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Fire Arrow
Fire Arrow
Also known as
Incendiary arrows
Added in
Item type
Incendiary projectile
Obtained through
Arrow Basket
Other Effects
When lit, will set creatures on fire
Max. Stack
50 with Quiver
Used by
Crafted Bow
Modern Bow

Fire arrows are upgraded arrows added by v0.10 update of The Forest.


Fire arrows can used with a crafted bow or a modern bow.

Fire arrows can be lit using the lighter or Standing Fire, and will light struck targets on fire, giving the target burning damage. This will cause the target to flail for several seconds, ignoring the player and allowing you to deal with other enemies. The Fire arrow will stay lit until the player shoots the bow or puts it away. After the target is dead, the player can then collect the arrow from the dead corpse, though it will no longer be a Fire arrow, but instead just a regular one.

The light emitted by the fire arrow when lit is detectable by enemies.

On the PlayStation 4 version, the player must look down and press R1 to change between arrow types, including fire arrows.


Cloth Booze
Arrows Stick Feathers

Fire arrows can also be lit by drawing back the bow, and placing the tip of the arrow over a lit Standing Fire.

Leaf Stick Rock


Fire Arrows can be stored in:


Additional arrow storage can be achieved by making a Quiver, this will increase the carrying capacity from 30 to 50.

Quiver Rabbit

Known Bugs[]

  • Fire arrows can bounce along the ground in caves and in the sinkhole, ricocheting on mad courses.
  • It is possible to shoot 2 arrows at once by pressing Left Mouse Button very fast after releasing first arrow.


Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Items that cannot be crafted due to being at max capacity in inventory now show up in recipe list with an icon showing it cannot be carried

Molotov’s and held burning weapons are no longer extinguished by rain

Improved look of held weapon fire and added distortion effect

v0.70 Standing fires no longer set fire to player, enemies or animals

Fixed fire arrows on modern bow not lightable from standing fires

Fixed stuck arrows not falling from trees when tree is cut down

(Balance) Reduced damage from arrows on modern bow slightly

v0.69 Arrow basket now stores the type of arrow that was added (SP only at the moment)
v0.68 Fixed a specific case of adding ingredients on the crafting mat that allowed to turn arrows into other types of arrows if having less than 5

Fixed arrows freezing in mid air when shot towards end boss cutscene trigger

v0.66 Arrows, spears and flintlock pistol can now deal increased headshot damage to enemies
v0.65 Improved snap to items in inventory with a gamepad feature, it now targets groups of objects with same properties (so that it goes through the pile of sticks in 1 click but allows to target fire arrows amongst normal ones, decayed meats etc)

Fixed player visibility not being affected by held flaming arrow light

Fixed arrows not sticking into rabbits correctly

v0.63 (multiplayer) Improved performance issue when hitting animals with arrows

(multiplayer) Fixed Arrows stuck in animals not being synced correctly between players

Fixed shooting arrows downward while standing on logsled causing player to fly up into the air

(Audio) Added impact event for when arrow hits plane wreckage

v0.62 Fixed error in multiplayer when hitting bushes or water zones with arrows

Fixed spears and arrows not sticking into fig trees

(Multiplayer) Dead backpack now preserves item bonuses such as fire, poison or bone arrows

Arrows stuck into fishes and are now retrievable.

(Multiplayer) Arrows in birds and animals should now be visible and retrievable by both players

v0.60 Fixed arrows spawning a duplicate when shooting seagulls

Fixed enemies not turning bloody when hit with spears or arrows

v0.58 (Audio) Tuned existing arrow impact sounds and added new arrow impact sounds for animals and mutants.

(Audio) Added new arrow impact sounds for when arrows hit bushes, small trees and water surfaces.

v0.57 Fixed arrows sometimes going underneath terrain if shot directly downwards
v0.56 Arrows hitting a partially cut down tree now remain attached to the tree

Right-click will now cancel the arrow draw and preserve the arrow

v0.55 Fixed arrows sometimes floating when shot into terrain

Player no longer reaches for an arrow after firing the bow with no more arrows in backpack

Fixed spears and arrows not sticking into some large tree stumps around the world

(Multiplayer) Fixed arrows collected from bodies not being removed for other players

v0.54 Fire arrows can now be lit by holding them close to a fire source while bow is drawn

Fixed some issues with restoring arrow bonus after loading a saved game

Fixed spelling mistake in inventory arrows

Bow and arrow improvements. Bow will now be at maximum strength when animation shows arrow fully pulled back. Slightly increased reload speed.

v0.53 Fired Arrows now stick into all enemies and animals!

Fixed arrows sometimes bouncing off target doing no damage

Fixed arrows not going through custom wall windows

Fixed arrows not correctly registering hits on some structures such as storages

v0.51 Fixed arrows and spears bouncing off animals and sometimes landing angled on trees etc
v0.47 Fixed broken transparency on coral and part of arrow feathers
v0.46 Fixed fire arrow not lighting up leaf traps
v0.41 Particles – replaced fire effect on lit arrows!

Fixed arrow fire wrongly showing fire hit particles when shot

Arrows are now limited to 5 on the crafting mat and adding/removing arrows from the crafting mat moves all 5 without requiring to hold the batch button

Added cloth to burnable arrow upgrade recipe

Setup burnable cloth model on arrows

Replaced arrow type toggle icon with a suited one

v0.37 New fire effects!
v0.36 Fixed stashing bow while looking down leaving the toggle arrow type icon active

Fixed arrows sometimes bouncing off deer and other animals

Fixed single/first arrow not upgrading like others

v0.35 Fixed setting the default arrow type to use with bow on the crafting mat

Fixed arrow combined with bow losing its bonus

v0.34 Fixed bugs when mixing fire/poison/regular arrows on crafting mat

Fixed inventory batching with fire/poison/regular pile of arrows (both to and from the crafting mat), batching arrows will now only grab the targeted type (i.e. control click on poison arrow while having 7 poison arrow and 20 fire arrow in the pile will move only 7 poison arrow instead of 10 arrows with undetermined bonus)

Fixed held arrow type switching when having a mixed fire/poison/regular pile of arrows, also fixes fire staying up on arrow sometimes

(Audio) Arrows hitting trees now have a sound effect!

Added R to toggle arrow type while looking down with having bow equipped (you can still use crafting mat to specify which arrow type to use in advance)

Arrows on the crafting mat show the tint matching their current bonus

v0.33 Only fuel based fire weapons (such as molotov) will now cause enemies to flail around on fire, otherwise they will receive fire damage, stagger back but still remain able to attack

Fixed arrow, thrown spear and upgraded spear not properly targeted when trying to pick it up, making it difficult to collect

Fixed applying bow arrow bonus with crafting cog while having bow equipped

Arrow on held bow now shows arrow bonus material

Added arrow bonus material toggling to quiver arrows

(Multiplayer) Fixed not being able to gather arrows/spears from other players

v0.32 New upgrade recipe: Arrows + 4 Twinberry = Poisoned arrows (can be batched) (Poison lasts longer but does smaller damage per tick than fire)

New item: Quiver ! (craft with 3 rabbit skins and a rope, adds 20 to passive arrow carry capacity)

v0.31 Improved arrow behavior with physics objects, it now properly collides with most objects it can be expected to even if it cannot stick in it

Fixed wrong model bow and arrow on crafting mat and brightened bow textures

v0.29 (Multiplayer) Fixed fire arrows sometimes kicking clients
v0.28 Lit molotov and arrows can now set leaf pile traps alight

New building: Arrow basket ! (stores up to 86 arrows)

v0.27 (Balance) Deer can no longer be killed with 1 arrow
v0.26 Improved look for light molotov and light arrow animation
v0.25 Fire arrows now look red in inventory

Fixed spamming the “Lighter” action with a fire arrow equipped creating several fires over time (could eventually cause fire to stay on forever and enemies to get caught on fire when poked with the fire arrow)

Lighting arrows now requires to hold the “Lighter” button for half a second

It no longer possible to shoot arrows while lighting it on fire

Arrow fire now properly shuts down after a few seconds

Arrow fire now properly burns close by objects

Upped max arrow amount in inventory from 12 to 30

Multiple arrows can now be upgraded at once with a single bottle of booze

Fixed player crouching glitching out whilst holding lit arrows

v0.24b Fixed arrow getting consumed on crafting mat when used with bow to set ammo type (it now properly goes back in the arrow stack)

Fixed issue with lighting arrows when having more than 12 arrows in a saved game

v0.24 New upgrade recipe: Fire arrow (1 arrow + 1 booze)

Arrows now go through cave doors and can stick to terrain behind !

Fixed slight fired arrow positioning issue

Tweaked arrow physics settings so that it falls down more at it flies in distance. With those settings, a fully charged arrow shoot (5s bending) is very accurate while a mid charged one cannot go far in distance and can only be used for close up combat

Fixed enemies sometimes facing wrong direction when hit with arrows

Arrows now limited to 12 in inventory

New upgrade recipe: Bow set ammo (1 bow + 1 arrow, none consumed, sets which arrows are used first by the bow)

v0.23d Fix for burning arrows kicking clients
v0.23 (multiplayer) Players can now see each other fire arrows and other burning projectiles properly

(Audio) Fixed timing and tuned levels of bow and arrow

New art added: Improved bow and arrow

v0.22 Crafting arrows while having bow equipped and no arrow before now properly equips an arrow automatically
v0.21 When already equipped, lighter no longer needs to be stashed first to light a weapon or arrow
v0.20 New game stats: Cooked Food, Burnt Food, Cancelled Structures, Built Structures, Destroyed Structures, Repaired Structures, Edible Items Used, Items Crafted, Upgrades Added, Arrows Fired, Lit Arrows, Lit Weapons, Burnt Enemies, Exploded Enemies

Fixed arrow fire going out when right clicking while aiming

v0.19 Deer will react more to being shot with arrows

Burning weapons & arrows no longer burn things when not attacking with it

Burning arrows no longer damage owner player when fired

v0.18 (multiplayer) Arrows can now damage other players
v0.17b (multiplayer) Fixed arrows shot by clients not affecting animals/enemies
v0.15 New buildable item: Arrow Target – shoot arrows and improve your aim!

Bow and arrow improvements! will no longer fly through enemies without damaging them. Arrows now stick in trees and other static objects correctly. Arrow pick up icon added and better positioning, and will now turn on pick up trigger when it sticks to any object

v0.10 Fire Arrows added to the game

Fire Arrows! Press L with bow equipped and at least 1 piece of cloth in inventory

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