

The flare gun can light trees on fire, this will destroy the tree as well as the stump, preventing it from growing back.

Location[edit | edit source]

The Flare Gun can be found in the cockpit of the plane, located in the north side of the game map, in the snow biome. It is on a seat within the cockpit, it is very easy to notice due to its bright color. When you pick up Flare Gun, You will also receive 5 Flares. You can use the flares here to make flare gun ammo.

Location of the Flare Gun on The Forest Map IconTheForestMap.png

Flares can be found at many locations:
IconTheForestMap.png - Cliff hut near the main village
IconTheForestMap.png - In the center of the main village
IconTheForestMap.png - Yellow crates near the cockpit
IconTheForestMap.png - Yellow crates at the Film Crew Camp

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Flare Flare

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Update History[edit | edit source]

Version Changes
v1.0 Improved placement of weapons on racks and holders!

Fixed placing a flare on mat showing prompt for crafting a "Flare Gun" instead of "Flare Gun Ammo"

v0.72 Fixed enemies not reacting to sound of flare gun being fired

(UI) Fixed flare gun & tennis racket icon in the weapon rack widget

v0.70 (multiplayer) Fixed birds disappearing if shot with a flare gun as client
v0.67 Flare gun now displays amount of ammo in the inventory tooltip
v0.65 Flare gun now has aim down sights mode and a reload animation

(Audio) Added reload sound to flare gun

(Audio) Added sound to new held flare ignite animation

Fixed bird landing on hand misaligned while holding the flintlock or flaregun

v0.63 Fixed flare on crafting mat appearing lit when it wasn’t
v0.62 Fixed birds not being set on fire when shot with flare gun

Fix weapon rack positions for Flare Guns, Flintlocks, Tennis Rackets, Katanas and Upgraded Spears.

v0.38 Increased quality of collision detection of flare gun flares so they work better in caves
v0.37 Fixed upgrades not properly applying bonus + also fixes reloading flare gun with flares
v0.21 Flare gun can now be reloaded using flares on the crafting mat
v0.19 Fixed flare gun sometimes hitting player when firing
v0.18 (multiplayer) Flare gun now works for clients
v0.13 Fixed flare gun not setting enemies on fire
v0.10 Fixed flare gun making shooting sound when fired without flares (will now make an empty click sound)
v0.08b Fixed bug where flare gun would stop working after you put it away/load game
v0.07 Fixed bug where you could get infinite flares by dropping flare gun and picking it up again
v0.05 Fixed enemies freezing upright after being shot with flare gun or burnt

Distorted mutants can now be killed with flare gun/fire

v0.04 Fixed issue where you could still shoot flare gun or use other weapons when pause menu was open
v0.03 Fixed flare gun falling through yacht
v0.01b Fixed glitch where you could make infinite flare guns
v0.01 Flare Gun added to the game

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