The Forest Wiki

The combat system in the forest is very versatile, allowing for many playstyles! Let's go over the mechanics:

Hitting a cannibal will stun them for a second, preventing them from attacking, and allowing for a chain of attacks. Cannibals set on fire from a Flare Gun or Molotov will be unable to attack, and will wander slowly in a direction, flailing their arms while doing so. Cannibals will run from explosives, however they will not run from Molotovs.


Basic Swing:[]

This attack consumes relatively low stamina, and can be repeated quickly, depending on the weapon's speed level.

A higher level of speed means, of course, faster swings. One can change the trajectory of a swing while mid swing. For example, one can swing forward, then quickly look down in order to strike a lizard or a rabbit with the normal attack, intead of using a downward strike.

Weapons like the Club and most Axes consume more stamina per swing than more efficient weapons like the Katana or Machete, with the Machete being the most efficient weapon, meaning it consumes the least amount of stamina per swing.

Downward Strike:[]

This kind of attack will trigger when you are looking about 45 degrees towards the ground. It will consume as much stamina as a normal swing. Take caution when using this attack or looking down while attacking, as the downward swing will stop you in place for a short amount of time. The duration of the downward swing can be shortened with a faster weapon, so the Katana and Machete will have much less downtime, for example.

Take note that if you initiate a downward swing while falling midair, it will trigger a jump attack.



The main attack of the Weak Spear and Upgraded Spear, it uses little stamina and can be repeatedly used. Great for stunlocking!

Downward Jab:[]

Occurs when looking 45 degrees toward the ground, notifies the player that they are in the downward jab 'mode' by showing the spear raised up and pointed downward.

Uses no stamina, great for killing animals!


Initiates mode by holding right click, cannot be initated while in the downward jab position/mode. A thrown spear will do the same amount of damage, regardless if it's a Weak Spear or Upgraded Spear! The character will use his hand to aim, which is a reliable aim. Recommended to only use Weak Spear for throwing.

Bows and Slingshots[]

Crafted bow, modern bow and slingshot only have one type of attack, which essentially holding down the attack button and shooting it. Though if any of these weapons are not fully drawn back, they will fall short and barely any damage.

Heavy Attacks[]

See Heavy attacks

Jump Attacks[]

See Jump attacks

Stealth Kills[]

See Stealth Kills

Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Fixed player moving at wrong speed when attacking immediately after a downward strike