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Death screen

Death is a game mechanic that occurs when a player's health reaches zero or decreases completely. This behavior changes in Single-player and Multiplayer.

Death in Single-player[]

The first time the player dies, a short cut-scene will play that shows two cannibals dragging the player away, which after momentarily, the player loses consciousness. After a few seconds, the player reawakens in total darkness and will be instructed to take out the Lighter. Once the Lighter has flickered on, the player will notice they are hanging upside down from the top of a cave, then facing downwards will reveal the plane axe, which will free the player and cut the binds they were hanging from to become free.

At this point, the player can still roam this cave or escape. It's highly advised that it must be escaped, as the player's health is critically low and could potentially die again while exploring the cave; if Medicine was not already in the inventory (see maps).

The second time the player dies, the game-over screen will pop up showing a red background and the player laying down in a deceased manner, alongside with a short dramatic song to play and the total number of days they have survived. However, if waiting two in game days after dying and being pulled away by the cannibals, the player is able to die and get pulled away by the cannibals again instead of dying and having the game-over screen trigger.

When the game is over after dying, users can choose to either load the last saved game or start all over again.

Death in Multiplayer[]

Any time a player's health reaches zero, instead of dying or being taken to a cave by cannibals, players will be knocked out, causing them to drop everything and fall to their knees.

The screen will be grayed out with blood splatters surrounding it along with a white skull in the middle while the player gasps and breathes heavily. Other players on the game will see an icon above a downed player's location and will have a limited amount of time to revive those players. Holding the interaction key on a downed player will revive them if in close range.

During the process of death, incapacitated players cannot do anything except for pressing the interaction key to restart, sending them back to the plane crash site and losing all items from their inventory. Items can be picked up again after downed players have respawned, however weapon upgrades will be gone. If the host quits the game, all dropped items will be lost.

The cut-scene showing the player getting dragged by cannibals does not appear in Multiplayer games.

On death player stats reset to their starting values. Players who aren't hosting may rejoin and load a save to avoid this loss.

Death can occur from the following:[]

More info here: Health

Known Bugs[]

  • If you drown you can still hear the player breathing
  • (Multiplayer) If in Final zone after elevator ride, and you decide to have a "fun" duel, whoever dies, Respawns at the plane...

Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.0 (Multiplayer) Todo list is now properly carried over to the new character after dying

New crafting cog icon, new mp dying skull icon.

(Multiplayer) Dying with an empty inventory no longer produces a backpack

v0.71b Fixed dying with toggle crouch on causing issues in hanging cutscene
v0.69 Fixed dying in the endgame area while not fighting the boss returning player to the hanging scene without properly unloading the endgame and cleaning up relevant data, leaving game in a unable to save state and with broken lighting outside
v0.68 Fixed death tutorial saying “you backpack” instead of “your backpack”

Fixed being unable to cut the rope during hanging cutscene after dying while sitting on a bench

(UI) Dying of thirst and starvation messages are now with other tutorials in bottom left, but with greater emphasis to showcase the urgent need to take action

Fixed player not appearing in dead pose after dying in water

v0.67 Fixed an issue with some tutorials possibly remaining visible if active while dying

(Multiplayer) Player interaction system is now reset after player gets respawned, so that dying may clear out interaction bugs

v0.65 After dying in endgame while fighting boss enemy player now respawns next to a bed and has a wake up animation
v0.51 Fixed some tutorials possibly staying visible if dying while active
v0.50 (Multiplayer) Fixed (again)other players being visible during red death screen

(Multiplayer) Fixed “cold & wet” tutorial not getting cleaned up after dying and respawning

v0.48 (Multiplayer) Fixed other players and enemies visible during the player death sequence
v0.44 Player death camera will no longer show extra in world enemies walking around

(Multiplayer) Fixed input getting stuck and unusable if interacting with chat at wrong time when dying

v0.43 (Multiplayer) Fixed (again)backpack overlay icon not showing up in world after dying in a cave
v0.40 New difficulty changing cheat code: rawmeatmode ! Enables perma death mode, can be turned off by typing vegan, vegetarian or meatmode. In this mode the second death in single player deletes the save slot and after loading a saved game or having saved once in a new game, it is no longer possible to save in another slot.

Player can no longer die from staying too long in plane crash sequence

v0.39 Fixed equip light message staying on screen when player dies

(Balance) Slightly lowered contrast on grey dying image effect to make it easier to see when in low health state

(Balance) Slightly lowered contrast on grey dying image effect to make it easier to see when in low health state

v0.38 Player now conforms to the angle of terrain when dying and injured
v0.36 Removed sinkhole blocking collision, you can now jump down to your death if you like. Or if you have the climbing axe climb down! (or up)

Dying inside the sinkhole no longer plays the drag away sequence

Fixed animation breaking after being revived from dying while on a rope

v0.35 (Multiplayer)Fixed dying by crocodile breaking respawn in MP
v0.34 Added dying in water animation when drowned or killed by shark
v0.32 (Multiplayer) Fixed equipped items not going into loot backpack when dying

(Multiplayer) Fixed cases of enemies popping/sliding around when knocked down and dying as client

v0.31 Staying in a fire now properly keeps burning player until death or getting out
v0.30 (Multiplayer) Revamped gather body workflow after dying. Dead body has been replaced by a backpack. Backpack now has all items you lost on it.
v0.29 (Multiplayer) Fixed drowning, player can no longer be revived after dying this way
v0.28b (multiplayer) Fixed bug where after dying in a loaded game and being revived you would be unable to interact with some world items
v0.28 (Multiplayer) The cave map and the passenger manifest are passed on to the respawned player when dying
v0.27 (Balance) enemy hit that should cause death while player health is above grey zone instead brings player to 1 HP

(Audio) Tuned dying sound so first ragged breaths, then heartbeat, then blood in ears. World sounds get affected a little earlier also

v0.25 Fixed some issues with matching props/textures when switching to dummy on death

While sleeping both fullness and thirst can only be consumed up to a threshold, so that you never wake up on the verge of dying (unless you engaged sleeping in this state)

v0.23 Fixed some icons (like building repair) staying up when dying
v0.22 Improved cleaning up equipped stuff when dying (drops body, logs…)
v0.21 Fixed cold damage message staying up after dying in caves while it was up

(multiplayer) “Press E to respawn” message after dying now uses the proper “Take” action icon instead of the fixed E

v0.20 (multiplayer) Fixed issues when dying with inventory or book opened

Player can now equip rebreather underwater without dying instantly

v0.19b Fixed some issues of player not being able to swing axe after dying
v0.19 (multiplayer) Clients now have a different save per server and respawn after loading where they saved instead of in plane (respawn after dying is still located in plane)
v0.18 Moved cave 4 death position further back so you don’t get instantly killed by Virginia

Increased player fall damage, it is now possible to die from a great height

Fixed some instances of player not playing fall to ground animation on dying

v0.17 Fixed player death anim not always playing after fall

Fixed camera not locking correctly on player death

Tweaked drown death formula: rate & damage were reduced

v0.15b Fixed bug where dying from drowning would be instant instead of gradual
v0.15 Drowning now causes instant death, without respawn in cave

Added hint text to dying screen about finding pots at camp sites

Dying no longer resets fullness to zero

v0.14 Lethal thirst system ! Stay hydrated and healthy by finding a clear water source every day, failing this may result in death.
v0.13 New dying sound distortion added when player is in grey-zone state
v0.12 Fixed bug that caused inventory to stay up when dying while in inventory

(Multiplayer) Can no longer have more than one set of corpse items waiting to be retrieved. Dying will cause your current items and location to be the corpse items.

v0.11a Fixed issue where cave reverb would continue to distort sounds after dying and starting a new game
v0.11 Audio – All sound effects now fade out on player death
v0.08c Fixed plane crash location that was set too steep and where players would die instantly if they fell out of without eating medicine first
v0.08 Better death theme (less grating)