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A body or corpse is an object that is left when a cannibal is killed. They can be picked up and moved by pressing E nearby them, and they can be dropped using G. Individual body parts such as heads, legs, and arms can be individually cut off of a body by hitting its respective joint about 3 times. Bodies can be used as bait for starving cannibals in order to lure enemies away from a player's base or into traps. When the body is put on a fire, after a short period of time it will collapse and drop 6 bones and a skull. Bodies can be placed in a log sled and sent down ziplines, but only in singleplayer. All Bodies will be deleted after going to the Main Menu.

(Sometimes, you can get "poisoned" by picking up a corpse...???)

Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.09 Fixed chopped body parts flying away from body when first cut
v1.0 It's no longer possible to burn bodies placed in the log sled

Dropped bodies will now smash and push away small objects in their path!

Fixed scale of headless burnt bodies