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Disambig.png This article is about the animal found in bodies of water. For the item, see Fish Meat.
Multiple fish in the ocean.
Bluecheek Butterflyfish, Cave Fish, Yellowtail Snapper, Carp, Cod, Yellow Blackdot Fish, Yellow Butterfly Fish
1 Raw Fish

Fish are a group of passive animals that may be found in the ocean, river, ponds, or in cave water. When killed, fish drop as a collectible item, the raw fish, which then can be cooked or hung onto a drying rack.


Fish are found in abundance near the beaches just offshore, and in lakes and ponds inland. There is currently not much of a difference between the fish found in the different kinds of water bodies, meaning most marine fish can be found in ponds and lakes and vice versa. Interestingly, fish tend to be less common in deeper parts of the ocean or even in the middle of larger lakes.

Catching Fish[]

Much like birds, fish can be killed by any weapon in a single hit. Even though this makes for a wide range of possibilities for catching them, using a spear is advised. When the player kills a fish with a spear, the fish is impaled and becomes immediately collectible, eliminating the need for searching the dead fish first. That spear fishing is the intended way to catch fish is further indicated by the weak spear pickups found around some of the fishing ponds throughout the peninsula.

As of 0.41, the player also has the option to capture fish using the animal trap in a similar fashion to catching mammals. Simply place the trap in shallow water and wait for fish to swim in. See the corresponding page for more information.

Types of Fish[]

Fish come in many varieties, all of them are listed in the nature guide section of the survival guide.


  • There are several places where man-made fish traps can be found. It is unknown, if they are used by the cannibals as an additional source of food or if they where left behind by earlier visitors of the peninsula.
  • Some species of fish, such as the Bluecheek and Yellow Butterfly fish, are found only in saltwater yet most often spawn in lakes and ponds. This could be an oversight by the developers or just placeholders until new species added.


Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Fixed adding lizard or fish to tray and not having them visible on mat
v0.71 Fixed fish getting thrown very far when blown up with explosives

(Multiplayer) Fixed clients sometimes unable to kill fish with the spear

v0.70 (Performance) Optimized Fish AI and animations
v0.69 Added Hard Survival game difficulty, playing in this mode will cause less animals and fish to appear in world, and with a longer respawn after killing them. Greater & faster cold penalties. Fire has been made more dangerous to the player. More food required per meal to fill stomach. Thirst comes faster. Slower respawn on gathered herbs. Meat spoils faster. It’s easier to get sick or infected and there are greater penalties from sickness and infection. A rebalancing of poisonous food, drinking bad water and eating out of date food. Along with this there is a much lower amount of spawned suitcases.
v0.68 Fixed thrown spears disappearing after picking up speared fish

Fixed fish continuing to flop forever after being killed

v0.67 (Multiplayer) Speared fishes are now visible on remote players !
v0.63 (multiplayer) Fixed issue where fish trap could vanish if players went far away and then returned

(Multiplayer) Trapped fishes are now synced correctly between players

v0.62 (Audio) Fixed Swinging rabbits, fish,lizard, bones, tennis racket, turtle shell and lizard missing whoosh sound effect when swung

Arrows stuck into fishes and are now retrievable. (Multiplayer) Fixed clients not seeing trapped fish in caves. (Multiplayer) Trapped Cave fish are now correctly synced between players

v0.57 Fixed being unable to pick up fish killed with weapons other than spear
v0.56 Fixed caught fish flickering in traps
v0.55 Added more cave fish to cave water zones
v0.50 (Balance) Hard animal setting: fish spawn amount 66% of normal

(Balance) Each killed fish now has a 2 in game days respawn delay (Balance) Hard animal setting: fish respawn delay is 5 in game days

v0.45 Player can now attack with held items such as fish, dead rabbits and generic meat
v0.44 (Audio) Added new sound for fish trap being triggered
v0.43 Fixed resetting fish trap not having a delay allowing currently caught fish to escape

(Multiplayer) Fixed fish trap resetting when there’s a fish trapped remotely (Multiplayer) Fish trap no longer syncs its sprung state, since fishes are local to each player it allows traps to catch fish on each player side independently. Resetting fish trap is still common to all players

v0.42 Fixed repaired fish trap turning into rabbit trap

Deadfall, HB, swinging rock, noose, rabbit and fish traps now cost one stick to reset

v0.41 New building: Fish trap ! Bring the legacy rabbit trap to a water area and it’ll turn into a net able to catch fish. Must be suitably placed in a fishing area to be efficient !
v0.35 Fixed fish sometimes swimming through yacht
v0.32 Fixed issues with fish sliding/blurring when speared
v0.31 Fixed fish not receiving damage from regular weapons
v0.28 Fixed blood effect repeating after killing fish and effect never being removed from world
v0.27 (Multiplayer) Fixed issue where client could not kill fish with explosives
v0.26 Fixed fish vanishing while running with them on the spear

Fixed fish sometimes appearing in the air around player

v0.25 New fish models and types added!

Fish are now killable with regular weapons and explosives (hitting them with axe is pretty fun but probably way overpowered currently) Brightened colors on edible and spoilt fish, generic meat, rabbit, lizard materials to make difference between states clearer

v0.21 Fixed some fish above water in top half of map
v0.20 Fixed fish falling through terrain if dropped by player

Removed ‘animal’ layer from inventory camera fixing bugs with animals walking over inventory, blocking view, or viewing fish swim over inventory

v0.19 Pickups added to top of some fishing stands
v0.16 Fish and sharks are now also in multiplayer games
v0.14 Optimized fish a.i. and fixed some instances of no fish appearing in ponds
v0.09b (multiplayer) Fixed issue where picking up a fish would destroy player and crash server
v0.08b Fixed fish cooking instantly on drying rack
v0.04 Fixed fish swimming outside of pond near cliff section
v0.03 Fixed can’t carry more raw fish message that would appear when you had too many rocks.
v0.02 Improved fish movement
v0.01 Fish added to the game.

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