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Explosive projectile
Surface world
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Max. Stack

The Dynamite is an weapon and explosive projectile added by v0.20 update of The Forest.


A throwable/placeable stick of Dynamite. It can be used to blow up many things similar to the Bomb, although it must be lit with the lighter before throwing/placing.

It can be used as a weapon and is effective against any type of enemies. It can easily blow up cannibals, mutants, trees, rock walls blocking passages inside the caves, and open secret caches found on the peninsula containing Flintlock Pistol parts. A player can carry a maximum of 5 Dynamite sticks in their inventory.

Thrown Dynamite will usually roll on the ground making it difficult for the player to accurately hit a target, it can be dropped instead.

Detonating Dynamite near a tree will cause it to collapse and drop logs. Flora, animals and small objects will also be blown up. Dynamite sticks can also be directly placed on a tree. This is a very effective way to gather logs, as a single explosion can hit multiple trees if they are close together.

Dynamite sticks can cause severe damage to the player's buildings and must be used with caution while defending your base.

When lit, the Dynamite fuse has a burn time of 3 seconds prior to exploding. When held in the player's hand, a lit fuse will burn indefinitely.


They are usually found in caves. Some can be found on surface world, mostly in the cannibal villages. It can be found as single sticks or in Explosive Crates that will contain 3-5 sticks.

A large crate containing numerous Dynamite sticks can always be found in the Hanging Cave (Cave 2), just next to the Modern Axe. A crate containing Dynamite sticks can also always be found in the main cannibal village, located here not on the surface.


  • In previous versions of the game, there was a cannibal that spawned late game that would carry and use dynamite against the player. Though it has since been removed as of v0.28d
  • In previous versions of the game, the dynamite had 3 sticks wrapped by duck tape, it did more damage but made a much larger noise. It was revamped in later updates.


Update history[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Molotov’s and held burning weapons are no longer extinguished by rain

Item thrown as projectile with the catapult now use the correct pickup icon

v0.73 Fixed dynamite going off automatically when added to catapult

Fixed dynamite turning off in water breaking achievement for fishing with dynamite

Fixed dropped dynamite fuse lit in wrong place

It is now possible to light burning weapons, molotov and dynamites while having the plastic torch equipped, it will now switch to lighter automatically

v0.72 Fixed dynamite missing fuse on placed or thrown version compared to held

Lit molotovs and dynamites thrown in water are now turned off

Pressing the “Drop” button while holding a stashable item now always stashes it, with the exception of lit projectiles that will instead be dropped

v0.69 (Audio) Polished audio events for dynamite when holding and then throwing.
v0.56 Unlit dynamite can be placed on trees

Lit dynamite will be removed from hand now when placing it on a tree

Added new incandescent texture to lit flare and new lit dynamite wick

Flare and dynamite textures improved

Fixed being able to throw dynamite during light dynamite animation

Improved light dynamite animation

New particles for: flare, dynamite and held fire stick

v0.48 Fixed bombs/dynamite/talky place on wall system interacting with invisible triggers, thus allowing to sometimes place the item mid air
v0.40 (Balance) Increased explosion range of dynamite to 17 (from 15), 750 point blank damage to buildings
v0.39b Fixed reticle for dynamite and flares shaking in distance
v0.39 Audio – lowered volume of held dynamite

(Multiplayer) Added held dynamite sparks syncing

v0.38 Dynamite can now be attached to walls & trees
v0.35 (Multiplayer)Fixed overflow dynamites fake dropped from picking up in trading tray exploding
v0.34 Fixed rockpit fires not lighting dynamite

Fixed dropping lit dynamite spawning an unlit one

v0.31 Dynamite must now be lit before thrown in order to explode
v0.28d Disabled dynamite mutant spawning
v0.28c (balance)Fixed rate of dynamite cannibal type spawning.

(balance)Lowered amount of ammo and frequency of dynamite man attacks

v0.28 new mutant type added: dynamite mutant
v0.27 Fixed thrown dynamite having sheen effect on material
v0.25 (balance) Stopped bombs and dynamite sliding as much after being thrown
v0.24 Fixed issue where some hidden caches of dynamite were not pickup able

Fixed dropped upgraded spear turning into dynamite pickup

v0.21 (multiplayer) Fixed dropped sticks/rocks/flares/dynamite/skulls not showing for remote players

Dropped dynamite when you have too many no longer explodes

v0.20 Dynamite added to the game

Added dynamite pickups near hole to sinkhole

New items added: breakable dynamite crate

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