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Defensive Wall
Defensive Wall.png
Defensive Wall
Added in
v0.02-Non Custom
Building Type
Defensive Wall Spikes
Blocking patrol routes
Once built, door cannot be added
Gates cannot receive
Defensive Wall Spikes
Other Effects
Enemies cannot see through it
Buildable on
Most surfaces
Very Strong

Disambig.png This article is about the defensive wall. For other walls, see Custom Building.

Defensive walls is a type defensive structure which is more robust and secure than a basic wall.


Unlike the basic wall, defensive walls are built with logs that are oriented vertically instead of horizontally, and the top of the logs are spiked. Defensive walls can be built by opening the survival guide and selecting the defensive structures-section.

Update v0.34 added defensive wall gate which allows the player to create a gate along a segment of defensive walls. Ghost defensive wall segments can be turned into standalone one-sided gates (same fashion as basic wall) and two concomitant one-sided gates will automatically merge into a two-sided gate. The player can toggle the gate again to switch orientation, or again to go back to defensive wall segments.

To build gates, you will need to press R. They require flat to semi flat ground otherwise you cannot place a gate. Keep this in mind where you want to place you gate when you're placing your blueprint.

  • Defensive walls are constructed one piece at a time.
  • Unlike basic walls, cannibals cannot jump over defensive walls.
  • Defensive walls can be destroyed by the Creatures.
  • Defensive walls can be destroyed by falling trees.
  • Defensive walls require more logs to build than the basic wall.
  • Spawns of wildlife such as deer, Tortoises or Rabbits will be turned off inside a closed wall.
  • To defend a gate without blocking it with larger traps, the player can place a leaf pile trap in front of it and light it if it is being attacked.


Defensive Wall[]


Cost depends on length.

Defensive Wall Spikes[]

Defensive Wall
Stick Rock

Defensive walls can be upgraded with Defensive Wall Spikes, this will increase their health by 45%. It cannot be attached to gates and cost is dependent on how big the wall is.

Defensive Wall Single Gate[]

Defensive Wall Single Door.png

If the player presses R on the walls blueprints, it will change into a single gate. This has to be done during the blueprint phase, it cannot be changed after its completed. It requires mostly flat land to make a gate. It requires a wall 4-6 logs wide. If the gate width is small, the player may struggle to fit log sleds through the gate. Defensive Wall Spikes cannot be attached to gates.

Additionally a longer single swing gate can be accomplished by creating a defensive wall using the minimum length possible for a defensive wall with 8 logs. An 8 log defensive wall longer than the minimum possible length will result in two single gates as oppose to a large single swing gate.

Defensive Wall Double Gate[]

If the player presses R on two wall blueprints, side by side, it will change into a double gate. This has to be done during the blueprint phase, it cannot be changed after its completed. It requires very flat land to make a double gate, can be difficult to do at times. It requires a wall 8-13 logs wide. Double gates are stronger than single gates and will easily fit a log sled through it. Defensive Wall Spikes cannot be attached to double gates.

DefensiveWall DoubleDoorFarket.png

Known Bugs[]

Wildlife such as deer have been repeatedly seen running through Defensive Walls, even when fully built. (v0.56)


Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Fixed procedural wall & derived structures showing place icon while not possible to place due for example to having a tree in the way

Improved some cases of placement of defensive wall reinforcement difficult

Fixed switching defensive wall to gate loosing parenting information

It is now possible to remove defensive wall gates using the hole cutter

(Performance) Added LODs to defensives walls

Now dynamically centering the switch ghost wall type & cancel ghost icons instead of using preplaced position which was not centered in case of unused icons

v0.68 (Multiplayer) Fixed defensive wall gate looking client side like it’s quickly opening & closing when first built
v0.66 (Performance) Simplified physics setup of defensive wall reinforcements
v0.63 (Performance) Massively reduced memory use taken up by defensive walls, and optimized a ton of other models to improve memory usage
v0.65b Fixed defensive wall gate not buildable
v0.61 Fixed defensive wall placement missing the Fire1 action icon before locking the first point
v0.60 New damage balance on all structures. Stick structures are now noticeably weaker than bone, which are much weaker than stone. Defensive walls are now much stronger than regular walls. Also fixed issues with some structures being stronger than others for no reason
v0.48 (Building) Revamped defensive wall reinforcement placement with the new cast based targeting system

(Multiplayer) Fixed defensive wall reinforcement possibly not loading for clients in bigger games or laggy conditions (Building) Added collision to defensive wall reinforcement spikes

v0.47 Optimized calls to nav mesh update when opening and closing defensive gate
v0.43 It is no longer possible to place a defensive wall reinforcement on gate chunks

Defensive wall gates are now considered dynamic buildings which doesn’t allow nesting other structures to it (not retroactive)

v0.41 Setup new defensive wall log model
v0.39 Defensive Wall Gate can now be opened and closed from both sides !

Defensive wall gate now has an icon an each side

v0.35 Fixed toggling Defensive wall gate increasing log count in build mission

Toggling partially filled Defensive wall and defensive wall Gate now drops back same amount it would have if ghost had been cancelled

v0.34 Defensive wall single and double gates added to the game

New procedural Defensive Wall addition: Defensive Wall Gate ! Ghost DW chunks can be turned into standalone one-sided gates (same fashion as regular wall window/doors) and 2 concomitant one-sided gates will automatically merge into a 2 sided gate, you may then toggle the gate again to switch orientation, or again to go back to DW chunks

v0.27 Procedural buildings can no longer be stacked with defensive walls as a support (was causing numerous issues).
v0.25 (multiplayer) Fixed Defensive Wall Reinforcement sometimes doubling up.
v0.24 Fixed skinny mutants appearing to damage defensive walls.

Fixed some pathfinding issues with defensive walls. (multiplayer) Fixed client unable to finish defensive wall reinforcement

v0.23 New building: Defensive wall reinforcement ! (can be found in the decoration page, but nevertheless increases the wall strength by 45%)
v0.22 Fixed ghost wall defensive not saving properly (retro compatibility hack might cause old saves to have an overlapping log in between chunks)
v0.21 Extensible Defensive Wall (replaces legacy one in book)
v0.19 Tiered destruction system! Enemies can now only damage certain structures, depending on how strong they are. Only armsy can bring down defensive walls.
v0.02 Defensive Walls added to the game.
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