The Forest Wiki

Enemies refer to cannibals and mutants in The Forest.

Cannibal Types[]

Creepy Mutant Types[]

Enemy Health and Damage[]

Enemy Damage
NMa.png= Normal HM.png = Hard HS.png= Hard Survival M=Male F=Female L=Leader
Health Health Ratio & % Damage Damage Ratio & %
Mechanic NMa.png HM.png&
NMa.png HM.png&
% NMa.png HM.png&
NMa.png HM.png&
% Description
M: %
F: %
13 26 1 2 100% Health of & damage from Skinny Cannibals. On the standard skinny male (the dirty one), quite often the first hit did 58 for some reason and few hits did 35
43 78 % 10 20 1 2 100% Health of & damage from Pale Skinny Cannibals. Some attacks did do 26, which is the same as other skinnies.
% 20 40 1 2 100% Health of & damage from Regular Male Cannibals. Some attacks do 32.
71 115 % 17 34 1 2 100% Health of & damage from Regular Female Cannibals. All females have the same damage, including the painted variant. Though this does not include skinny females. Some attacks on the normal female did 26 damage.
70 112 % 24 36 1 1.65 65% Health of & damage from Large Pale Cannibals. Some attacks did 40 Damage
% 49 56 1.25 1.4 12% Health of & damage from Painted Cannibals
80 146 % 45 56 1.45 1.6 10.34% Health of & damage from Masked Cannibals
43 65 % 12 24 1 2 100% Health of & damage from Fire Cannibals
200 300 % 23 45 1 1.5 50% Health of & damage from Creepy Mutants
175 262 % 21 42 1 1.5 50% Health of & damage from Creepy Mutants
200 200 % 13 25 1 1.5 50% Health of & damage from Creepy Mutants
250 375 % 30 60 1 1.5 50% Healt ofh & damage from Blue Armsy Mutants
225 337 % 26 52 1 1.5 50% Health of & damage from Blue Virginia Mutants
10 10 % 13 25 1 1.5 50% Health of & damage from Worm Mutants
145 145 % 25
1 1.5 50% Health of & damage from Girl Mutants. Most attacks on HS do 42 damage, though any attack that knocks you down does 25
370 370 % 25 42 % Health of & damage from the End Boss
5 5 % 21 42 1 2 100% Health of & damage from Mutant Babies
Regular Mutant Structure Damage Ratio
1 2 100% Player Building Damage from Regular Mutants
Creepy Mutant Structure Damage Ratio
1 2 100% Player Building Damage from Creepies

Update history[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Regular enemies can now destroy cannibal art structures by running through them

Improved positioning of blood when hitting enemies.

New base fire effect. New molotov fire effect. Replaced also player on fire and enemies on fire with new fire effects!

v0.72 Fixed enemies sometimes not turning green when shot with poison arrows

Fixed enemies not reacting to sound of flare gun being fired

Fixed enemies and animals not reacting to being hit with unlit molotov’s

Modern arrows pinned to enemies no longer turn into normal ones

Fixed issue with enemy position not being updated correctly when getting knocked to the ground

Fixed enemies not able to jump over built wooden Targets

Fixed missing gamepad rumble when hitting enemies

v0.71 (Performance) AI of enemies optimized

Fixed enemies not positioned on ceiling correctly in caves

Fixed enemies not drowning for clients in caves while host is in overworld

(Performance) Slightly optimized enemy encounter objects spawning CPU cost

Fixed enemies sometimes ragdolling weirdly when caught in traps

Fixed enemies sometimes not placed correctly when caught in happy birthday trap

Fixed enemies being difficult to set on fire when caught in a HBD trap

Fixed enemies sometimes getting stuck in burn animation loop forever

Fixed some cases of enemies getting stuck running against walls inside enclosed areas

v0.70 (performance) Dead enemies are no longer saved in traps on loading

Fixed rope not attaching to enemy properly when noose trap was triggered

Fixed creepy enemies not reacting to players when shot from a distance

Fixed enemies sometimes falling asleep in front of the player while in caves

Standing fires no longer set fire to player, enemies or animals

Enemies will now tend to keep their distance if player is already surrounded by enemies

Fixed a case of enemies sometimes stuck running in circles

v0.69b Fire lit weapons not setting enemies alight
v0.69 (performance) Optimized cpu usage on enemies that are far from the player

Improved fire on enemies and player texture resolution

Fixed Pacifist achievement wrongly unlocking after 10 days during which enemies have been killed

Fixed masked enemies sometimes appearing with invisible bodies

Fixed enemies sometimes still animating after being killed in a hbd trap

v0.68 Fixed ‘close to wall’ weapon animation from activating when standing over downed enemies

Fuel canisters now have dynamics so enemies/players won’t get stuck on them

(Multiplayer) Fixed mutant babies and some enemies not appearing on fire when burnt to death

(Multiplayer) fixed some enemies not appearing with correct textures in end game section for clients

Ai has been tweaked to help prevent players getting swarmed by many enemies in late game

v0.67 Fixed enemies opening suitcases by running into them

Fixed enemy position when dropped on fire

Improved enemy spec textures

Fixed game crashing while in caves sometimes if progressing through and not killing enemies

Fixed happy birthday traps sometimes not killing enemies after being reset once by player

Happy Birthday and dead fall traps have been tweaked to increase chance of enemies dying reliably when trap is triggered

Fixed a case of enemies sometimes not receiving damage when Happy birthday trap was sprung

v0.66 Hitting enemies with repair tool should no longer make them bloodied

Optimized cpu usage of all enemy ai routines

It’s No longer possible to attach bombs to enemy gibs

(multiplayer) Enemies and animals will now collide with rocks for client players when the host is very far away

Arrows, spears and flintlock pistol can now deal increased headshot damage to enemies

v0.65 Overhead smash attacks now produce blood sprays correctly when hitting an animal or enemy

Fixed enemy textures sometimes turning black when killed in traps

Boss enemy in the end game section has been made overall more aggressive and difficult to kill

After dying in endgame while fighting boss enemy player now respawns next to a bed and has a wake up animation

Fixed player not taking armour damage from enemy stomp attacks

v0.64 Fixed thrown spears losing ground collision after hitting an enemy or animal.

DS – Fixed tree regrow, allow building destruction, allow enemies in creative settings getting overridden on game start

Audio – Added gore impact sfx for when exploding Armsy enemy type.

Audio: Updated enemy death animation audio tags.

Fixed issue with enemy motion blur sometimes not correctly enabling

v0.63 Fixed baby enemies not appearing bloody when hit

Added collision to trapped enemies in saved games

Fixed issue with enemy hit animations conflicting with being caught in noose trap

Trapped enemies now load with correct props

(Multiplayer) Fixed motion blur missing on some enemy types

(DS) Fixed issue where enemy weapons could cause error spam

Fixed issues with male pale enemies in noose trap

Fixed issue where trapped enemies props could vanish

(DS) Fixed enemies sometimes getting stuck in burning animation on dedicated server games.

v0.62 Fixed enemies playing trapped animation when loading a game with enemies caught in a noose trap

Reduced chance of player doing unintentional ground attacks when attacking enemies standing downhill of player

Fixed hint text not specifying that ‘lit’ effigies will scare enemies away from camp

v0.61 Fixed enemies sometimes spawning in the sinkhole on peaceful mode

Increased chainsaw damage against enemies

Lowered brightness of enemy drop down splash

Fixed trapped enemies not dropping to ground if trap is destroyed

v0.60 Fixed enemies not turning bloody when hit with spears or arrows

Fixed teeth pickups not spawning when hitting enemies

(Optimization) Reduced overall cpu usage when enemies are enabled on a dedicated server

(Dedicated server) Fixed some spamming enemy errors in dedicated servers

v0.58 Fixed enemies sometimes losing texture/material when killed

Enemies will now react to seeing the players torch light at night and in caves

v0.57c Fixed distorted enemies continuously duplicating in traps
v0.57 Enemies no longer sometimes hit other enemies when targeting structures

Fixed enemies not able to target player when attacking and caught in a noose trap

Fixed player clipping through enemies that are caught in noose trap

Fixed enemies hit by cowman turning burnt and exploding

If enemies lose sight of a player going into a structure, they will now more often attempt to break down the walls blocking the way

Fixed enemies sometimes ragdolling incorrectly when burning to death

Fixed enemies being unable to see player through built windows

Players and enemies can no longer run up the sides of cannibal huts

Fixed enemy bodies not falling down if floor was destroyed/removed

Fixed enemies sometimes snapping to new position if falling down dead very close to a wall

Optimized animal and enemy traps to only spawn in nearby caught animals and enemies instead of loading in all of them to improve memory use in large saves

v0.56b Removed some enemy script logging
v0.56 Fixed enemies sometimes blocking player movement when killed

Improved animations throughout end game cut scenes and enemies

Increased chance of enemies investigating large player built bases

Fixed enemies sometimes able to climb structures built over water

Fixed enemies sometimes not drowning when underwater

Fixed enemies able to see through player built walls

Fixed enemies sometimes launching player through the air during combat

New burnt creepy enemy textures, and new graded textures/better resolution and better balanced regular, blue and dead textures

Trapped enemies in happy birthday, Noose and Dead Fall traps, are saved and loaded. (loaded enemies in noose trap will always load in dead)

Fixed enemies sometimes triggering animal traps causing them to vanish or error

Fixed enemies not spawning in caves if client loaded into a cave with host being outside in the overworld

v0.55 New gameplay option: Allow Enemies (Creative mode only)

Fixed enemies floating over spikes or moving when caught in the happy birthday trap

Fixed enemies using wrong burnt texture when dropped on a fire

Fixed creepy enemies switching to burnt texture when hit with a flying axe attack

Fixed poison arrow effects not being applied to enemies correctly

Fixed sticky bombs not attaching to enemies or animals

v0.54 (Performance) Optimized cpu usage on some enemy ai scripts

Fixed enemy bodies ragdolling incorrectly when killed in a noose trap

Hole cutter can no longer be applied if is there is an enemy in range

Player now does the check arms anim when getting cold if there are no enemies around

(Balance) Added some skinny pale enemies to cave 1 armsy room

(Balance) Cave 3 improved enemy layouts and added more enemies

(Multiplayer) Fixed players getting pushed around by enemies while injured and waiting for revive

v0.53 Fixed enemies sometimes not dying properly when killed from behind

(Multiplayer) Fixed clients not dealing correct damage to knocked down enemies

Fired Arrows now stick into all enemies and animals!

v0.52 (multiplayer) Fix for an enemy turning invisible during transformation
v0.50 Fixed axes sometimes appearing to hit enemies after weapon has already swung through screen

(Balance) Reduced chance of enemies being knocked down from heavy attacks in hard mode

v0.49b Fixed bug with some enemy types hits not registering
v0.49 Red paint – added more buckets to world and in caves. These can now be worn by players to scare off enemies, or have enemies pray to you.

Updated enemy layout and navmesh in cave 8

v0.48 (Multiplayer) Fixed other players and enemies visible during the player death sequence

(Multiplayer) Improved accuracy of animation transitions for enemies and players as client

Fixed thrown rocks not dealing damage to enemies

v0.47 Enemies can now dodge away from player attacks immediately after being hit

Improved parry hit detection, should be easier to consistently perform parries on enemies

Fixed enemy attacks sometimes still registering after being parried

Increased length of stagger animation on parried enemies

(Multiplayer) Clients can now parry enemy attacks

Fixed a.i issue with enemies in caves sometimes not attacking players

v0.46 Optimized cpu/physics usage on enemies and animals

Fixed navmesh in cave 6 causing enemies to not find paths to player sometimes

Fixed some cases of enemies still able to glitch through walls

Fixed enemies sometimes disappearing from noose trap when sleeping

(Multiplayer) Fixed enemy movement appearing offset after being released from noose trap as client

Slowed down enemy movement if underwater

Enemies will now drown if submerged in water for too long

v0.45b Fixed navmesh generation which was missing trees and rocks, causing enemies and animals to run through these more often.
v0.45 Optimized cpu usage on enemy ai routines

Fixed passenger manifest being activated at inconvenient moments such as when enemies are nearby

Small rocks will now deal damage when thrown at player or enemies

v0.44 Enemies will now attempt to climb structures to get to the player and break down the ceiling if on the roof!

Player death camera will no longer show extra in world enemies walking around

v0.43 Fixed some cases of enemies running somewhere when there was no path to the target

Fixed player collision getting stuck on enemies standing directly below player

Increased chance of enemies dodging thrown molotovs and other projectiles

v0.42 Added additional particle effects to exploded enemies

Enemies will now die when falling from a great height

New poisoned effect: when shot with poisoned arrows enemy movement is slowed and damage output is reduced for a short time

Fixed enemies sometimes able to kill players who are in downed state

Killing enemies in trees should now cause them to fall to the ground

Enemies should no longer get stuck running inside cannibal huts

Enemies will now attempt to jump up onto structures built low to the ground to get to the player

Improved enemy pathfinding around villages and firepits

Fixed jumping axe attacks sometimes not registering hits on enemies

Regular enemies will interact more with dynamic objects in the environment

(Multiplayer) Fixed enemies tending to target host more than clients

v0.41b Updated navmesh in cave 2 to improve enemy pathfinding
v0.41 hybrid ragdoll system added – enemies will conform better to the floor when dead or dropped from carried.
v0.40 Reduced player melee damage to structures if hitting an enemy at the same time

(Performance) Optimised enemy ai routines around lots of built structures

(Performance) Fixed/improved slowdown/stutter when approaching enemies or when enemies attack

Fixed cases of enemies glitching through walls

Fixed some cases of enemies following player into water while attacking

New bestiary chapter in book: fills with information regarding enemies as you encounter them !

v0.39 (Multiplayer) Fixed downed enemies blocking player movement

(Multiplayer) Fixed bug where enemies could exist in world but be invisible and unmoving for clients

(Multiplayer) Fixed bug where enemy attacks could hit player even if they didn’t complete the animation

(Multiplayer) Fixed enemy body pickup trigger sometimes not working after enemy died while looking at it

(Multiplayer) Fixed enemies not appearing in caves in multiplayer, if client entered cave alone

(Multiplayer) Fixed some animation glitches when fighting enemies as client

Fixed hits sometimes showing blood but no hit reaction, when attacking enemies

Fixed bug where enemy would spill blood without being hit or playing hit animation

Reduced rotation speed of enemies when doing jumping attacks, prevents enemies appearing to orbit around player position

v0.38b Fixed enemy clubs duplicating when picked up
v0.38 Enemies will attempt to run away from thrown bombs more often

Fixed teeth no longer dropping when hitting enemies

Adjusted enemy layout in caves 1, 8 & 10

When woken from sleep, enemies will now walk towards the sound source

Creepy enemies now spawn blood particles when hit

Updated enemy cave layout to have more difficult enemies in later caves

Fixed enemy club not displaying pickup icon when dropped

Fixed dropped enemy club using old mesh/old texture

Updated enemy layout in cave 5

(Balance) Added more rocks/layout to bottom of sinkhole and tweaked enemy positions/layout

v0.37 Audio – Added impact sfx when the rope swing trap hits enemies or player

Enemy skull bag effigy added more pick up skulls

Fixed some items in enemy built effigies not being pickupable

Added moss to enemy placed effigies

v0.36 Fixed enemies not appearing at bottom of sinkhole area
v0.34 State of cave enemy encounters are now saved! Instead of all the mutants respawning when you re-enter a cave.

Fixed client hit animation not playing when hit by enemy in MP

v0.33 Optimized animal and enemy cpu usage

Fixed issue where fire thrown by enemies could cause explosions and destroy bases in multiplayer games.

(Multiplayer) Fixed enemies sometimes snapping into death pose as client

Only fuel based fire weapons (such as molotov) will now cause enemies to flail around on fire, otherwise they will receive fire damage, stagger back but still remain able to attack

Increased chance of seeing enemies drag away injured family members during combat

Fixed a case of enemies sometimes not transitioning to death animation

(multiplayer) Fixed enemies not turning head to client/looking at clients

(Multiplayer) Improved enemy spin around when hit reaction for clients

(hopefully)Fixed some issues with enemies running into plane crash and getting stuck

Fixed hanging enemies in noose trap being offset from noose position for client

v0.32 (Multiplayer) Optimized enemy material syncing

(Multiplayer) Optimized animator and memory usage on enemies as client

(Multiplayer) Fixed cases of enemies popping/sliding around when knocked down and dying as client

Build defenses todo task is now triggered by first enemy hit rather than first enemy sighted

Fixed enemies still being attracted to fires when fire shuts down by itself (not destroyed by player)

v0.31 Updated enemy layout in cave 7 & 8

Increased chance of seeing enemies praying at ritual altars

Increased dynamic blood effect on enemies

Fixed enemy bodies sometimes at wrong angle when dropped on fires

(Multiplayer)Fixed enemies sometimes floating in air when killed in MP

(Multiplayer)Fixed blood not appearing on client players when hit by an enemy

(Multiplayer)Fixed blood sync issues on dead enemies

(Multiplayer) -hopefully -Fixed enemies sometimes randomly running on spot

v0.30 Improved look of subsurface on enemy creatures

(Balance) Lowered range that enemies can hear falling trees

(balance)Updated enemy layout in cave 10 & cave 1

Added mud back in game – spawns after rain on dirt terrain only – use mud to decrease your visibility to enemies, improve stealth

v0.29b Fixed amount of skinny enemies in some games.
v0.29 New “Sanity” system. Sanity goes down when killing an enemy, chopping limbs, a lot when eating an enemy and slowly while in caves. Sanity goes up when sleeping, listening to music, eating fresh non limb meat and slowly while restoring energy on bench. Viewable in stats page of book.

Enemy held club and club crafted now both get bloody when used

(Balance) Reduced respawn rate of enemies in MP, overall increased randomness of enemy encounters

(Balance) Made it easier to knock enemies to the ground when attacking with melee weapons

Improved accuracy of enemy pathfinding, should result in less instances of getting stuck on structures/objects

Fixed enemies sometimes getting stuck on unwalkable terrain when spawned a long way from player

Lit fires now have a chance to attract nearby enemies to come and investigate

Nearby enemies are now attracted by the sound of falling trees

Fixed weapons not becoming bloody when hitting enemies (was only getting bloody when chopping up bodies) to fry enemies) (Hint – works well combined with molotov trip wire trap)

v0.28 Player will no longer be woken by enemies if he is sleeping inside a base that completely blocks enemies from entering

Fixed enemy bodies sometimes disappearing when killed at a distance

v0.27 (Multiplayer) hits from enemies on player are now calculated locally, reducing appearance of lag

(Multiplayer) enemy hit reactions are more varied and closer those in single player

(Balance) Hitting an enemy with flying axe attack now does more damage based on height of the jump

(Balance) Adrenaline rush ! When player’s health reaches grey zone because of an enemy hit he gets half his missing stamina back over 1 second. Has a 2 minutes delay.

(Balance) enemy hit that should cause death while player health is above grey zone instead brings player to 1 HP

(A.I.) enemies can now see player from further away when not surrounded by trees

(A.I.) prevented enemies targetting downed players in coop

(A.I.) fixed praying behaviour from enemies almost never occurring

(A.I.) enemies will attempt to cut their friends down from rope traps

(A.I.) Fixed some issues with enemy spawning over days. Should see more variety/amounts of mutants in general

Held walkman playing music will alert nearby enemies now

Enemies can now jump over and interact with the rock holder

Fixed sleep timer broken when having nearby enemies

Fixed exploded enemy pickup objects icons showing the “Inventory” action key

Fixed placed distraction device not waking sleeping enemies

v0.26d (multiplayer – balance)In general you will now see smaller groups of enemies early on, with size of groups increasing overtime

(multiplayer) Lowered chance of enemies finding players straight after plane crash

(multiplayer) Fixed some bugs with enemy spawn amounts, all types of mutants should appear after enough time has passed

(balance) Slightly lowered how much damage enemies do to player

Fixed some glitches in enemy effigy effect reactions

v0.26 (multiplayer) Fixed combat for clients being easier than in single player games due to enemies not using counter attacks as frequently

(multiplayer/Balance) Tweaked enemy frequency to work better with multiple players compared to single player

(multiplayer) Fixed some instances of enemies duplicating when killed

(multiplayer) Fixed some instances of enemies having wrong material on death, ie not burnt material if killed with fire

Fixed enemies sometimes clipping through walls when jumping over rocks and other objects

Fixed some props looking too shiny/broken. Hanging body parts, legs, some enemy built art.

Fixed bug where player was able to hit tree’s/enemies that were behind him

New enemy behaviour: Fire mutants can now throw firebombs at the player

New sinkhole interior art added – along with enemies – sinkhole can now be accessed via lowest cave

Updated enemy layout in Cave 7 & 8

Improved enemy nav mesh should result in less instances of mutants getting stuck

v0.25b Fixed issue with scale/blend weight of dead enemies sometimes not applying on client
v0.25 (multiplayer) Animations now blend more smoothly for client players when attacking enemies.

(multiplayer) Fixed bug where cave enemies would sometimes ignore clients if client was far enough away from host player

(performance) Optimized animator on distant/not visible enemies and bodies

Amount and type of enemies in the world will change over time depending on how many are killed

Fixed enemy placed art often being half underground, having wrong rock texture, or having items not pickupable when destroyed

New enemy behaviour – mutants can sometimes be seen feeding on body parts in caves!

Updated enemy cave layout in some caves

Sleeping is now limited to once per day (unless woken by enemies in which case it doesn’t count towards this limit)

Fixed spamming the “Lighter” action with a fire arrow equipped creating several fires over time (could eventually cause fire to stay on forever and enemies to get caught on fire when poked with the fire arrow)

v0.24 (multiplayer) Fixed bug where enemies would play standing up animation often right after being killed

Fixed enemies not jumping over stick & rock fences

New art – Enemy club remodeled/retextured

Lowered swing speed of craft club and held enemy club

Thrown molotovs will wake nearby sleeping enemies

Screaming enemies will attract/wake up nearby enemies

Fixed enemies sometimes facing wrong direction when hit with arrows

Fixed enemies sometimes glitching through walls during combat

Updated cave 8 enemy layout

v0.23 Molotov dousing – throwing unlit molotovs at enemies will cover them with alcohol, causing increased damage when set alight

(audio) Thrown objects will now distract enemies when hitting any solid object, rather than just trees and terrain

(audio) Dropped objects will now attract enemies in the same way as thrown objects

Replaced/improved enemy necklace model, and enemy prop textures

Lowered chance of getting teeth when hitting enemies

Sleeping and being woken by enemies should happen less often, and only when enemies are actually close

Fixed blood particle effects missing when hitting enemies

v0.22 (multiplayer) Massively improved responsiveness of enemies for clients. Should fix issues of them playing wrong animations, stuck in wrong poses or sliding during combat.

(multiplayer) Fixed enemies sometimes not acquiring new target after current target is knocked down

(multiplayer) Fixed female enemies sometimes having wrong dead body

Enemies and animals should do a better job of avoiding player built fires

Improved enemy burn animations

Updated enemy layout in cave 6

Fixed bug where carrying an enemy body on fire causes the fire to stay forever after dropping it

v0.21 Spears no longer fall through terrain or disappear when colliding with animals/enemies

(multiplayer) Fixed enemy animation being buggy for client if they died when on fire.

(hopeful fix) for player occasionally flying into air when running and jumping at enemies.

Fixed enemies sometimes not turning aggressive when attacked

Fixed enemies in wrong position sometimes when caught in noose trap

Fixed enemy dropped club disappearing when trying to add to crafting mat

v0.20b (multiplayer)Fixed bug in mutant a.i. where half of the enemies would stop finding player after exiting a cave
v0.20 Enemies can now hear explosions and will be woken up/react

(multiplayer)Fixed enemies falling through ground if host entered a cave without client players

Cave 1 tweaks – added more holes with light streaming in, fixed some stalagmites floating above floor, moved headless body, added dynamite pickups near hole to sinkhole. Fixed hole to sinkhole view being blocked. Added more enemies to large room. Re-worked dead room with better pickups. Replaced hanging bodies with dynamic hanging bodies. Fixed repeating story pickups, so now only 1 of each is pickupable (ie bibles) Cave 1 now connects to Cave 3. Hanging bodies added to armsy room.

New game stats: Cooked Food, Burnt Food, Cancelled Structures, Built Structures, Destroyed Structures, Repaired Structures, Edible Items Used, Items Crafted, Upgrades Added, Arrows Fired, Lit Arrows, Lit Weapons, Burnt Enemies, Exploded Enemies

Fixed enemies not reacting to effigies

Enemies can now jump the log sled!

v0.19 Tiered destruction system! Enemies can now only damage certain structures, depending on how strong they are. Only armsy can bring down defensive walls.

Noose trap has a wider trigger zone, making it easier to catch enemies

Enemies will react properly to walkman placed as a distraction device

Standing fires are now destroyed upon collision with enemies

v0.18c Higher chance of seeing enemies pray/feed/mourn/place art near villages and cave entrances

further enemy balance tweaks/pacing

v0.18b Improved enemy pacing, less chance of being found when hidden, less skinnies active in world and less patrolling enemies.
v0.18 Enemies will now try and attack built structures.

Sleeping at night in a shelter will keep you asleep now until the sun is up (unless woken by enemies)

A.i./pacing tweaks. Removed a delay before enemies start populating world. In overworld, enemies will sleep at villages and cave entrances during day, whilst some will patrol world. On dark, all mutants become active. At dawn some mutants will run back to villages to sleep and others will continue patrolling world

Bombs now do more damage to enemies.

v0.17b Slightly increased rate enemies populate world as days pass

(multiplayer) Fixed arrows shot by clients not affecting animals/enemies

v0.16 (Multiplayer) Reworked the network prioritization algorithm to provide more relevant updates of remote entities to players (Smoother, less jittery enemies)

Dirtied up and improved regular enemy textures

Touch bending grass added! enemies, rabbits, animals and player will now slightly rustle the grass as they move through it (this is a first pass at this, next version will include better bending)

v0.15 Enemy bodies can now be transported via the log holder! (SP only)

Bow and arrow improvements! will no longer fly through enemies without damaging them. Arrows now stick in trees and other static objects correctly. Arrow pick up icon added and better positioning, and will now turn on pick up trigger when it sticks to any object

v0.14 (audio) Added timeout before re-triggering ‘Sighted by enemy’ sfx to avoid issue where it’s called dozens of times in a row as new enemies see you

Fixed bug where explosives wouldn’t affect distorted enemies

Enemies will now switch to a burnt material when set on fire

v0.13 Enemy bodies no longer explode when you hit the body after killing them! You can now chop off individual limbs!

(audio) Music sting added when player is woken up by enemies

(audio)First pass at Skinny enemy audio added

Standard enemies can now attack built player walls

(hopefully) Fixed bug where enemies would sometime appear in t-pose in multiplayer games

(multiplayer)Major lag improvements for enemies! Enemies will now visually update more often when close to a player

(multiplayer)All enemy types now show up in multiplayer games (distorted, pale creatures etc)

Fixed flare gun not setting enemies on fire

New cheat code added: ‘vegetarianmode’ enemies only come out at night.

v0.12 (performance) Added some optimizations to distant enemies, disabling physics checks etc

Fixed some a.i. issues where enemies would find players almost instantly

Enemies will now attempt to jump over small player built items (benches etc) instead of getting stuck

Balanced enemy amounts at night to limit players being swarmed by 15 enemies at a time

Fixed some bugs with enemy pathfinding

Added a repeat delay for enemies spotting player and screaming

Increased vision range on enemies slightly

v0.11 You can now use the walkman as a distraction device. Stick it to a tree, confuse your enemies! Attach to a trap and lure them to it.

Skinny enemies – increased speed, added in some missing animations. Increased health slightly. Will now travel in groups of up to 3 making them more of a threat.

Pale cave enemies faster, more health and increased hit damage

Fixed some instances of enemies stuck not doing anything

v0.10 Tweaked enemy density in caves

Fixed enemy skin and player arms sometimes losing ability to receive shadow and appearing overbright

Fixed molotovs not exploding on impacting enemies

Pale enemies no longer attack each other or the distorted creatures

Enemies will now always prioritize visible players over other enemies in combat

(multiplayer) Fixed Enemies not showing blood particle fx on clients when they are hit.

(multiplayer) Fixed issue where remote players would not alert enemies via sound detection

v0.09b (multiplayer) Fixed bug where traps wouldn’t reset correctly (rabbit trap, 3 enemy trap types)

(multiplayer)Fixed missing enemy sound effects for client player (may still not appear in some cases if client is very far away from server player)

v0.08d Fire enemies will now sometimes attempt to burn down player built structures again

Enemies no longer sleep outside during the day

You can now destroy enemy built art and effigies!

v0.08c New skinny enemy animations added
v0.08b Fixed small shelter and gazebo collision not blocking enemy vision

Skinny enemy unique animations added!

Fixed (hopefully) player thrown into air after chopping dead enemy up

Thrown rocks and tennis balls can now be used to distract enemies. Hitting trees with items will cause noise that enemies can hear.

Thrown flares will now attract enemies to them, and improved feel of throw

Improved motion blur performance on enemies and creatures

Longer damage trigger added to enemies to fix player ducking from attacks cheat

Fixed issues with enemies sometimes standing back up instantly if struck

Fixed issue where enemies would sometimes stand in one place forever

v0.08 Stealth gameplay! Lowered vision range on enemies and gave them a smaller cone of vision.

Bushes will now hide player from enemy vision when crouched!

Player now less visible to enemies at night – unless lighter is out, making him more visible.

Covered in Mud will now correctly conceal player making him harder to spot by enemies.

Lowered range that enemies can hear player when walking/running

Stealth kills added! If player attacks an enemy from behind with rock or axe type weapon and enemy is unaware of player it will be an instant kill

Enemies will bash away bushes looking for player when hidden from them

You can now pick up and use enemy clubs

Tweaked pacing of daytime enemies

Less blue enemies in upper parts of caves

v0.07 Cave’s now only contain blue skinned enemies and distorted mutants

Further improved enemy pacing over time, fixed bug that could cause enemies to vanish over time

Arrows should now work more effectively against enemies

v0.06b New spawning system for enemies, better world population, better pacing and progression over time

Fixed bug where skinny enemies would switch to default shading when injured

Enemy combat theme/suspense themes added (rough)

Fixed fire stick enemy too bright

v0.05 Fixed enemies not playing correct death animation

Enemies no longer get stuck jumping down from trees

Enemies will dodge around close trees more often, less instances of getting stuck on trunks

Improved enemy collision detection with built walls and structures

Enemy vision is now properly blocked by player built structures

Fixed enemies sometimes getting stuck and walking backwards forever

Fixed lit fires blocking enemy vision causing weird AI behaviour

Enemies should set themselves on fire less often

Fixed an issue where enemies would get stuck on spot while climbing trees

Fixed enemies getting stuck in trees

Fixed enemies freezing upright after being shot with flare gun or burnt

Enemies will now push past bloody table instead of getting stuck

v0.04b Fixed Player sometimes being killed in one hit by enemies
v0.04 Enemies use rocks more often to jump attack at player

New female enemy type added.

Better distribution of enemies throughout the world.

Increased axe damage against enemies

Enemies will now push small items out of the way instead of getting stuck on them

Fixed enemy head and leg pickups sometimes appearing as arm pickups

v0.03 No enemies mode! Type “veganmode” on title screen to activate (without the “”)
v0.02 Enemies will drag downed friends out of danger again
v0.01b Fixed enemies sometimes disappearing after a few days

Fixed enemy head duplicating when picked up

Fixed enemy head icon not centered, and showing an arm instead of a head