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Energy is a stat that allows you to perform actions, the more energy you have, the more stamina you have, allowing you to perform more actions.


Energy is depleted by staying cold and wet for enlongated periods of time, not sleeping every night, being hungry, and performing physical activities. You gain energy from eating, drinking, resting on a bench, listening to music, and sleeping. Your Fatigue can't regenerate past the point which your energy bar is at.

Losing all your energy will prevent you from performing important actions, such as sprinting, attacking effectively, and chopping down trees, but it cannot directly affect your health. If you see a message on your hud stating 'Low Energy', this message is displayed when your energy is below 30.

Increasing Energy[]

Decreasing Energy[]

  • Drinking booze
  • Carrying logs
  • Swinging a weapon
  • General exercise
  • Being cold


"Energized" is a player status effect that is a energy status buff.

The energized status increases energy at a rapid rate without the use of consumable items. The effect occurs when the player plays a tape from the Cassette Player or sits down in a chair, bone chair, bench or couch. The player's stamina bar will then strobe between blue and white and rise to maximum. Their available energy behavior remains unchanged, but will rise to the new maximum at rest and depletes as normal.

  • Cassette player: Energised effect stops as soon as the music has finished or energy has maxed out.
  • Sitting down: Energised effect stops as soon as they stand up or energy has maxed out.


Update history[]

Version Changes
v0.29 (Balance) Lowered log transportation energy cost

(Balance) Lowered energy loss while hungry (Balance) Lowered both cold and not cold constant energy cost (Balance) Halved weapon attack energy cost Added Food Poisoning: has 20% chance of kicking in when getting damage from food. Can be cured with aloe or by sleeping. Lowers fullness/thirst/health/energy regeneration from consuming edible items

v0.25 (balance) Slightly lowered energy drain from swinging an axe
v0.24 Fixed listening to walkman music not regenerating energy (works once per in game day) + the return of the flashing outline !
v0.20 Reduced energy drain when cold
v0.08b Energy now drains faster when carrying logs (and faster still if carrying two logs)
v0.07 Energy now replenishes faster when sitting on bench

Energy bar now flashes when playing music to make clear that your stamina is getting a boost