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Climbing Axe
The Climbing Axe
Also known as
Rock Climbing Axe
Added in
Item type
Melee Weapon
Cave 9 - Ledge Cave
The Forest Map
Obtained through
Ground Weapon Holder
Weapon Rack
3 1/2
2 1/2
Max. Stack

The Climbing Axe is a tool and a melee weapon added by v0.15 update of The Forest.


It can be used to climb various rocky cliffs on the peninsula and specific walls in the caves. As a weapon, the climbing axe deals less damage than the plane axe, but swings fast like the Katana. It can be a useful weapon against fast and weak enemies, like starving cannibals. However, it cannot be upgraded. It can be used to chop limbs on cannibals corpses, but cannot be used to chop down trees.

The climbing axe allows the player to climb walls, provided they are at a climbable wall. Climbable walls generally look flat and have a different color to the other cave walls. As well as that, they usually have bits of rope attached to the wall, which also act as a guide for climbing, showing where to detach from the wall. When prompted, attach onto a wall by pressing your use button (E by default). You can't use it to climb rocks, walls, and mountains in the snow biome at the northern side of the Peninsula, this is probably to prevent the player from accessing areas not meant to be gone through, especially the parts of the Sahara Laboratory during early game. You also can't use it to go down the Sinkhole directly from the the forest floor, the same reason goes as it prevents the player from accessing the end game area during early game. Be careful though, if you fall into the Sinkhole, You CANNOT get out with the climbing axe!


The Climbing Axe is located in the Ledge Cave (Cave 9). The entrance can be found here IconTheForestClimbingCaveMap.png. It is located near the end of the cave, lighted on a wall.

It is also possible to start at the cave 9 exit located here IconTheForestClimbingCaveMap.png as a shortcut. It is normally not possible to go down without the climbing axe, but if you jump carefully on the walls you should be able to go down without trouble. Then follow the path until you reach the climbing axe area.

You can enter the end of Cave 9 from Cave 3 by blowing up a wall with dynamite at the of Cave 3.



Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Improved placement of weapons on racks and holders!
v0.72 Fixed player able to be launched into the sky when using the climbing axe
v0.71 Fixed player sometimes rotating away from cliff face when first using climbing axe on a cliff
v0.67 Fixed inside of yacht being climbable with the climbing axe
v0.65 Player will now drop from a climbing wall if climbing axe is unequipped
v0.58 Fixed some rocks around cave entrances being climbable with climbing axe
v0.57 (Multiplayer) Fixed clients able to cut down trees with the climbing axe
v0.53c Fixed some climbing walls not being climbable
v0.53 Fixed some rocks and objects inside sinkhole being climbable with climbing axe

Caves – Removed unusable climbing wall leading down to stash room

v0.48 Fixed dropped climbing axe floating
v0.45 Climbing axe can be used on above ground cliff faces again, (except for sinkhole)
v0.44b Fixed cave climbing axe not functioning
v0.38 Caves – Moved Climbing Axe to cave 9

(Balance) Climbing axe now only works on climbing walls

Climbing wall made brighter, and added leftover old climbing props on wall to make climbable clearer

v0.36 Removed sinkhole blocking collision, you can now jump down to your death if you like. Or if you have the climbing axe climb down! (or up)

Fixed Climbing axe halting player in mid-air if used on wall while falling/jumping

Fixed camera shaking if grabbing onto a cliff with climbing axe while falling

v0.35 Improved collision on huts, and fixed bug where if holding climbing axe huts were climbable

White tents no longer climbable with climbing axe

v0.31 New todo task: Condition: Find climbable wall, Completion: Find climbing axe

Now showing the “X climbing axe icon” when climbing axe isn’t out while targeting a climb wall

v0.30 (Multiplayer) Fixed cliff climbing not working properly when both host and client are holding climbing axe
v0.28 Fixed missing blood on Katanta and climbing axe, improved look of rusty axe blood. Fixed plane axe not bloody when first picked up.
v0.23 Targeting a climbable wall now displays a sheen icon while not carrying the climbing axe

Fixed climbing wall icon not using the proper climbing axe icon

v0.22 (audio) climbing axe on rock sounds added.
v0.21c Fixed bug where climbing down rope player hands would be offset.
v0.21 Fixed various issues with wall climbing.
v0.18 With climbing axe equipped, now *any* cliff face can be climbed, and you can move left, right, up and down!!

When exiting swimming & climbing it now properly restores the previously equipped right hand item.

v0.15 Climbing Axe added to the game

New item/weapon added: Climbing axe! (check caves!)

New climbable (with climbing axe) cliff rock added to overworld (currently limited to only 1 type of cliff rock)

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