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Cave 6 - Lawyer Cave
Caves 6 and 10
Official Names
Lawyer Cave
Player Given Names
Cave 6
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Cave 6 stretches under the west coast of the peninsula. It is split into two halves by an underwater passage, and connects to cave 10-waterfall. It is one of the most dangerous, having multiple mutants, over a dozen cannibals, and many babies. Both halves contain several passengers. In order to fully explore the cave, the player will need the rebreather and two explosives.

The eastern half has one climbing entrance on the north side of Geese Lake, dropping into a small room full of beheaded lawyers and their briefcases, from which the cave draws its name. It initially houses 1 Virginia and multiple regular cannibals. To the north, it continues into cave 10-waterfall through a pair of destructible rock walls. To the south, a long flooded passage leads to Cave 5 - Submerged Cave.

The western half has 2 squeeze-in entrances, one north-northwest of Geese Lake and one in the side of a hill near the Shipping Containers. Its passages house both types of Pale Cannibals and multiple babies, with an additional Blue Armsy in the mass grave pit guarding the keycard.

Notable Items[]

IconCamcorder.png Camcorder
IconCamcorderTape.png Camcorder Tape 1
IconCamcorderTape.png Camcorder Tape 2
IconKeycard.png Keycard

Other Items[]


GreyArmsyFarket.png Blue Armsy
VirginiaFarket.png Virginia
BabyMutantFarket.png Mutant Babies
PaleCannibalFarket.png Pale Cannibals
PaleSkinnyCannibalFarket.png Pale Skinny Cannibals


IconTheForestMap.png Walking Entrance 1[]

IconTheForestMap.png Walking Entrance 2[]

IconTheForestClimbingCaveMap.png Climbing Entrance[]

Cave 6 Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.0 huge pass on lighting and general polish and fixes

Added darkening in cave entrances to cover transition of player entering and loading

v0.69 Caves – fixed holes in cave 6
v0.46 Fixed navmesh in cave 6 causing enemies to not find paths to player sometimes

Caves – Fixed cave 6 cut female legs not being dynamic

v0.45 Improved texture resolution on cave corpses in cave 6
v0.43 Caves – fixed holes in cave 6
v0.38 New art added: Corpse piles, added to cave 6
v0.33 Caves – New cave 6 climb down entrance added
v0.32 New story pickups added to Cave 6
v0.31 New todo tasks: explore caves 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10
v0.30 Clean up of some eye level stalactites in Cave 6
v0.28 Caves- upped collision detail on walls for cave 6

Caves- fixed missing wall in cave 6

v0.24 Fixed some swimzones in cave 6 and in other areas around world that shouldn’t have been there
v0.22 Cave 6 major re-work

Updated enemy layout in cave 6

v0.01 Cave 6 added to the game