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Dynamite Mutant
Dynamite Mutant
Also known as
Dynamite Cannibal
Added in
Above ground only
Weapon(s) used
Fire Torch
Throw dynamite
Passive Aggressive
Close Quarter Combat
Spawns on Day
Day 10 - 12
Difficulty Mode Statistics

Dynamite Mutants, also known as Dynamite Cannibals, were mutants that could throw dynamite at the player. They were added in update v0.28 though were removed shortly after in update v0.28d in The Forest.


Dynamite mutants were easy to spot; they are very orange in color and carry a stick of dynamite and a flaming stick. They have on decorative shoulder pieces, a loincloth, eyeliner, and sometimes warpaint. Dynamite mutants are bald and barefoot (like any other mutant).

Unless you were scouting out the surrounding territory, you would have never seen dynamite mutants coming. Say, if you were in your base/fort, they would make their entrance by throwing a stick of dynamite and blowing up you and the surrounding structures. When spotted, they would usually attempt to hit you with their flaming stick. If you were far enough away, they would light their dynamite and throw it at your location. Dynamite mutants would rarely flee and come in groups of 2-4. They were as aggressive as night patrols, so you had to be on your guard when you've killed many enemies. If you were hit by the blast, it would knock you down and take out about 1/8 of your health. It was possible to get them to kill other mutants by standing beside one while they threw dynamite at you. It was best to kill these mutants before any others, as they were very dangerous and could destroy your base very easily.

A video about the possible return of the Dynamite Mutant, contains game footage of how he operate. You'll see why he was removed after watching this:


Here is the series of events from the patchnotes regarding the dynamite mutant:

Addition to the game[]

In the dev notes of the v0.28 they announced the addition of the dynamite mutant, stating:
V0.28 – Removable stumps! New leaf fire trap, new molotov trap, new passenger manifest system (find the missing passengers), Dynamite enemy type, arrow basket, Rock fall tree trap, cave fixes, hanging cave bats and lots more!. The patch note was the following: new mutant type added: dynamite mutant

Event leading up to removal[]

In the patch notes of V0.28c (the patch prior to the removal) they stated:
Here’s another small hotfix to last night’s v0.28 release, this time fixing some saving/loading issues with map and manifest and improving balance on new dynamite cannibal (Sorry guys if he destroyed your bases!!).
The patch note was the following: (balance)Fixed rate of dynamite cannibal type spawning


During the next hotfix update V0.28d they stated:
Over the last few days we’ve been reading feedback about the new dynamite enemy type as well as playtesting here and finding that he really isn’t fair or fun in his current state. This hotfix removes him until we can work out how to make him fun/challenging but not frustrating. We also reduced chance of fire enemy type spawning.
The patch note was the following: Disabled dynamite mutant spawning


It appears that community pressure was the reason for the dynamite throwers removal as the community found that it wasn't fair or fun during its state. The destructiveness of dynamite would have been devastating for players buildings though it would have made the game challenging. It is possible they may add the dynamite mutant back in future releases if they can balance it better.


Update History[]

Version Changes
v0.28d Disabled dynamite mutant spawning
v0.28c (balance)Fixed rate of dynamite cannibal type spawning.

(balance)Lowered amount of ammo and frequency of dynamite man attacks

v0.28 new mutant type added: dynamite mutant
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