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Disambig.png This article is about the boss at the end of the game. For the mutant that can spawn on the surface, see Girl.
End Boss
Mutant Megan
Also known as
Boss Mutant
Mutant Megan
Added in
Sahara Laboratory
Weapon(s) used
Single Strike
Multiple Strikes
Spin Attack
Spawn Mutant Babies
Can be stunned
Spawns on Day
End Game
Normal: 25
Hard/HS: 42
Difficulty Mode Statistics
Damage Diff
50% more on hard modes
Health Diff
Fire Damage Resistance
65% LESS damage on hard modes
Can "Play Dead"

The End Boss, also known as Mutant Megan or the Boss Mutant, is the final boss that was added in update v0.51 to The Forest.


The End Boss is an enemy with several appendages, created from a small child named Megan Cross, using the Resurrection Obelisk. It can be found in the research lab and as a late-game enemy. It is the final boss of the game.


The End Boss has numerous attacks that it can use on the player, depending on the situation:

  • Single Strikes: This attack, as the name suggests, is a single swing with one of its legs. Its range is fairly decent and occurs when the player is close
  • Multiple Strikes: This attack involves three strikes towards the player, in a rolling motion. The range of this attack is fairly short, though the damage is high. This attack occurs when the player is very close.
  • Leap Attack: This attack involves the boss leaping at the player, covering almost three times its body size in one jump. This will knock the player down if they are hit, dealing a moderate amount of damage. It is difficult to dodge this attack, though the player can see the attack coming as the End Boss will crouch down beforehand, similar to the Virginia. This attack occurs when the player is at a moderate distance away from the End Boss, generally out of striking distance.
  • Charge Attack: This attack involves the boss charging at the player with great speed and is extremely difficult to dodge. If hit, it will knock the player down and do a moderate amount of damage. This attack only occurs when the player is very far away from the End Boss. It seems to be used to prevent the player from healing or escaping.
  • Spin Attack: This attack is by far the most dangerous attack. It involves the boss spinning around in circles with its legs out. The damage of this is extreme, as it can hit players more than five times in less than three seconds and must be avoided at all costs. It is used when the player is close or a moderate distance away. If it occurs, run!
  • Spawn Mutant Babies: The End boss can spawn five to six mutant babies at a time which can make defeating it more difficult. This occurs generally when the player is mid distance away from the boss. During this the End Boss is quite vulnerable as it pauses for about five seconds to give birth. This can be a good time to hit it with explosives, such as dynamite


The End Boss acts very similar to a Virginia. It will hobble towards the player at various speeds on three "legs" and will lash out with the shorter limbs to hit the player. It has a great deal of health compared to other mutants, and it can shatter a player's bone armor in 4-5 landing hits on normal mode. Due to its long "legs", it can walk almost as fast as the player can run and will knock the player down with most of its attacks.

  • Explosives are by far, the most effective way to kill the end boss. If hit by one, it will become stunned, causing it to fall to the ground and seem dead. It is most vulnerable at this point.
  • Range weapons such as the crafted bow and modern bow are excellent against the End Boss
  • A good trick is to assign a bow and the flare gun to quick select. Fire the flare gun, then quick select the bow and fire two arrows. Doing this quickly, allows the player to fire the flare gun without having to reload.
  • Use quick select keys for items. It is a good idea to have a ranged weapon, flare gun, a healing or energy item, and a explosive set beforehand.
  • It is possible to melee fight the End Boss, but its hits are hard and fast, making this a challenging option though might be best for those with poor aim. Stock up on healing items as much as possible before the fight.
  • Wear bone armor (or, preferably, Creepy Armor) as protection, max it out if possible.
  • Raid the vending machines beforehand to top off sodas and snacks to keep energy maxed out during the fight.
  • The chainsaw can be an effective weapon choice, allowing players to attack while leaving energy intact to sprint in and out of melee range when the mutant counterattacks. Attacking from below can be a good strategy, making it hard to miss and slightly easier to avoid the knockdown. You are able to use the nitrogen tanks found throughout the fight room to do a decent amount of damage to the boss.

Normal Mode[]

In a test, it took 24 full burn cycle flares, 2 full burn molotovs, and two full burn fire arrows to kill the End Boss. Fire is effective on normal mode. Using the incendiary spear and/or weak spears is effective - when thrown they do a significant amount of damage. It takes 10 weak spear throws to kill it.

Hard and Hard Survival Mode[]

Both hard mode and hard survival mode have the same difficulties when dealing with enemies. Keep in mind that fire is quite ineffective in both hard modes, the damage is 66% less than normal mode. Explosives are just as effective as normal mode. Same with melee attacks and range weapons. If you rely on fire as your method of killing, by using molotovs and the flare gun, it will take you a very long time to kill the End Boss.

Peaceful Mode[]

The End Boss will spawn even in Peaceful Mode. It appears to be about as strong as in Normal Mode. you are also able to gain creative mode by defeating the End Boss. The best way to kill the boss is to use 20 molotovs and 1 successful hit of dynamite from the door that you can get out of the boss room.


Sahara Therapeutics, a company focused on genetically engineering younger-appearing and longer-living humans, purchased the peninsula due to the existence of the resurrection and power obelisks. The resurrection obelisk, when used, generates monstrous deformities in the victims. It is assumed that this is how the Armsy, Virginia, Worm, and Cowman were created as well.

Known Bugs[]

  • Once the player starts the fight, it is possible to leave the room again. The player can then swing through the wall with a weapon like the Katana, killing Mutant Megan without being in danger of being hit.
  • The use of mods has been known to cause the "plane" scene to glitch, making Megan continuously fly the plane. The boss fight will never commence, and the player will have to restart their game or save file.


At the end of the Story, it is suggested that Timmy must struggle to prevent his body from mutating in a similar manner as Megan, but despite this, he manages to grow to adulthood without becoming a psychopathic cannibal or a deformed monster. You can pull out your lighter on this cutscene.


Update history[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Fixed shooting arrows into end boss causing arrows to scale incorrectly
v0.69b (Multiplayer)Fixed boss monster sometimes causing players to lock into place depending on connection issues

Fixed boss disappearing if player died and respawned during fight

v0.66 Reduced chainsaw damage against creepy mutants and end game boss
v0.65b Fixed end boss enemy spin attack not damaging clients
v0.65 End boss health now scales with the amount of players currently in the game

After dying in endgame while fighting boss enemy player now respawns next to a bed and has a wake up animation

Boss enemy in the end game section has been made overall more aggressive and difficult to kill

v0.63 (Audio) Added extra sounds for endgame boss

(Audio) Tuned endgame boss audio events to fill the space better

(DS) Fixed issues where errors would spam after exiting boss fight and attempting to load into server

v0.53 (Audio) Fixed boss music popping off abruptly for clients
v0.52 Made boss creature more resistant to molotov attacks
v0.51 Mutant Megan was added