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Endnight Games is a 4-person indie studio developing The Forest. This studio is currently based in Vancouver, Canada. They frequently hire others for contributions for the game.

Endnight Games' logo used on Facebook


Ben Falcone

Co-Founder of Endnight Games and Co-Designer, Lead Artist Falcone use to work for Animal Logic, another game studio before creating Endnight Games along with Anna Terekhova

Anne/Anna Terekhova/Dishmink

Co-Founder of Endnight Games and Visual Effects Artist
Releases patchnote information

Michael Mellor

Was present at the PSX 2017 for The Forest gameplay demo.

Guillaume Kehren

Was present at the PSX 2017 for The Forest gameplay demo. Designed the procedural building system.


Skunkie appears to be one of the developers of The Forest. It is unknown if he works for Endnight Games still. He released the first Patchnotes ever released for the game.

Lukas Patrus

Graphic Designer
Lukas created most of the artwork within the game. You can find his page here. He has a collection of all the assets he created for The Forest:

Alec Moody

Graphic Designer
Alec created the modern axe textures and some of the world textures within The Forest. You can can find his website here which contains a collection of his contributions:

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