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Console commands allows you to change, add, remove things in the games without the use of mods. These are also known as cheats by some players.

Game Mode commands do not work on Playstation 4. However special game mode commands will work with a connected keyboard. All other Console commands are exclusive to the Steam copy of the game and are not available on the Playstation 4. Console Commands can NOT be done in VR.

Gamemode Commands

These will work on a PS4 if the user has a keyboard connected

These commands are straight forward, they do not require the activation of developer console to work. To activate them, type the code in the main menu.

  • ironforest- Buildings are indestructible. To disable, type code again. This can also be accessed within the game options
  • meatmode- Disables all cheats
  • rawmeatmode- Implements permanent death, when the player dies, the save game is erased. To disable, type code again
  • regrowmode- 10% of all fallen trees will regrow while you sleep, provided the tree stump is still there. This can also be accessed within the game options
  • veganmode- Only enemies will appear in caves
  • vegetarianmode- Enemies only appear at night time
  • woodpaste- Resets all the holes made by the hole cutter and crane

Activating Console Commands

Console Activation.png
WARNING! Some commands may have serious effects on your game, there are commands for deleting save games, resetting achievements, etc. USE CAUTION!

To activate the use of console commands, you need to type developermodeon in the main title screen to activate the developer console. There is no notification that the mode has been activated. Though you can press F1 to see if is working.

  • IMPORTANT: If it isn't working, check if your 'F lock' has been enabled. This can prevent the console command from being enabled.
  • IMPORTANT: Ensure you have cheats enabled in the game settings, otherwise console commands won't work.

Console Command Controls

  • Press Z to toggle the console. Press F1 to turn it on/off
  • Press X or ~ to display the console log & status. Press F2 or ~ to turn it on/off
  • Press C to display stats such as strength, athleticism, calories, and weight. Press F3 to turn it on/off
  • After pressing Z, use the up arrow to cycle back through previous entered commands.
  • After pressing Z, use the down arrow to cycle forward through previous entered commands.
  • After pressing Z, use the left arrow or right arrow to make changes to commands.
  • After a command has been typed in, press enter to execute the command.
  • Do view parts of the log, you will need to be able to place your mouse cursor over the log entries. This can only be done in the menu, while in the survival guide, or in the inventory. This is a pain to do.
  • For fast repetition of commands, for example adding rabbits to a rabbit cage, complete it like this:
    • Press F1
    • type in the command additem 77 to add a held rabbit
    • press enter to add the rabbit to the hand
    • press C on a rabbit cage
    • press F1
    • press up arrow, this will repeat the last command
    • press enter

Doing it this way will allow you add a rabbit to cage about every 1 or 2 seconds, depending how fast you are.


These commands indicate information to the player that they may find useful:

Code Description
findpassenger See passengers on how to use this
devicedebuginformation on
devicedebuginformation off
Shows you statistics about your device.
toggleCullingGrid on
toggleCullingGrid off
toggleCullingGrid toggle
Still investigating.
runMacro <macro name> Still investigating.
help Lists all commands. Can be difficult to locate them, use the ~ key or F2
clear Clears the console, helps clean it up so you can see what its doing
showgamestats Shows stats of your current game, these include all of the following: Days, trees cut down, enemies killed, rabbits killed, deer killed, turtles killed, birds killed, cooked food, burnt food, cancelled structures, built structures, destroyed structures, repaired structures, edible items used, items crafted, upgrades added, arrows fired, lit arrows, lit weapons, burnt enemies, exploded enemies, opened suitcase, passengers found, story elements, and infections
achievementloglevel none
achievementloglevel log
achievementloglevel error
achievementloglevel all
none - By default it is set as off/none
log - Logs achievement progression, won't list errors
error - Lists errors, not progression
all - Logs achievement progress plus lists errors
pmactivestatelabels on
pmactivestatelabels off
Shows current behavior of enemies and animals on each one, this may cause major performance issues. Not recommended on 4K resolution as the writing is too difficult to read plus the performance drop is too severe
loaddebugconsolemod Can be used to add commands to the debug console through a compiled C# dll following a specific scheme (possibly useful for modders)


These commands change the difficulty and game modes.
If you wish to change a creative game into a normal one you will need to type in setgamemode standard, then you will need to select a difficulty.

Code Description
setdifficultymode peaceful Change difficulty to Peaceful Mode
setdifficultymode normal Change difficulty to Normal Mode
setdifficultymode hard Change difficulty to Hard Mode
setdifficultymode hardsurvival Change difficulty to Hard Survival Mode
setgamemode standard Changes game mode to standard
setgamemode creative Changes game mode to creative
setgamemode mod Changes game mode to mod

Time and Lighting

These commands affect the time of day, speed of the game, changing the day, changing the lighting of the day, etc:

Code Description
checkday Checks time of day, can be useful for multiplayer if joining
advanceday Skips one day ahead, not much use
setcurrentday 100 Will change day to 100, any number can be used
timescale (number) Changes the speed of the game, 0 pauses, 1 is normal, 2 is faster, etc. DON'T GO TOO HIGH, STAY BELOW 20 then work your way up
gametimescale # Change # to a number. Changes the speed of day/night cycle, hunger, energy, thirst etc. Much safer than time scale
timescale 0 This will pause the game, press ESC twice to unpause
lightingtimeofdayoverride off Turns off this command if it is turned on
lightingtimeofdayoverride HR:MM Can be used to set anytime you wish, for example, 10:00 will make it 10 in the morning
lightingtimeofdayoverride morning Sets game lighting to morning until turned off
lightingtimeofdayoverride noon Sets game lighting to noon until turned off
lightingtimeofdayoverride sunset Sets game lighting to sunrise until turned off
lightingtimeofdayoverride night Sets game lighting to night until turned off


These commands will change weather, terrain, grow gardens, cut down trees, remove grass, etc:

Code Description
allowsunshine on
allowsunshine off
Can be toggled on and off without typing on or off at the end. Turns sunshine/fog on or off. When this is off, it can greatly increase view distance, though some textures look a bit funny.
terrainrender on
terrainrender off
Turns on terrain
Turns off terrain, can still be walked on
plantallgardens Plants all gardens, also returns the amount of gardens
growalldirtpiles Refill dirt piles used for camouflage
cutdowntrees 10 10 will cut down 10 trees, choose any number
cutdowntrees 100% 100% will cut down all trees, choose any percentage
cutgrass 10 Cut grass in a 10 radius around player, choose any number. Can take a long time to load if large sizes are chosen
forcerain light
forcerain 2
Changes weather to light rain
forcerain medium
forcerain 3
Changes weather to moderate rain
forcerain heavy
forcerain 4
Changes weather to heavy rain
forcerain cloud
forcerain 5
Changes weather to cloudy
forcerain sunny
forcerain 6
Changes weather to sunny
setrainbonus 4 Using number 4 helps with filling Water Collectors, requires more testing beyond this


These commands will change stats, appearance and other attributes of the player:

Code Description
revealcavemap Reveals the entire map, for above ground and below ground.
unlimitedHairspray on
unlimitedHairspray off
Never run out of Hairspray fuel.
save Saves the game, no matter where you are in the world
itemhack on
itemhack off
Never run out of items, must have the item in the first place.
energyhack on
energyhack off
Unlimited energy and stamina
godmode on
godmode off
No damage, unlimited stamina, fullness, water, energy etc
survival on
survival off
No need to eat, drink etc
killlocalplayer Kills player, depending on game state. In multiplayer, you will drop down
killmefast Permanent Suicide, will require reload
revivelocalplayer Revives player, might only work in multiplayer
fakehitplayer Fake hits the player, player is stunted causing the player to 'flinch'
speedyrun on
speedyrun off
Fast run, Be careful not to kill yourself, you get a lot of air time
invisible on
invisible off
Makes it so you can walk/run underwater like its air, disables swimming effects water lighting texture effects and washing of blood, paint & mud. (has no effect on rain it still washes you as normal). This also allows you to move through invisible barricades within the game. For example, at the cliffs at the top end of the map and the edges of the map. Note that you can fall out of the map with this on.
setvariationextra None Removes jacket if the player was wearing one
setvariationextra Jacket Adds jacket if the player wasn't wearing one
decaynextmeat Changes one meat, example: fresh>edible or edible>spoiled
poison Poison is same as being hit by a poison arrow or a poison upgraded weapon, it causes infection which requires aloe to heal.
hitlocalplayer 50 Player will take 50 damage to 100, 0 - 100 can be used
setstat full Changes all stats to full, such as health, energy, stamina, etc
setstat Health 100 Changes health amount to 100, 0 - 100 can be used
setstat Stamina 100 Changes stamina amount to 100, 0 - 100 can be used
setstat Energy 100 Changes energy amount to 100, 0 - 100 can be used
setstat Sanity 100 Changes sanity amount to 100,0 - 100 can be used
setstat Fullness 100 Changes fullness amount to 100, 0 - 100 can be used
setstat BatteryCharge 100 Changes flashlight batteries charge to 100, 0 - 100 can be used. Most likely also affects weapons with flashlights attached
setSkill runTime 100 Sets sprint/run time to 100, this should max out athleticism
setSkill lungTime 100 Sets swim underwater time to 100, this should max out athleticism
setSkill ath 100 Sets athleticism to 99, which is the max
stewcomboverbose on
stewcomboverbose off
Indicates when a successful stew recipe/combination was consumed.


These commands change the players outfit: The console command listclothing will provide a list of all the clothing types in game when you press F2 and hover the mouse over the command.

Code Type Description Image
addClothingById 1 Head Beanie 1
addClothingById 2 Head Beanie 2
addClothingById 3 Head Beanie 3
addClothingById 4 Pants Default
addClothingById 5 Pants Black
addClothingById 6 Pants Camo
addClothingById 7 Pants Khaki
addClothingById 8 Pants Beige
addClothingById 9 Full Outfit Black Suit Blacksuit.png
addClothingById 10 Full Hands Darkgrey
addClothingById 11 Full Hands Grey
addClothingById 12 Full Hands Green
addClothingById 12 Full Hands Shirt Closed
addClothingById 14 Partial Hands Jacket Low
addClothingById 15 Partial Hands Leather-Jacket
addClothingById 17 Partial Hands Shirt Open
addClothingById 18 Partial Arms Vest: Darkblue
addClothingById 19 Partial Arms Vest: Dark Green
addClothingById 20 Partial Arms Vest: Colorful
addClothingById 21 Shirt Default
addClothingById 22 Shirt Camo
addClothingById 23 Shirt Wolf
addClothingById 24 Shirt Grey
addClothingById 25 Full Arms Botton Up: Blue
addClothingById 26 Full Arms Botton Up: White
addClothingById 27 Full Arms Long Shirt: Grey
addClothingById 28 Full Arms V-Neck: Black
addClothingById 29 Full Outfit Stewardess Dress Stewardess Dress.png
addClothingById 30 Full Arms Bathrobe
addClothingById 31 Pants Bathrobe Pants
addClothingById 32 Full Arms Tennis Outfit Tennis Outfit.png
addClothingById 33 Full Arms Pilot Uniform Pilot Uniform.png


These commands are related to animals.

For 'spawn' commands, you are able to specify the quantity using the suffix --x (where x is the desired quantity). e.g. spawnanimal lizard --6 will spawn 6 lizards.

Code Description
killallanimals Kills all the animals in the game, they will respawn though
killclosestanimal Kills closest animal to you
animals on
animals off
Turns animals on or off
birds on
birds off
Turns birds on or off
spawnanimalquiet Spawns a trapped animal if a Animal Trap is near by
spawnanimal rabbit Spawn a rabbit
spawnanimal lizard Spawn a lizard
spawnanimal deer Spawn a deer
spawnanimal turtle Spawn a turtle
spawnanimal tortoise Spawn a tortoise
spawnanimal raccoon Spawn a raccoon
spawnanimal squirrel Spawn a squirrel
spawnanimal boar Spawn a boar
spawnanimal crocodile Spawns a crocodile


These commands are related to enemies, which include cannibals and mutants. spawnenemy and spawnmutant usually do the same thing, however sometimes one won't work, where as the other will. Try both if it isn't working. Keep in mind, if you are in creative mode or peaceful, you will need to change the game mode aswell as the difficulty to be able to spawn enemies.

For 'spawn' commands, you are able to specify the quantity using the suffix --x (where x is the desired quantity). e.g. spawnmutant male --6 will spawn 6 cannibals.

Code Description
veganmode on
veganmode off
Enemies will only appear in caves.
resetallenemies Resets AI, Kill all enemies
enemies on
enemies off
Turns enemies on or off, cannibals and mutants
knockdownclosestenemy Knock down closest cannibal, may not work on mutants
killclosestenemy Kills closest enemy to you, cannibal or mutant
killallenemies Kills all cannibals and mutants in the game, they will respawn though. This does not work on worms, you must use killallworms for them instead
killallworms Kills all worms in the game. They cannot be killed by using killallenemies command
killendboss Kills End Boss
astar on
astar off
Turns on or off path finding for enemies, they will walk into water, walls, cliffs etc
gotoenemy Teleports player to a random cannibal, this is used by devs for testing enemy AI
spawnregularfamily Spawns 3-6 Regular Cannibals
spawnpaintedfamily Spawns 3-6 Painted Cannibals
spawnskinnedfamily Spawns 3-6 Masked Cannibals
spawnskinnyfamily Spawns 2-3 Skinny Cannibals
spawnmutant male_skinny Male Skinny Cannibal
spawnmutant female_skinny Female Skinny Cannibal
spawnmutant skinny_pale Skinny Pale Cannibal
spawnmutant male Male Regular Cannibal
spawnmutant female Female Regular Cannibal
spawnmutant fireman Fire Thrower Cannibal
spawnmutant pale Pale Cannibal
spawnmutant armsy Armsy
spawnmutant vags Virginia
spawnmutant baby Mutant Baby
spawnmutant fat Cowman
spawnmutant worm Worm
spawnmutant girl End Boss
spawnenemy male_skinny Male Skinny Cannibal
spawnenemy female_skinny Female Skinny Cannibal
spawnenemy skinny_pale Skinny Pale Cannibal
spawnenemy male Male Regular Cannibal
spawnenemy female Female Regular Cannibal
spawnenemy fireman Fire Thrower Cannibal
spawnenemy pale Pale Cannibal
spawnenemy armsy Armsy
spawnenemy vags Virginia
spawnenemy baby Mutant Baby
spawnenemy fat Cowman
spawnenemy worm Worm
spawnenemy girl End Boss


Commands relating to adding, spawning or removing items.

Code Description
addallitems Add all items, except story items. Use twice to fill bag storage
removeallitems Removes all items from the player, including the plane axe.
addallstoryitems Adds all story items, such as keycards
removeallstoryitems Removes all story items, such as keycards
spawnallpickups Respawns all items that have been collected

For adding, spawning and removing individual items. Here are some examples:
additem 142 - This will add an Old Pot to your inventory
spawnitem 230 - This will spawn the Flintlock Pistol in front of you
removeitem 279 - This will remove the Modern Bow from you inventory, if you have multiple amounts it will remove them all
Important notes:

  • You cannot add different types of arrows, only normal arrows
  • Some items like the sticky bomb cannot be added, similar to specific arrows
  • Some items may not work, especially with the spawn commands
  • Item codes with N/A next to them mean they do not have an item attached to the code, this may change in the future
Name Add Item Spawn Item Remove Item Type
IconBomb.png Bomb additem 29 spawnitem 29 removeitem 29 Weapon
Ν/A additem 30 spawnitem 30 removeitem 30 Ν/A
IconCircuitboard.png Circuit Board additem 31 spawnitem 31 removeitem 31 Material
Ν/A additem 32 spawnitem 32 removeitem 32 Ν/A
IconCloth.png Cloth additem 33 spawnitem 33 removeitem 33 Material
IconLeaf.png Leaf additem 34 spawnitem 34 removeitem 34 Material
IconLizardMeat.png Lizard Meat additem 35 spawnitem 35 removeitem 35 Consumables
IconBatteries.png Batteries additem 36 spawnitem 36 removeitem 36 Tool
IconBooze.png Booze additem 37 spawnitem 37 removeitem 37 Material
IconCash.png Cash additem 38 spawnitem 38 removeitem 38 Material
Ν/A additem 39 spawnitem 39 removeitem 39 Ν/A
Ν/A additem 40 spawnitem 40 removeitem 40 Ν/A
IconWristwatch.png Wrist Watch additem 41 spawnitem 41 removeitem 41 Material
IconFeather.png Feather additem 42 spawnitem 42 removeitem 42 Material
IconFlare.png Flare additem 43 spawnitem 43 removeitem 43 Tool
IconFlareGun.png Flare Gun additem 44 spawnitem 44 removeitem 44 Weapon
Ν/A additem 45 spawnitem 45 removeitem 45 Ν/A
IconHead.png Head additem 46 spawnitem 46 removeitem 46 Material
IconLeg.png Leg additem 47 spawnitem 47 removeitem 47 Material
IconLighter.png Lighter additem 48 spawnitem 48 removeitem 48 Tool
IconMeds.png Meds additem 49 spawnitem 49 removeitem 49 Consumables
Ν/A additem 50 spawnitem 50 removeitem 50 Ν/A
IconFlashlight.png Flashlight additem 51 spawnitem 51 removeitem 51 Tool
Ν/A additem 52 spawnitem 52 removeitem 52 Ν/A
IconRock.png Rock additem 53 spawnitem 53 removeitem 53 Material
IconRope.png Rope additem 54 spawnitem 54 removeitem 54 Material
IconSpear.png Weak Spear additem 56 spawnitem 56 removeitem 56 Weapon
IconStick.png Stick additem 57 spawnitem 57 removeitem 57 Material
Ν/A additem 58 spawnitem 58 removeitem 58 Ν/A
Ν/A additem 59 spawnitem 59 removeitem 59 Ν/A
IconTooth.png Teeth additem 60 spawnitem 60 removeitem 60 Material
IconCassettePlayer.png Cassette Player additem 61 spawnitem 61 removeitem 61 Tool
Ν/A additem 62 spawnitem 62 removeitem 62 Ν/A
IconPedometer.png Pedometer additem 63 spawnitem 63 removeitem 63 Tool
Ν/A additem 64 spawnitem 64 removeitem 64 Ν/A
Ν/A additem 65 spawnitem 65 removeitem 65 Ν/A
Ν/A additem 66 spawnitem 66 removeitem 66 Ν/A
IconMarigold.png Marigold additem 67 spawnitem 67 removeitem 67 Consumables
IconHealthMix.png Herbal Medicine additem 68 spawnitem 68 removeitem 68 Consumables
IconCassetteTape.png Cassette 1 additem 69 spawnitem 69 removeitem 69 Tools
Ν/A additem 70 spawnitem 70 removeitem 70 Ν/A
IconMolotov.png Molotov additem 71 spawnitem 71 removeitem 71 Weapon
Ν/A additem 72 spawnitem 72 removeitem 72 Ν/A
Ν/A additem 73 spawnitem 73 removeitem 73 Ν/A
IconSurvivalGuide.png Survival Guide additem 74 spawnitem 74 removeitem 74 Tool
IconUpgradedStick.png Fire stick (Torch) additem 75 spawnitem 75 removeitem 75 Weapon
IconRabbitMeat.png Rabbit Meat additem 76 spawnitem 76 removeitem 76 Consumables
RabbitFarket.png Live Held Rabbit additem 77 spawnitem 77 removeitem 77 Non storage
LogFarket.png Log additem 78 spawnitem 78 removeitem 78 Non storage
IconCraftedBow.png Crafted Bow additem 79 spawnitem 79 removeitem 79 Weapon
IconPlaneAxe.png Plane Axe additem 80 spawnitem 80 removeitem 80 Weapon
IconTennisBall.png Tennis Ball additem 81 spawnitem 81 removeitem 81 Weapon
IconSmallRock.png Throwable Rock additem 82 spawnitem 82 removeitem 82 Weapon
IconArrow.png Arrow additem 83 spawnitem 83 removeitem 83 Weapon
Ν/A additem 84 spawnitem 84 removeitem 84 Ν/A
Ν/A additem 85 spawnitem 85 removeitem 85 Ν/A
IconRustyAxe.png Rusty Axe additem 86 spawnitem 86 removeitem 86 Weapon
IconCraftedAxe.png Crafted Axe additem 87 spawnitem 87 removeitem 87 Weapon
IconModernAxe.png Modern Axe additem 88 spawnitem 88 removeitem 88 Weapon
IconSnack.png Snack additem 89 spawnitem 89 removeitem 89 Consumables
IconArm.png Arm additem 90 spawnitem 90 removeitem 90 Consumables
IconCoins.png Coins additem 91 spawnitem 91 removeitem 91 Material
IconLizardSkin.png Lizard Skin additem 92 spawnitem 92 removeitem 92 Consumables
Ν/A additem 93 spawnitem 93 removeitem 93 Ν/A
IconSkull.png Skull additem 94 spawnitem 94 removeitem 94 Material
IconCraftedClub.png Crafted Club additem 95 spawnitem 95 removeitem 95 Weapon
IconClub.png Club additem 96 spawnitem 96 removeitem 96 Weapon
IconConeflower.png Coneflower additem 97 spawnitem 97 removeitem 97 Consumables
IconChicory.png Chicory additem 98 spawnitem 98 removeitem 98 Consumables
IconAloe.png Aloe additem 99 spawnitem 99 removeitem 99 Consumables
IconEnergyMix.png Energy Mix additem 100 spawnitem 100 removeitem 100 Consumables
IconHeadBomb.png Head Bomb additem 101 spawnitem 101 removeitem 101 Weapon
Ν/A additem 102 spawnitem 102 removeitem 102 Ν/A
IconSeeds.png Aloe Seeds additem 103 spawnitem 103 removeitem 103 Unique
IconSap.png Sap additem 104 spawnitem 104 removeitem 104 Material
IconUpgradedStick.png Upgraded Stick additem 105 spawnitem 105 removeitem 105 Weapon
IconUpgradedRock.png Upgraded Rock additem 106 spawnitem 106 removeitem 106 Weapon
IconFlareGunAmmo.png Flare Gun Ammo additem 107 spawnitem 107 removeitem 107 Weapon
IconDamagePlusUpgrade.png Glass additem 108 spawnitem 108 removeitem 108 Weapon
IconSoda.png Soda additem 109 spawnitem 109 removeitem 109 Consumables
IconPlaneMeal.png Plane Meal additem 110 spawnitem 110 removeitem 110 Unique
Ν/A additem 111 spawnitem 111 removeitem 111 Ν/A
IconTwinberry.png Twinberries additem 112 spawnitem 112 removeitem 112 Consumables
IconSnowberries.png Snowberries additem 113 spawnitem 113 removeitem 113 Consumables
IconBlueberry.png Blueberries additem 114 spawnitem 114 removeitem 114 Consumables
IconAmanitaMushroom.png Amanita Mushroom additem 115 spawnitem 115 removeitem 115 Consumables
IconChanterelleMushroom.png Chanterelle Mushroom additem 116 spawnitem 116 removeitem 116 Consumables
IconCassetteTape.png Cassette 2 additem 117 spawnitem 117 removeitem 117 Tool
IconCassetteTape.png Cassette 4 additem 118 spawnitem 118 removeitem 118 Tool
IconCassetteTape.png Cassette 3 additem 119 spawnitem 119 removeitem 119 Tool
IconCassetteTape.png Cassette 5 additem 120 spawnitem 120 removeitem 120 Tool
Ν/A additem 121 spawnitem 121 removeitem 121 Ν/A
IconWalkyTalky.png Walkie-Talkie additem 122 spawnitem 122 removeitem 122 Tool
IconMeat.png Meat additem 123 spawnitem 123 removeitem 123 Consumables
Ν/A additem 124 spawnitem 124 removeitem 124 Ν/A
Ν/A additem 125 spawnitem 125 removeitem 125 Ν/A
IconDeerSkin.png Deer Skin additem 126 spawnitem 126 removeitem 126 Material
IconFish.png Fish additem 127 spawnitem 127 removeitem 127 Consumables
Ν/A additem 128 spawnitem 128 removeitem 128 Ν/A
IconRabbitFur.png Rabbit Fur additem 129 spawnitem 129 removeitem 129 Material
IconPouch.png Pouch additem 130 spawnitem 130 removeitem 130 Storage
IconBluePaint.png Blue Paint additem 131 spawnitem 131 removeitem 131 Material
IconOrangePaint.png Orange Paint additem 132 spawnitem 132 removeitem 132 Material
IconToyHead.png Broken Toy Head additem 133 spawnitem 133 removeitem 133 Story
IconToyRightArm.png Broken Toy Arms additem 134 spawnitem 134 removeitem 134 Story
IconToyRightLeg.png Broken Toy Legs additem 135 spawnitem 135 removeitem 135 Story
IconToyBody.png Broken Toy Body additem 136 spawnitem 136 removeitem 136 Story
IconStealthArmor.png Stealth Armor additem 137 spawnitem 137 removeitem 137 Armor
IconClimbingAxe.png Climbing Axe additem 138 spawnitem 138 removeitem 138 Weapon
IconMapCave2.png Map cave 2 additem 139 spawnitem 139 removeitem 139 Tool
IconCrucifix.png Crucifix additem 140 spawnitem 140 removeitem 140 Story
IconTurtleShell.png Turtle Shell additem 141 spawnitem 141 removeitem 141 Weapon
IconOldPot.png Old Pot additem 142 spawnitem 142 removeitem 142 Tool
IconRebreather.png Rebreather additem 143 spawnitem 143 removeitem 143 Tools
IconAirCanister.png Air Canister additem 144 spawnitem 144 removeitem 144 Tool
IconWaterskin.png Waterskin additem 145 spawnitem 145 removeitem 145 Storage
Ν/A additem 146 spawnitem 146 removeitem 146 Ν/A
IconMagazinePracticalCaver.png The Practical Caver additem 147 spawnitem 147 removeitem 147 Story
IconMagazineYacht.png Yacht Magazine additem 148 spawnitem 148 removeitem 148 Story
IconMagazineBeneathLimestone.png Beneath The Limestone additem 149 spawnitem 149 removeitem 149 Story
IconBible.png Bible additem 150 spawnitem 150 removeitem 150 Story
Ν/A additem 151 spawnitem 151 removeitem 151 Ν/A
IconYachtPhoto.png Yacht Picture additem 152 spawnitem 152 removeitem 152 Story
VirginiaPhotoFarket.png Photo of Virginia additem 153 spawnitem 153 removeitem 153 Story
IconLatinPaper.png Sinkhole Photo additem 154 spawnitem 154 removeitem 154 Story
VirginiaSketchFarket.png Virginia Sketch additem 155 spawnitem 155 removeitem 155 Story
Map Top Left Farket.png Map Part 1 additem 156 spawnitem 156 removeitem 156 Tool
Map Top Right Farket.png Map Part 2 additem 157 spawnitem 157 removeitem 157 Tool
Ν/A additem 158 spawnitem 158 removeitem 158 Ν/A
Map Bottom Right Farket.png Map Part 4 additem 159 spawnitem 159 removeitem 159 Tool
Ν/A additem 160 spawnitem 160 removeitem 160 Ν/A
Ν/A additem 161 spawnitem 161 removeitem 161 Ν/A
Ν/A additem 162 spawnitem 162 removeitem 162 Ν/A
Ν/A additem 163 spawnitem 163 removeitem 163 Ν/A
Ν/A additem 164 spawnitem 164 removeitem 164 Ν/A
Map Bottom Left Farket.png Map Part 3 additem 165 spawnitem 165 removeitem 165 Tool
Ν/A additem 166 spawnitem 166 removeitem 166 Ν/A
Ν/A additem 167 spawnitem 167 removeitem 167 Ν/A
Ν/A additem 168 spawnitem 168 removeitem 168 Ν/A
4 Piece Map Together Farket.png Map Full additem 169 spawnitem 169 removeitem 169 Tool
Ν/A additem 170 spawnitem 170 removeitem 170 Ν/A
Ν/A additem 171 spawnitem 171 removeitem 171 Ν/A
Ν/A additem 172 spawnitem 172 removeitem 172 Ν/A
IconCompass.png Compass additem 173 spawnitem 173 removeitem 173 Tool
Ν/A additem 174 spawnitem 174 removeitem 174 Ν/A
IconDynamite.png Dynamite additem 175 spawnitem 175 removeitem 175 Weapon
IconMilkCarton.png Milk Carton additem 176 spawnitem 176 removeitem 176 Story
IconUpgradedSpear.png Upgraded Spear additem 177 spawnitem 177 removeitem 177 Weapon
IconBone.png Bone additem 178 spawnitem 178 removeitem 178 Material
IconTimmysToy.png Timmy's Toy Full additem 179 spawnitem 179 removeitem 179 Story
IconKatana.png Katana additem 180 spawnitem 180 removeitem 180 Weapon
IconOyster.png Oyster additem 181 spawnitem 181 removeitem 181 Consumables
IconTeddyBearPolaroid.png Polaroid Teddy Bear additem 182 spawnitem 182 removeitem 182 Story
StripperNewspaper diffuse.png Siblings Missing Newspaper additem 183 spawnitem 183 removeitem 183 Story
IconTennisRacket.png Tennis Racket additem 184 spawnitem 184 removeitem 184 Weapon
IconHeadRabbit.png Rabbit Head additem 185 spawnitem 185 removeitem 185 Non storage
IconHeadBoar.png Boar Head additem 186 spawnitem 186 removeitem 186 Non storage
IconHeadDeer.png Deer Head additem 187 spawnitem 187 removeitem 187 Non storage
IconHeadCrocodile.png Crocodile Head additem 188 spawnitem 188 removeitem 188 Non storage
IconHeadRaccoon.png Raccoon Head additem 189 spawnitem 189 removeitem 189 Non storage
IconHeadLizard.png Lizard Head additem 190 spawnitem 190 removeitem 190 Non storage
IconHeadSeagull.png Seagull Head additem 191 spawnitem 191 removeitem 191 Non storage
IconHeadSquirrel.png Squirrel Head additem 192 spawnitem 192 removeitem 192 Non storage
IconHeadTortoise.png Tortoise Head additem 193 spawnitem 193 removeitem 193 Non storage
IconHeadGoose.png Goose Head additem 194 spawnitem 194 removeitem 194 Non storage
IconHeadShark.png Shark Head additem 195 spawnitem 195 removeitem 195 Non storage
IconMap.png Map additem 196 spawnitem 196 removeitem 196 Tool
IconPassengerManifest.png Passenger Manifest additem 197 spawnitem 197 removeitem 197 Story
IconMetalTray.png Metal Tin Tray additem 198 spawnitem 198 removeitem 198 Tool
IconSnowshoes.png Snowshoes additem 199 spawnitem 199 removeitem 199 Tool
IconQuiver.png Quiver additem 200 spawnitem 200 removeitem 200 Storage
IconRabbitFurBoots.png Rabbit Fur Boots additem 201 spawnitem 201 removeitem 201 Armor
IconFortune.png Fortune additem 202 spawnitem 202 removeitem 202 Story
IconTheDarkHairedMan.png The Dark Haired Man Book additem 203 spawnitem 203 removeitem 203 Story
IconBoneArmor.png Bone Armor additem 204 spawnitem 204 removeitem 204 Armor
IconSeeds.png Coneflower Seeds additem 205 spawnitem 205 removeitem 205 Unique
IconSeeds.png Blueberry Seeds additem 206 spawnitem 206 removeitem 206 Unique
IconSmallMeat.png Small Meat additem 207 spawnitem 207 removeitem 207 Consumables
IconTimmysDrawing.png Timmy Drawing additem 208 spawnitem 208 removeitem 208 Story
IconRealMagazine.png Real! Magazine additem 209 spawnitem 209 removeitem 209 Story
IconKeycard.png Keycard additem 210 spawnitem 210 removeitem 210 Story
Blackberries.png Blackberries additem 211 spawnitem 211 removeitem 211 Consumables
IconHealthMix.png Herbal Medicine+ additem 212 spawnitem 212 removeitem 212 Consumables
IconEnergyMix.png Energy Mix additem 213 spawnitem 213 removeitem 213 Consumables
IconRockBag.png Rock Bag additem 214 spawnitem 214 removeitem 214 Storage
IconStickBag.png Stick Bag additem 215 spawnitem 215 removeitem 215 Storage
ObeliskPictureFarket.png Artifact Sketch 1 additem 216 spawnitem 216 removeitem 216 Story
IconObeliskDrawing.png Artifact Sketch 2 additem 217 spawnitem 217 removeitem 217 Story
IconMagazineEthical.png Ethical Scientist Magazine additem 218 spawnitem 218 removeitem 218 Story
IconMeganPhoto.png Megan Polaroid additem 219 spawnitem 219 removeitem 219 Story
CacheMap 01.png Photo Cache 1 additem 220 spawnitem 220 removeitem 220 Story
CacheMap 04.png Photo Cache 4 additem 221 spawnitem 221 removeitem 221 Story
CacheMap 05.png Photo Cache 5 additem 222 spawnitem 222 removeitem 222 Story
CacheMap 06.png Photo Cache 6 additem 223 spawnitem 223 removeitem 223 Story
CacheMap 08.png Photo Cache 8 additem 224 spawnitem 224 removeitem 224 Story
CacheMap 03.png Photo Cache 3 additem 225 spawnitem 225 removeitem 225 Story
CacheMap 02.png Photo Cache 2 additem 226 spawnitem 226 removeitem 226 Story
CacheMap 09.png Photo Cache 9 additem 227 spawnitem 227 removeitem 227 Story
Ν/A additem 228 spawnitem 228 removeitem 228 Ν/A
IconShippingManifest.png Cargo Manifest additem 229 spawnitem 229 removeitem 229 Story
IconFlintlockPistol.png Flintlock Pistol additem 230 spawnitem 230 removeitem 230 Weapon
IconGunAmmo.png Old Gun Ammo additem 231 spawnitem 231 removeitem 231 Weapon
IconGunPart1.png Flintlock Gun Part 1 additem 232 spawnitem 232 removeitem 232 Weapon
IconGunPart2.png Flintlock Gun Part 2 additem 233 spawnitem 233 removeitem 233 Weapon
IconGunPart3.png Flintlock Gun Part 3 additem 234 spawnitem 234 removeitem 234 Weapon
IconGunPart4.png Flintlock Gun Part 4 additem 235 spawnitem 235 removeitem 235 Weapon
IconGunPart5.png Flintlock Gun Part 5 additem 236 spawnitem 236 removeitem 236 Weapon
IconGunPart6.png Flintlock Gun Part 6 additem 237 spawnitem 237 removeitem 237 Weapon
IconGunPart7.png Flintlock Gun Part 7 additem 238 spawnitem 238 removeitem 238 Weapon
Ν/A additem 239 spawnitem 239 removeitem 239 Ν/A
IconPaintBrush.png Paint Brush additem 240 spawnitem 240 removeitem 240 Story
IconGunPart8.png Flintlock Gun Part 8 additem 241 spawnitem 241 removeitem 241 Weapon
Keycard2Farket.png Keycard 2 additem 242 spawnitem 242 removeitem 242 Story
IconRestrainingOrder.png Restraining order additem 243 spawnitem 243 removeitem 243 Story
IconTerminationNotice.png Termination Email additem 244 spawnitem 244 removeitem 244 Story
MorgueManifest Diffuse.png Morgue Report additem 245 spawnitem 245 removeitem 245 Story
BibleManifest Diffuse-1.png Bible Page One additem 246 spawnitem 246 removeitem 246 Story
BibleManifest02 Diffuse.png Bible Page Two additem 247 spawnitem 247 removeitem 247 Story
IconMegansCrayons.png Megan Crayons additem 248 spawnitem 248 removeitem 248 Story
IconPhotoObelisk.png Obelisk Photo additem 249 spawnitem 249 removeitem 249 Story
IconObeliskDrawing.png Obelisk Drawing additem 250 spawnitem 250 removeitem 250 Story
IconMeganDrawings.png Megan Drawing Flowers additem 251 spawnitem 251 removeitem 251 Story
IconMeganDrawings.png Megan Drawing Dad additem 252 spawnitem 252 removeitem 252 Story
IconMeganDrawings.png Megan Drawing Unicorn additem 253 spawnitem 253 removeitem 253 Story
IconMeganDrawings.png Megan Drawing Dinosaur additem 254 spawnitem 254 removeitem 254 Story
PlaneEmail Diffuse.png Plane Email additem 255 spawnitem 255 removeitem 255 Story
IconMeganEmail.png Megan Photo Email additem 256 spawnitem 256 removeitem 256 Story
IconRepairTool.png Repair Tool additem 257 spawnitem 257 removeitem 257 Tool
IconPolaroidKeycard.png Polaroid Keycard 1 additem 258 spawnitem 258 removeitem 258 Story
IconPolaroidKeycard.png Polaroid Keycard 2 additem 259 spawnitem 259 removeitem 259 Story
IconPolaroidKeycard.png Polaroid Keycard 3 additem 260 spawnitem 260 removeitem 260 Story
IconChainsaw.png Chainsaw additem 261 spawnitem 261 removeitem 261 Weapon
IconFuel.png Fuel additem 262 spawnitem 262 removeitem 262 Tool
IconChainsawAdvertisement.png Chainsaw Advertisement additem 263 spawnitem 263 removeitem 263 Story
Ν/A additem 264 spawnitem 264 removeitem 264 Ν/A
IconMachete.png Machete additem 265 spawnitem 265 removeitem 265 Weapon
Ν/A additem 266 spawnitem 266 removeitem 266 Ν/A
IconCamcorder.png Camcorder additem 267 spawnitem 267 removeitem 267 Story
Ν/A additem 268 spawnitem 268 removeitem 268 Ν/A
IconCamcorderTape.png Camcorder Tape 1 additem 269 spawnitem 269 removeitem 269 Story
IconCamcorderTape.png Camcorder Tape 3 additem 270 spawnitem 270 removeitem 270 Story
IconCamcorderTape.png Camcorder Tape 4 additem 271 spawnitem 271 removeitem 271 Story
IconCamcorderTape.png Camcorder Tape 2 additem 272 spawnitem 272 removeitem 272 Story
IconCamcorderTape.png Camcorder Tape 6 additem 273 spawnitem 273 removeitem 273 Story
IconCamcorderTape.png Camcorder Tape 5 additem 274 spawnitem 274 removeitem 274 Story
IconPuffMushroom.png Puff Mushroom additem 275 spawnitem 275 removeitem 275 Consumables
IconLibertyCap.png Liberty Cap Mushroom additem 276 spawnitem 276 removeitem 276 Consumables
IconJackMushroom.png Jack Mushroom additem 277 spawnitem 277 removeitem 277 Consumables
IconDeerMushroom.png Deer Mushroom additem 278 spawnitem 278 removeitem 278 Consumables
IconModernBow.png Modern Bow additem 279 spawnitem 279 removeitem 279 Weapon
IconElectricalTape.png Electrical Tape additem 280 spawnitem 280 removeitem 280 Material
IconSlingshot.png Slingshot additem 281 spawnitem 281 removeitem 281 Weapon
IconThrowableRockBag.png Throwable Rock Bag additem 282 spawnitem 282 removeitem 282 Storage
IconCraftedBow.png Crafted Bow with Torch additem 283 spawnitem 283 removeitem 283 Weapon
Ν/A additem 284 spawnitem 284 removeitem 284 Ν/A
Ν/A additem 285 spawnitem 285 removeitem 285 Ν/A
Ν/A additem 286 spawnitem 286 removeitem 286 Ν/A
IconModernBow.png Modern Bow with Torch additem 287 spawnitem 287 removeitem 287 Weapon
IconChainsaw.png Chainsaw with Torch additem 288 spawnitem 288 removeitem 288 Weapon
IconFlintlockPistol.png Flintlock Pistol with Torch additem 289 spawnitem 289 removeitem 289 Weapon
IconSpearBag.png Spear Bag additem 290 spawnitem 290 removeitem 290 Storage
IconHairspray.png Hairspray additem 291 spawnitem 291 removeitem 291 Weapon
IconBoarSkin.png Boar Skin additem 292 spawnitem 292 removeitem 292 Material
IconRaccoonSkin.png Raccoon Skin additem 293 spawnitem 293 removeitem 293 Material
IconArtifactBall.png Artifact Ball additem 294 spawnitem 294 removeitem 294 Story
IconHeadArmsy.png Armsy Head additem 295 spawnitem 295 removeitem 295 Non storage
IconHeadMutantBaby.png Mutant Baby Head additem 296 spawnitem 296 removeitem 296 Non storage
IconHeadCowman.png Cowman Head additem 297 spawnitem 297 removeitem 297 Non storage
IconHeadVirginia.png Virginia Head additem 298 spawnitem 298 removeitem 298 Non storage
IconWarmsuit.png Warmsuit additem 299 spawnitem 299 removeitem 299 Armor
Ν/A additem 300 spawnitem 300 removeitem 300 Ν/A
IconCreepyArmor.png Creepy Armor additem 301 spawnitem 301 removeitem 301 Armor
Ν/A additem 302 spawnitem 302 removeitem 302 Ν/A
Ν/A additem 303 spawnitem 303 removeitem 303 Ν/A
Ν/A additem 304 spawnitem 304 removeitem 304 Ν/A
IconArtifactKey.png Artifact Key additem 305 spawnitem 305 removeitem 305 Story
CrossbowFarket.png Crossbow additem 306 spawnitem 306 removeitem 306 Weapon
BoltFarket.png Crossbow bolts additem 307 spawnitem 307 removeitem 307 Weapon
Schematic1Farket.png Schematic 1 additem 308 spawnitem 308 removeitem 308 Story
Schematic2Farket.png Schematic 2 additem 309 spawnitem 309 removeitem 309 Story
Schematic3Farket.png Schematic 3 additem 311 spawnitem 311 removeitem 311 Story
Schematic4Farket.png Schematic 4 additem 310 spawnitem 310 removeitem 310 Story


To teleport to a location, you can use the goto command. It does require that you have the coordinates listed after the command.

Named Locations
These locations can be accessed by typing in the their name, a very easy way to teleport. There is most likely many more, though they need to be discovered by testing:

Name Command Other Information
Inside the Yacht goto yacht Takes you inside the yacht
On top of the Yacht goto boat Takes you on top of the yacht
Back of the Yacht goto cross Takes you to the back of the yacht
Door on the Yacht goto door Takes you to the door on the yacht
Plane goto hull Takes you to the plane spawn location in your current game
Geese Lake goto geeselake Takes you to Geese Lake
Sinkhole goto sinkhole Takes you to the bottom of the sinkhole
Snow Biome goto snow Takes you to the snow biome
Ocean goto ocean Takes you to the Ocean, may spawn you underneath the map so you'll keep falling
Cave 1 goto cave1 Takes you to the entrance of Cave 1 - Dead Cave
Cave 2 goto cave2 Takes you to the entrance of Cave 2 - Hanging Cave
Cave 3 goto cave3 Takes you to the entrance of Cave 3 - Wet Cave
Cave 5 goto cave5 Takes you to the entrance of Cave 5 - Submerged Cave
Cave 6 goto cave6 Takes you to the entrance of Cave 6 - Lawyer Cave
Cave 7 goto cave7 Takes you to the entrance of Cave 7 - Chasm Cave
Gun Part 1 goto cache1 Takes you to the cache with Gun Part 1
Gun Part 2 goto cache2 Takes you to the cache with Gun Part 2
Gun Part 3 goto cache3 Takes you to the cache with Gun Part 3
Gun Part 4 goto cache5 Takes you to the cache with Gun Part 4 (not a mistake)
Gun Part 5 goto cache4 Takes you to the cache with Gun Part 5 (not a mistake)
Gun Part 6 goto cache6 Takes you to the cache with Gun Part 6
Gun Part 7 goto cache8 Takes you to the cache with Gun Part 7 (not a mistake)
Gun Part 8 goto cache9 Takes you to the cache with Gun Part 8 (not a mistake)
Cave Light Generator goto light Takes you to a random light generator that are in caves, possibly under water
Artifact goto artifact Takes you to the first artifact - ENDGAME DOOR MUST BE OPENED FIRST TO WORK
Shutdown Console goto shutdown Takes you to the endgame computers - ENDGAME DOOR MUST BE OPENED FIRST TO WORK
Activate Console goto controlscreen Takes you to the endgame computers - ENDGAME DOOR MUST BE OPENED FIRST TO WORK
Endgame Door goto blocklock Takes you to the endgame computers - ENDGAME DOOR MUST BE OPENED FIRST TO WORK
Endgame Plane goto passangerplane Takes you to the endgame plane that crashes, you'll need cave brightness and fly mode from Ultimate Cheat Menu to see and look around it - ENDGAME DOOR MUST BE OPENED FIRST TO WORK
Random Projector goto controlroom Takes you to the second artifact control room - ENDGAME DOOR MUST BE OPENED FIRST TO WORK
Random Chair goto chair Takes you to a random chair in the endgame area - ENDGAME DOOR MUST BE OPENED FIRST TO WORK
Random Projector goto projector Takes you to a random projector in the endgame area - ENDGAME DOOR MUST BE OPENED FIRST TO WORK
Random Keyboard goto keyboard Takes you to a random keyboard in the endgame area - ENDGAME DOOR MUST BE OPENED FIRST TO WORK
Random Drawing goto keyboard Takes you to a random drawing in the endgame area - ENDGAME DOOR MUST BE OPENED FIRST TO WORK
Random Whiteboard goto whiteboard Takes you to a random whiteboard in the endgame area - ENDGAME DOOR MUST BE OPENED FIRST TO WORK
Cafeteria goto food
goto microwave
Takes you to the cafeteria in the endgame - ENDGAME DOOR MUST BE OPENED FIRST TO WORK
Unknown Stats goto health
goto stamina
goto hydration
Takes you to a random place underground, needs more testing
Containers goto container Takes you to the containers on the beach, may spawn you underground
Camera? goto camera Takes you what looks like the 2nd plane?, this definitely needs more testing as it takes you out of the world - ENDGAME DOOR MUST BE OPENED FIRST TO WORK
Animal Trap goto cage Takes you to the last placed Animal Trap (doesn't work on Fish trap)
Water Collector goto water Takes you to the last placed Water Collector
Log goto log Takes you to the last used log (doesn't work with dropped logs and some structures)
Stick goto stick Takes you to the last used stick (doesn't work with dropped sticks and some structures)
Rope goto rope Takes you to the last used rope (if there is no player-build structure, it takes you to the climb entrance of the Cave 10 - Waterfall Cave)
Flare goto flare Takes you to the last used Flare
Arrow goto arrow Takes you to the last fired arrow (except for the Modern Arrow
Modern Arrow goto arrow Takes you to the last fired Modern arrow
Sap Collector goto pot Takes you to the last placed Sap collector
Armor goto armor Takes you to the last placed Armor on the Armor Rack
Skin goto skin Takes you to the last placed skin on the Skin Rack
Meds goto meds Takes you to the last spawned Meds
Seaside Village goto fire Takes you to the unusable fire in the Seaside Village
Main Village goto hut Takes you to the hut in the Main Village
Main Village goto skull Takes you to the climbing entrance of the Cave 2 - Hanging Cave in the Main Village
Funny stuff goto 0 -1000000 0 Takes you out of the game world and you'll become all fuzzy and pixelated, games don't like long coded numbers apparently
Weird stuff goto cloth Takes you to the last placed Rock in the Catapult

Numbered Locations
These are the known locations with their coordinates:

Name Coordinates Other Information
Pedometer goto 109 -80 -951 Cave 7 - Chasm Cave, beware of virginia and cannibals
Modern Bow goto 709 -265 -523 Requires Rebreather to exit normally
Machete goto 67 -298 32 Bottom of the sinkhole, heaps of armsies, cowmans and cannibals
Restraining order goto 312 7 -856
Flintlock Gun Part 1 goto -763 127 1465
Flintlock Gun Part 2 goto 770 99 1530
Flintlock Gun Part 3 goto -38 59 1049
Flintlock Gun Part 4 goto 832 95 434
Flintlock Gun Part 5 goto 1145 46 -534
Flintlock Gun Part 6 goto 1612 49 669
Flintlock Gun Part 7 goto 599 236 -1130
Flintlock Gun Part 8 goto 1428 112 -1215
Tennis Racket goto 183 -89 -847
Toy Head goto -440 22 952
Toy Body goto -433 -17 594
Toy Arm 1 goto -791 32 -2
Toy Arm 2 goto 263 25 -836
Toy Leg 1 goto 841 17 881
Toy Leg 2 goto 42 -289 -273
1. Cassette Tape 1 + Cassette Player goto 366 41 1390 Inside yacht
2. Cassette Tape 1 + Cassette Player goto -321 72 822 Cave 2 - Hanging Cave
Cassette Tape 2 goto 149 9 1299 Cave 4 - Baby Cave
Cassette Tape 3 goto 437 -265 127 Cave 10 - Waterfall Cave, beware cannibals and cowman
Cassette Tape 4 goto 591 236 -1127 grave, snow biome
1. Cassette Tape 5 goto 275 46 1222 grave, beach
2. Cassette Tape 5 goto -2 2 338 Cave 1 - Dead Cave
Camcorder tape 1 goto 1073 64 293 Cave 6 - Lawyer Cave
Camcorder tape 2 goto 688 -189 284 Cave 6 - Lawyer Cave
Camcorder tape 3 goto -200 -97 -220 Cave 6 - Lawyer Cave
Camcorder tape 4 goto 247 -279 -466 Cave 7 - Sinkhole Cave
Camcorder tape 5 goto 168 -324 710 Cave HC, under sinkhole, don't go down it's next to you
Camcorder tape 6 goto -217 -361 835 endgame
Climbing axe goto -292 -89 -161 Cave 9 - Ledge Cave, beware cannibals and mutant babies
Rebreather goto 968 -90 707 Cave 5 - Submerged Cave
Flare gun goto -383 238 -1409 Cockpit
Upgraded Spear goto 135 81 -684 crouch to exit, yes it spawn naturally
Upgraded Spear goto 1228 46 -563 Beach Hut Village
Katana goto -384 -83 893 Cave 1 - Dead Cave
Modern Axe goto -269 -69 1013 Cave 2 - Hanging Cave
Compass + Map goto -640 94 1102 Cave 2 - Hanging Cave
1. Flashlight goto -452 -78 902 Cave 1 - Dead Cave, break wood
2. Flashlight goto 1024 -11 737 Cave 5 - Submerged Cave, on small rock in front of wood
3. Flashlight goto 310 7 -856 Cave 7 - Chasm Cave
Camcorder + Keycard goto 1289 -68 625 Cave 6 - Lawyer Cave, beware of armsy and mutant babies
Camcorder + Keycard goto 1272 -39 569 safe, infront of rope to these two
Camcorder + Keycard goto 1282 -51 582 safe, small rock formation to snipe enemies, be careful easy to fall
Cave 1 - Dead Cave + Dynamite goto 53 -16 221 Accessible via rock gap
Yacht goto 351 44 1384 Yacht On board, no swimming
Cave 1 - Dead Cave goto -479 104 601 Accessible via rope.
Cave 1 - Dead Cave goto 87 84 654 Accessible via rock gap.
Cave 2 - Hanging Cave goto -174 54 1022 Accessible via rock gap.
Cave 2 - Hanging Cave goto -183 176 530 Accessible via rope.
Cave 3 - Wet Cave goto -705 50 144 Accessible via underwater. Rebreather required.
Cave 3 - Wet Cave goto -895 60 -7 Accessible via rock gap.
Cave 4 - Baby Cave goto -19 61 1224 Accessible via rope.
Cave 5 - Submerged Cave goto 598 69 940 Accessible via rock gap.
Cave 5 - Submerged Cave goto 785 80 858 Accessible via rope.
Cave 5 - Submerged Cave goto 680 65 401 Accessible via underwater. Rebreather required.
Cave 6 - Lawyer Cave goto 1094 81 255 Accessible via rock gap.
Cave 6 - Lawyer Cave goto 764 82 110 Accessible via rock gap.
Cave 6 - Lawyer Cave goto 699 73 240 Accessible via rope.
Cave 7 - Chasm Cave goto 487 72 -635 Accessible via rock gap.
Cave 9 - Ledge Cave goto 375 67 -170 Accessible via rope.
Cave 9 - Ledge Cave goto -540 71 -169 Accessible via rope.
Cave 10 - Waterfall Cave goto 481 57 -82 Accessible via rope.
Cave HC - Hell Cave goto 165 -299 99 Accessible via underwater. Rebreather required.
Endgame Entrance goto 233, -420, 1224
Endgame Exit goto -519 252 -1560
Last Device goto -445 707 -1764
Vault door goto 50 -383 1328 Cave HC, infront of them
Coffee + Vending machines goto -109 -387 1389 endgame
Make it rain achievement goto -93 -380 1225 endgame, beware of armsy
Timmy goto -250 -361 852 endgame
Megan/boss goto -397 -349 408 endgame
Gross achievement goto -568 -430 1013 endgame


These commands will affect building:

Code Description
cancelallghosts Removes every blueprints that has been placed. If you have a lot of blueprints, this will be VERY LOUD!
buildallghosts Builds every blueprints that has been placed. If you have a lot of blueprints, this will be VERY LOUD!
buildhack on
buildhack off
Allows building like Creative Mode. You build with unlimited resources and really fast.
loghack on
loghack off
Carried logs are infinite, must have a log in hand to work. Must be turned off to drop or use a weapon etc. This command is useful for filling up log holders or log sleds. It's also useful to testing out zipline catches.
placeallghosts Places a ghost/blueprint for every building in the game right in front of the player, garden will be tricky to place as it is bugged. Will place the Wardrobe and Head Effigy blueprints

These commands will build whatever building you wish instantly, including buildings that have been removed from the game or gardens that can grow mushrooms out of caves etc. The number next to them indicates how many are built, Explosive Wire Traps are fun for this.

Unique Buildings - Cannot be built normally or the way they are spawned here:

Building Command Uniqueness
WardrobeFarket.png Wardrobe PlaceBuiltObjects Wardrobe_Built 1 Not implemented into the game, can be added through this command. Unable to choose where you can place it though
SmallWallFarket.png Small Wall PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_SmallWallChunkBuilt 1 Not implemented into the game, can be added through this command. Unable to choose where you can place it though
LargeDryingRackFarket.png Large Drying Rack PlaceBuiltObjects DryingRackBuilt 1 Removed from the game, can only be added through this command. Will sink into the ground when placed.
IconGardenCave.png Garden Cave PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_GardenUndergroundBuilt2 1 Can be placed OUT of caves
HeadEffigyFarket.png Head Effigy PlaceBuiltObjects EffigyHead 1 Removed from the game, can only be added through this command
Oar from boats PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_RaftOarBuilt 1 Not buildable in game, this is very bugged. Unable to let go of it once selected
IconGarden.png Small Garden PlaceBuiltObjects GardenBuilt 1 Removed from the game, was the original non custom garden. Its covered in moss.
AlpineTreeHouseFarket.png Alpine Tree House PlaceBuiltObjects TreeHouseChalet_Built_Anchor 1 Can be placed without a tree, it will sit on the ground for a different look.
AlpineTreeHouseFarket.png Alpine Tree House - With climbing rope PlaceBuiltObjects TreeHouseChalet_Built_Rope 1 Can be placed without a tree, it will sit on the ground for a different look.
IconTreeHouse.png Tree House - No climbing rope PlaceBuiltObjects TreeHouse_Built_Anchor 1 Can be placed without a tree, it will sit on the ground for a different look.
IconTreeHouse.png Tree House - With climbing rope PlaceBuiltObjects TreeHouse_Built_Rope 1 Can be placed without a tree, it will sit on the ground for a different look.
IconTreePlatform.png Tree Platform - No climbing rope PlaceBuiltObjects TreePlatform_Built_Anchor 1 Can be placed without a tree, it will sit on the ground for a different look.
IconTreePlatform.png Tree Platform - With climbing rope PlaceBuiltObjects TreePlatform_Built_Rope 1 Can be placed without a tree, it will sit on the ground for a different look.
IconSapCollector.png Sap Collector PlaceBuiltObjects TreesapCollectorBuilt 1 Can be placed without a tree.
IconCustomWall.png Custom Wall PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_WallChunkBuilt 1 Custom wall though it may be different from the other one below.
IconCustomWall.png Custom Wall PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_WallChunkBuiltH 1 Custom wall though it may be different from the other one above.
IconFishTrap.png Fish Trap PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_FishBuilt 1 Can be placed on land if you are after a fishing village look.

Standard Buildings

Building Command
IconArmorRack.png Armor Rack PlaceBuiltObjects ArmorMannequinBuilt 1
IconArrowBasket.png Arrow Basket PlaceBuiltObjects ArrowBasketBuilt 1
IconBed.png Bed PlaceBuiltObjects Bed_Built 1
IconBirdhouse.png Birdhouse PlaceBuiltObjects Birdhouse_Built 1
IconBoneBasket.png Bone Basket PlaceBuiltObjects BoneBasketBuilt 1
IconBoneChair.png Bone Chair PlaceBuiltObjects BoneChair_Built 1
IconBoneFrame.png Bone Frame PlaceBuiltObjects BoneFrame_Built 1
IconBonfire.png Bonfire PlaceBuiltObjects BonFireBuilt 1
IconCeilingSkullLamp.png Ceiling Skull Lamp PlaceBuiltObjects CeilingSkullLightBuilt 1
IconChair.png Chair PlaceBuiltObjects ChairBuilt 1
IconBoneChandelier.png Bone Chandelier PlaceBuiltObjects Chandelier_Built 1
IconDeerSkin.png Deer Skin Decoration PlaceBuiltObjects Decoration_deerSkinBuilt 1
IconGroundWeaponHolder.png Ground Weapon Holder PlaceBuiltObjects Decoration_GroundWeaponHolderBuilt 1
IconRabbitFur.png Rabbit Fur Decoration PlaceBuiltObjects Decoration_RabbitSkinBuilt 1
IconSkullTrophy.png Decorative Skull PlaceBuiltObjects Decoration_skullBuilt 1
IconHeadTrophy.png Head Trophy PlaceBuiltObjects Decoration_TrophyMakerBuilt 1
IconWallPlanter.png Wall Planter PlaceBuiltObjects Decoration_WallPlantPotBuilt 1
IconWallWeaponRack.png Wall Weapon Rack PlaceBuiltObjects Decoration_WallWeaponHolderBuilt 1
IconDryingRack.png Drying Rack PlaceBuiltObjects DryingRackLiteBuilt 1
IconLargeEffigy.png Large Effigy PlaceBuiltObjects EffigyBigBuilt 1
IconArmEffigy.png Arm Effigy PlaceBuiltObjects EffigyRainBuilt 1
IconSmallEffigy.png Small Effigy PlaceBuiltObjects EffigySmallBuilt 1
IconBoneFence.png Bone Fence PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_BoneFenceChunkBuilt 1
IconCrane.png Crane PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_CraneBuilt 1
IconCustomEffigy.png Custom Effigy PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_EffigyBuilt 1
IconCustomFloor.png Custom Floor PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_FloorBuilt 1
IconGarden.png Garden Custom PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_GardenBuilt 1
IconPlatform.png Platform PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_PlatformBuilt 1
IconRockWall.png Rock Wall PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_RockFenceChunkBuilt 1
IconRockPath.png Rock Path PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_RockPathChunkBuilt 1
IconStickFence.png Stick Fence PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_StickFenceChunkBuilt 1
DefensiveWallFarket.png Defensive Wall PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_WallDefensiveChunkBuilt 1
IconFreestandingZipline.png Freestanding Zipline PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_ZiplineBuilt 1
IconTreeZipline.png Tree Zipline PlaceBuiltObjects Ex_ZiplineTreeBuilt 1
IconBasicFire.png Basic Fire PlaceBuiltObjects FireBuilt 1
IconFirePit.png Fire Pit PlaceBuiltObjects FireBuiltRockPit 1
IconFireplace.png Fireplace PlaceBuiltObjects Fireplace_Built 1
IconStandingFire.png Standing Fire PlaceBuiltObjects FireStandBuilt 1
IconGazebo.png Gazebo PlaceBuiltObjects GazeboBuilt 1
IconExplosivesHolder.png Explosives Holder PlaceBuiltObjects HolderExplosives_Built 1
IconLargeCabinet.png Large Cabinet PlaceBuiltObjects HolderSnacks_Built 1
IconHouseBoat.png House Boat PlaceBuiltObjects HouseBoat_Small 1
IconLargeRaft.png Large Raft PlaceBuiltObjects LargeRaftBuilt 1
IconTempShelter.png Temporary Shelter PlaceBuiltObjects LeafHutBuilt 1
IconLogCabin.png Log Cabin PlaceBuiltObjects LogCabinBuilt 1
IconSmallCabin.png Small Cabin PlaceBuiltObjects LogCabin_Small_Built 1
IconLogHolderSmall.png Small Log Holder PlaceBuiltObjects LogHolderBuilt 1
IconLogHolderLarge.png Large Log Holder PlaceBuiltObjects LogHolderLargeBuilt 1
IconSmallCabinet.png Small Cabinet PlaceBuiltObjects MedicineCabinet_Built 1
IconLogSled.png Log Sled PlaceBuiltObjects MultiSledBuilt 1
IconCatapult.png Catapult PlaceBuiltObjects MultiThrowerBuilt 1
IconRabbitCage.png Rabbit Cage PlaceBuiltObjects RabbitCageBuilt 1
IconSmallRaft.png Small Raft PlaceBuiltObjects RaftBuilt 1
IconRockHolderSmall.png Small Rock Holder PlaceBuiltObjects RockHolderBuilt 1
IconRockHolderLarge.png Large Rock Holder PlaceBuiltObjects RockHolderLargeBuilt 1
IconPlatform.png Side Platform PlaceBuiltObjects RockSidePlatformBuilt 1
IconPlatform.png Platform PlaceBuiltObjects PlatformBuilt 1
IconClimbingRope.png Climbing Rope PlaceBuiltObjects RopeBuilt 1
IconHuntingShelter.png Hunting Shelter PlaceBuiltObjects ShelterBuilt 1
IconSkinRack.png Skin Rack PlaceBuiltObjects SkinRack_Built 1
IconSkullLamp.png Skull Lamp PlaceBuiltObjects SkullLightBuilt 1
IconSmallTable.png Small Table PlaceBuiltObjects SmallTableBuilt 1
IconDefensiveSpikes.png Defensive Spikes PlaceBuiltObjects SpikeDefenseBuilt 1
IconStickMarker.png Stick Marker PlaceBuiltObjects StickMarkerBuilt 1
IconStickHolderSmall.png Small Stick Holder PlaceBuiltObjects Stick_HolderBuilt 1
IconStickHolderLarge.png Large Stick Holder PlaceBuiltObjects Stick_HolderLargeBuilt 1
IconTable.png Table PlaceBuiltObjects TableBuilt 1
IconTarget.png Wood Target PlaceBuiltObjects Target_Built 1
IconDeadfallTrap.png Deadfall Trap PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_Deadfall 1
IconLeafPileTrap.png Leaf Pile Trap PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_LeafPileBuilt 1
IconAnimalTrap.png Animal Trap PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_RabbitBuilt 1
IconNooseTrap.png Noose Trap PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_RopeBuilt 1
IconHBTrap.png Happy Birthday Trap PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_SpikeWall 1
IconRopeSwingTrap.png Rope Swing Trap PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_swingingRockInTree 1
IconExplosiveWireTrap.png Explosive Wire Trap PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_TripWireExplosiveBuilt 1
IconMolotovWireTrap.png Molotov Wire Trap PlaceBuiltObjects Trap_TripWireMolotovBuilt 1
IconWalkWayFarket.png Wooden Path PlaceBuiltObjects WalkwayStraightBuilt 1
IconBasicWall.png Basic Wall PlaceBuiltObjects WallBuilt 1
IconWallWithDoor.png Wall With Door PlaceBuiltObjects WallBuilt_Doorway 1
IconWallWithWindow.png Wall With Window PlaceBuiltObjects WallBuilt_Window 1
IconWaterCollector.png Water Collector PlaceBuiltObjects WaterCollector_Built 1
IconWeaponRack.png Weapon Rack PlaceBuiltObjects WeaponRackBuilt 1
IconCouch.png Couch PlaceBuiltObjects WoodCouch_Built 1
IconStickFrame.png Stick Frame PlaceBuiltObjects WoodFrame_Built 1
IconBench.png Bench PlaceBuiltObjects WorkBenchBuilt 1

Buildings that cannot be added

IconCustomFoundation.png Custom Foundation
IconCustomRoof.png Custom Roof
IconCustomStairs.png Custom Stairs
IconDefensiveWall.png Defensive Wall
IconDefensiveWall.png Defensive Wall (Extendable)
IconDefensiveWallDoubleDoor.png Defensive Wall (Gates)
IconDefensiveWallSingleDoor.png Defensive Wall (Gates)
IconReinforcement.png Defensive Wall Reinforcement
IconDock.png Dock
IconTreeBridge.png Tree Bridge
IconSimpleStairs.png Simple Stairs

Game Objects

These commands toggle objects/meshes/layers on/off, they are quite complicated. The following is a select few of objects, there are 1000s in the game. Using these commands will disable the objects. For example, togglego char_arms_GEO1 will turn off the players arms. If you type the command in again, the arms will return. To obtain names of objects, use the diagrenderers command. It will save a file to you forest folder in steam that will contain the objects loaded around you:

Code Description
enablego Enables game object, it requires game object name.
disablego Disables game object, it requires game object name.
destroy Destroys game object, it requires game object name. Unknown if it is different to disablego command
inspectgo Requires game object name, saves information to game folder.
diagrenderers Saves a TXT file with all assets that have been loaded, excellent for Game Object tweaking
Object Command
Players Pants togglego char_new_Pants_low1
Players Shoes togglego char_new_Shoes_low
Players Shirt togglego char_new_Shirt_low_main
Players Hair togglego char_HairStyle1_low
Players Beard togglego char_Beard
Players Head togglego char_head1_geo
Players Head Shadow togglego char_head1_geoShadowOnly
Players Backpack togglego char_Backpack1
Players Arms togglego char_arms_GEO1
Plane Axe togglego Plane_Axe
Inventory Tarp togglego Tarp
Inventory FakeGround togglego FakeGround
Camcorder Main Part togglego Main_Body
Camcorder Screen Part togglego Screen_low
Camcorder Piece Part togglego Pivot_low
Camcorder Lense togglego Lenses
Camcorder Video togglego VideoQuad
Camcorder LED togglego LED_Screen_low
Endgame Scene Timmys Hair disablego char11_HairStyle3

Load Level Commands

These commands are quite advanced and are not recommended if you are new to console commands
Needs confirmation.
These behave differently depending on whether a game was already loaded and assets are already available. When loading from the main menu, most views will only show the rock cave from the main menu background (trying to load a saved game with loadlevel 2 will partly load a new game (plane sequence), but the camera will only continue to show the "menu cave").
When loading from within a level / while playing, most things seem to load closer to what was probably intended.
The following list is therefore referring to loading from within a loaded game.
It is also possible to get the achievement Survive The Forest by loading into the post-game sequence.
Note that for some of these levels to load, assets may need to be loaded prior. For example, unlocking the end game door with the keycard to be able to access the rest of the end game area.

Command Description
loadlevel 1 Main menu
loadlevel 2 Load last saved/loaded game
loadlevel 3 Host Game menu but broken
loadlevel 4 "Connecting Client" flashes when loaded after 3 (connects to localhost)
loadlevel 5 Tries to access internet(?); GUI becomes unresponsive
loadlevel 6 Reload last loaded save(?)
loadlevel 7 Screen becomes stuck (only console elements still work), unloads some memory
loadlevel 8 Game ending: Talk show, "My next guest is a TV star, author..."
loadlevel 9 SAME AS 8 (See above)
loadlevel 10 Screen becomes stuck (only console elements still work), unloads some memory (reference errors piling up)
loadlevel 11 SAME AS 10 (See above)
loadlevel 12 SAME AS 10 (See above)
loadlevel 13 Bathroom/hotel room scene
loadlevel 14 Credits
loadlevel [15-30] Screen becomes stuck (only console elements still work), unloads some memory, some reference errors

Clear/Delete/Reset Commands

These commands can be dangerous to use. They can delete saved games, reset achievement status, clear settings, etc. Use caution when using these commands:

Code Description
resetstatsandachievements WARNING: Resets all account stats & achievements info
clearallsettings WARNING: Resets all game setting when game is restarted, including key bindings
clearsaveslot all WARNING: Removes all saved games
clearsaveslot sp 1 WARNING: Removes singleplayer saved game in slot 1
clearsaveslot sp 2 WARNING: Removes singleplayer saved game in slot 2
clearsaveslot sp 3 WARNING: Removes singleplayer saved game in slot 3
clearsaveslot sp 4 WARNING: Removes singleplayer saved game in slot 4
clearsaveslot sp 5 WARNING: Removes singleplayer saved game in slot 5
clearsaveslot mp 1 WARNING: Removes multiplayer saved game in slot 1
clearsaveslot mp 2 WARNING: Removes multiplayer saved game in slot 2
clearsaveslot mp 3 WARNING: Removes multiplayer saved game in slot 3
clearsaveslot mp 4 WARNING: Removes multiplayer saved game in slot 4
clearsaveslot mp 5 WARNING: Removes multiplayer saved game in slot 5

Complicated/Unknown Commands

These commands are either complicated, unknown, or they do bizarre/unpleasant things. Not recommended unless you know what you are doing. Most of these are used by the devs for testing purposes:

Code Description
setExitedEndGame on
setExitedEndGame on
Possibly used for multiplayer to prevent the game ending
<amount> <scaleX> <scaleY> <scaleZ>
Spawns noninteractive log(s) at the player's location; scaleX is width, scaleY is height, scaleZ is length.
Example: instancingTestSpawn 1 1 1 1 will spawn a normal log, while instancingTestSpawn 2 2 2 2 will spawn two double sized logs
togglelowershadowsatextremelightangles Has something to do with shadows, it is by default turned on
unloadunusedassets Needs Testing, possibly increases games performance.
togglefpsdisplay Doesn't appear to do anything, FPS can be seen regardless by press F2.Edit: Debug features, toggle fps display in VR mode.
userigidbodyrotation on
userigidbodyrotation off
Causes players camera movements to be rigid instead of smooth
togglevsync Is not the same V-Sync in the option menu, can cause low FPS, needs further testing
gccollect Info from Unity engine site, can improve performance.
lodmanagerscaling Info from Unity engine site, could improve graphic but will cause FPS drops
toggleocclusionculling Info from Unity engine site, Turns on/off assets rendered when camera can't see them. Causes FPS drops.
togglesheenbillboards on
togglesheenbillboards off
Info from Unity engine site, See site for information
filteraudio When used it states 'Audio path filter cleared'. Requires testing.
dumplobbyinfo For Steam Lobby, required to be a lobby to work
greebledrockscollision Needs Testing
physics30fps on
physics30fps off
on - Sets physics to 30 fps instead of 60 fps
off - Sets physics to 60 fps instead of 30 fps (default?)
setplayervariation 0
setplayervariation 1
setplayervariation 2
setplayervariation 3
0 - Changes player's variation to white
1 - Changes player's variation to asian
2 - Changes player's variation to black
3 - Changes player's variation to mexican
setplayertshirtmat Requires mat numbers, they need to be found
addmemory Has no gameplay impact, only makes The Forest use more ram. Used by the devs for testing purposes.
terrainpixelerror Doesn't appear to do anything, needs further testing. Provides code information.
eval Supposed to execute C# Code, appears broken.
targetframerate Doesn't appear to do anything, needs further testing. Provides code information.
count (ComponentName) Needs Testing, requires a component name
counttag (tag) Needs Testing
reporterrorsnow Report logs now, Report warnings now, and Report errors now commands all do the same thing it appears. Requires further testing
reportwarningsnow Report logs now, Report warnings now, and Report errors now commands all do the same thing it appears. Requires further testing
reportlogsnow Report logs now, Report warnings now, and Report errors now commands all do the same thing it appears. Requires further testing
playernetanimator on
playernetanimator off
Turns the players net animator on/off, needs testing as to what it does
workscheduler try
workscheduler notry
try states 'TryCatch is now being used'
notry states 'TryCatch is no longer used'
Requires testing to see what this does
capsulemode on
capsulemode off
Doesn't appear to do anything, requires further testing
showworldposfor (ObjectType) Show the X-Y position of an object - Object names required
hideworldposfor (ObjectType) Hide the X-Y position of an object - Object names required
getlayerculldistance (layerName) Needs Testing, requires layer names for use
testeventmask When used states 'cleared eventMasks for 4 cameras'. Unknown what this does at this stage
gototag <GameObject Tag>
gototag GameObjectTag
Teleports the player to a GameObject with the inputted tag.
allowculling Tested and Unknown - Farket
allowpostprocessing on
allowpostprocessing off
On by default. It appears to add more vibrant and color to the game. Very noticeable when switched off.
allowdepthbuffer Tested and Unknown - Farket
checkexitmenu Tested and Unknown - Farket
motionblursamples Tested and Unknown - Farket
debugfulldamage Output the realistic player damage to the log.
scioneyeadaption on
scioneyeadaption off
logtextures Use numbers such as 1 or 2.
netspawnplayer Spawns a player model in walking animation. Doesn't seem to work in the multiplayer.
netdebuglod on
netdebuglod off
Tested and Unknown - Farket
setwindintensity Tested and Unknown, appeared to have error information in the log. Might be a useful command to figure out - Farket

Tested 2/14/21, Sets environment wind level such as audio and terrain (trees) visual effects and animation. Appears to be a multiplier. (e.g. normal slow branch waving is 0.1 - 0.5, and intense wind is 1-2). - Llwynn

resetinputaxes Tested and Unknown - Farket
refreshvignettecontroller Tested and Unknown - Farket
debugvignettecontroller Lists some information, not sure what its about - Farket
vrfps Display FPS in VR mode.
checkfrozenentities Lists what entities are frozen and which ones aren't, I have no idea what entities are - Farket
refreshentities Tested and Unknown - Farket
listactiveentities Search and count the number of BoltEntity that are attached and not frozen.
profilersnapshot Adds some information about what resources the game is using within the log - Farket
selectblueprint Possibly turns a building back into a blueprint/ghost. Could not get it to work though - Farket
sheenallitems Adds a massive sheen that scales across the inventory of all your items, not sure what it does other than that. Cannot be switched off it seems. - Farket
antialiasing off Does things, not sure what yet - Farket

Obsolete Commands

These commands change or do things that can be done without the use of console commands and can be found in the menu options

Code Description
toggleplayerstats Toggles stats, can also be achieved by just pressing F3
toggleoverlay Toggles overlay, can also be achieved by just pressing F2
setdrawdistance 0 Changes the draw distance to very low. Can be accessed in the Graphic settings
setdrawdistance 1 Changes the draw distance to low. Can be accessed in the Graphic settings
setdrawdistance 2 Changes the draw distance to medium. Can be accessed in the Graphic settings
setdrawdistance 3 Changes the draw distance to high. Can be accessed in the Graphic settings
setdrawdistance 4 Changes the draw distance to very high. Can be accessed in the Graphic settings
setdrawdistance 5 Changes the draw distance to ultra. Can be accessed in the Graphic settings
setshadowlevel 0 Changes the shadow level to fastest (lowest). Can be accessed in the Graphic settings
setshadowlevel 1 Changes the shadow level to Ultra Low. Can be accessed in the Graphic settings
setshadowlevel 2 Changes the shadow level to Low. Can be accessed in the Graphic settings
setshadowlevel 3 Changes the shadow level to Medium. Can be accessed in the Graphic settings
setshadowlevel 4 Changes the shadow level to High. Can be accessed in the Graphic settings

Not Listed/Changed/Removed Commands

These commands are no longer listed in the game, have been removed or changed, some may still work. Requires testing:

Command Code Description
Fast Run fastrun on
fastrun off
It has now been changed to speedyrun on and speedyrun off
profilersample profilersample on
profilersample off
on/off command
wsscaling wsscaling on
wsscaling off
on/off command
profilers ?? ??
growgrass growgrass (radius) (grassLayer) (grassAmount) - Grows grass
sendmessageto sendmessageto (targetName) (message) - Sending message to x
setlayerculldistance setlayerculldistance (layerName) (distance) - Unknown, possibly changes specific layers/game objects from spawning at certain distances
setplayerbody setplayerbody 0
setplayerbody 1
setplayerbody 2
Sets Player body to Caucasian
Sets Player body to African American
Sets Player body to Latino
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