The Forest Wiki
Also known as
Creepy Mutant
Added in
Weapon(s) used
Charge, Stomp, Bellyflop
Fire, completely paralyses them
Spawns on Day
Day 7
Normal: 13
Hard/HS: 25
Normal: 200
Hard/HS: 200
Difficulty Mode Statistics
Damage Diff
50% more on hard modes
Building Damage
100% more on hard modes
Health Diff
50% more on hard modes
Spawn Chance
50% more likely on hard modes
Attack Chance
150% more likely to on hard modes
Follow Up Attack Chance
150% more likely on hard modes
Fire Damage Resistance
65% LESS damage on hard modes

Cowmen (singular Cowman, and also referred to as fatties or chargers) are a creepy mutant type that was added to The Forest in update v0.20.

This creature can be found in cave systems, but beginning on day 7 can also be found roaming the surface patrolling along with Armsies and Virginias.


Unlike other Creepy Mutants such as Virginias or Armsies, Cowmen have facial features and don't appear to be formed by multiple bodies though they are also taller, wider, and stronger than Mutants. Cowmen can be said to resemble a grotesquely obese human or an early human fetus as evidenced by the distorted, smoothed out facial features with tiny arms, a protruding stomach, the lack of genitalia, and the space between the legs.

It mostly attacks by charging at the player, changing direction as it charges in an attempt to hit players if they try to move out of the way. It has also been seen jumping into the air, stomping the ground and performing a bodyslam. A Cowman's charge can also hit other mutants, and will also bypass the player's armor, damaging his health directly. It is extremely difficult to flee a charging Cowman that has locked on to the player, it charges much faster than the player can run. It is possible with maxed athleticism that the player could be able to outrun a Cowman. A good way to avoid being hit by a charge, is to run in large circles as the Cowman is charging. The Cowman, when charging, can make dead Mutant bodies and animals explode on impact.

Beginning on day 7, the Cowman has a chance of spawning on the surface to accompany other creepy mutants, though they are rare compared to the Armsy and Virginia at this stage. Cowmen start to become more common after day 14, until eventually they are almost always seen in groups containing the Armsy(s) and Virginia(s). Up to two Cowmen can attack at any given time, though there is a very rare chance that multiple creepy mutant groups will spawn in the same proximity, causing abnormal numbers of individuals to be encountered. Between the Armsy, Virginia, and itself, the Cowman is the least likely of the three to spawn on its own.

Unlike the Armsy and Virginia, there is no blue variant of this Creepy Mutant.


Although unconfirmed, it is heavily suggested that Cowmen are also Obelisk Victims like Virginias, Armsies, Megan Cross, and Timmy.

There is a speculation that the original Cowman is Zachary, who can be seen on the Milk Carton story item in the yacht. This speculation formed as the Cowman and Zachary both have heavy builds, and Zachary's sudden disappearance could be a result of him being turned into the Cowman.

It could be possible if Cowman is a fully matured Mutant Baby considering that it was not presented on the Orientation Slideshow and so has similar features towards the Mutant Baby.

It is possible that it was created after Virginia and Armsy, as it is not displayed on the Orientation Slideshow.

Cave Combat

The Cowman is a powerful foe in caves, as tight spaces make it incredibly difficult to dodge its charge. The charge can annihilate a significant amount of health, as well as knock contacted players to the ground. In the event you get hit, it is usually still possible to open your inventory before completely standing up in order to consume meds. Explosives and molotovs are the most effective weapons against Cowmen in caves and in general, as fire stuns Cowmen. The player require a great deal of environmental perception to able to escape its charge and accurately hit. Additionally, Cowmen often spawn near mutants, so the player must mind not running straight into the arms of a mutant while attempting to flee a Cowman charge.

An effective method for dealing with the Cowman is attempting to lure it into a more open area in the cave network before launching a full frontal attack. This allows the player to evade the charge while still mounting an offence instead of a near total defensive strategy. Cowmen are best dealt with in co-op by having players exchange turns grabbing Cowman's attention, while the others attack with melee weapons. In single player mode, using bombs and molotovs is a feasible option. The crafted bow or modern bow is an effective method, though if too much distance is created, the Cowman will charge. The Cowman, like other creepy mutants, seems to have great difficulty locating a player who is hiding, even when they're being shot with a bow from a relatively short distance away. Caution is advised, however, as they will still blindly attack or charge in a random direction.

Surface Combat

Like Virginia and Armsy, Cowman will spawn on the surface on or after day 7, and are the rarest Creepy Mutant to spawn on the surface.

It is possible for a group of Cowmen to spawn on the surface and can be heard from afar due to it creating loud thumping noises. If heard, players are advised to crouch and stealthily exit the area and only return when the thumping is no longer audible.

Once the Cowman has noticed the player and obtained a lock-on, it is very difficult to flee because it can charge as fast as the player can sprint, and unlike the player, it does not tire.

Fleeing into water can help, but the Cowman is often fast enough that it will damage the player in the shallow water before the player can escape to deeper water. On the other hand, the Cowman can be coaxed into charging straight into deep bodies of water in pursuit of the player, which will drown it. Having multiple connected, elevated platforms built around player bases is effective against Cowman from which it can be shot with fire arrows.

As of game update version 1.10, Cowmen seem to have gotten a significant buff in their destructive capabilities; their charge can nearly destroy a defensive wall and can obliterate traps in a single hit. His belly flop attack can destroy raised platforms instantly. This ranks his max damage even higher than an armsy. And the speed at which he can distribute the damage puts Cowman in a league of his own. It is highly encouraged to abandon your base or focus all of your attacks on him the moment he appears in your area. The only other enemy that can beat his raw damage output is a fully formed Worm mutant.

Known Bugs

  • Occasionally Cowman does not engage the player in caves, even after being attacked
  • After charging, Cowman sometimes gets stuck on terrain and will run in place until killed
  • The Cowman can hit the body of another creepy mutant, like an Armsy, and break it into several pieces that fly everywhere. This may be intentional.
  • Cowman rarely can fly.


Update History

Version Changes
v1.0 Head trophies can now be harvested from creepy corpses
v0.70 Fixed cowman exploded gibs never being despawned
v0.57 Fixed enemies hit by cowman turning burnt and exploding
v0.53 Improved blood seams on Cowman
v0.50 (Multiplayer) Fixed client not getting fat man entry in bestiary when hit
v0.48 Fixed cowman blood seams
v0.47 (Multiplayer) Fixed camera shake not working for client during fat creepy foot stomps
v0.41 Fixed cowman not showing up in bestiary
v0.40 (audio) Fixed missing animation sfx on cowman for clients
v0.39 (Multiplayer) Fixed missing audio on cowman for clients

(Multiplayer) Fixed cowman not showing burnt texture as client

(Multiplayer) Fixed cowman blood not syncing on death as client

Fixed seams on Cowman

(Audio) Lowered volume of cow man when close

Fixed cowman sometimes not doing 180 attack on player standing directly behind

v0.38 Added more fat mutants to caves

Add hit reaction animation to cowman

v0.37 Increased speed/aggressiveness of cowman mutant
v0.36 Fixed cowman not dealing damage to structures and walls

Stopped player receiving camera shake from cowman footsteps while in water

v0.34 Removed black squares from cowman

Improved skin deformation on cowman

Fixed cowman in cave 10 sometimes disappearing when approached

v0.30 (Audio) Idle breaths added to cowman

(Audio) Added burn SFX to armsy and cowman

(Audio) Added die SFX to cowman and babies

v0.28 (Audio) Cowman breaths events added

(Audio) Added grunts for Cowman’s Belly Flop Attack

(Audio) Cowman dodge backwards sounds and recovery breaths

v0.26 (audio) Added more cowman sounds
v0.24 New close range attack animations added to cowman
v0.23 (multiplayer) Fixed an issue where cowman would knock clients over when they were outside of his targeting range

Improved shading on fat creepy mutant

Fixed issues with fat creepy mutant being able to damage player when not attacking

Fixed fat creepy able to stun lock player when knocked to the ground

v0.22 (multiplayer) Fixed fat creepy not attacking client players
v0.21 improved fat creepy mutant, more attack variety, can be staggered by explosions, can dodge close player attacks

Improvements to cowman mutant a.i.

(multiplayer) Fixed some issues with cowman over network

Bed, Log Holder, Rock Holder, Stick Holder, Weapon Rack and Explosive holder can now be jumped by cannibals and destroyed by mutants (Armsy, Virginia, Cow man)

v0.20 Cowman added to the game

New distorted cannibal creature added!

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