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Cave 5 - Submerged Cave
User reports suggest a Cowman is present in this cave, but it is not currently pictured
Official Names
Submerged Cave
Player Given Names
Cave 5
Added in

Cave 5 has two entrances on the south-west of the peninsula, as well an underwater entrance beneath Geese Lake. Please note however, that entering the underwater entrance without the Rebreather will likely lead to death. The player cannot hold their breath long enough to get there even when sprint-swimming. Cave 5 is divided into two sections by a giant Stone Door. It is also worth noting most of Cave 5 is underwater. There are 2 more cannibals in the rope area not depicted on the map. All 3 are asleep and can be killed easily with ranged weapons.

Notable Items[]

The following items can be found in first part of Cave 5 (Southern entrance):
IconRebreather.png Rebreather
IconFlashlight.png Flashlight
IconToyLeftLeg.png Toy Left Leg

The following items can be found on the other side of the Stone Door (Geese lake entrance):
IconRustyAxe.png Rusty Axe
CacheMap 03.png Photo Cache 3

Other Items[]


PaleCannibalFarket.png Pale Cannibals
PaleSkinnyCannibalFarket.png Pale Skinny Cannibals


IconTheForestMap.png Walking Entrance[]

IconTheForestClimbingCaveMap.png Climbing Entrance[]

IconTheForestDivingCaveMap.png Diving Entrance[]

Cave 5 Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.0 hole fixes and polish

New cave climbdown area covers and fixes can stand on opening holes

Added darkening in cave entrances to cover transition of player entering and loading

v0.73 Caves - Updates and polish to Cave 5
v0.48 Caves – removed doubled up magazine in cave 5
v0.38 (balance)Added food and soda near cave 5 air pickups

Updated enemy layout in cave 5 Caves – fixed bad value on hanging body in cave 5

v0.35 Caves – Fixed dead body intersecting with pedestal in cave 5
v0.32 Removed broken rebreather from cave 2. Is now only findable in cave 5
v0.31 New todo tasks: explore caves 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10
v0.29 Fixed rock partially blocking cave 5 climb out entrance
v0.28 Cave 5- improved lighting, removed old purses, many collision and wall fixes, fixed cross pick up fixed, cleaned up stalagmites and replaced with breakable versions. Stalagmites added to geeselake swimout. Cleaned up pick ups and props. Replaced unbreakable tables with proper versions. Made tighter light blocker to prevent light leaks. Removed rock dressing from ground that looked cluttered.

Caves- upped collision detail on walls for cave 5 Removed Armsy from bottom of cave 5 Moved rusty axe from early in cave 5 to deeper inside cave 5

v0.26 Fixed armsy being able to fall into water at the bottom of cave 5

Cave 5 added mineral walls to swim up room and added new props

v0.18 Cave 5 door can now be opened by placing items on weight
v0.02 Improved cave lighting and details for cave 5
v0.01 Cave 5 added to the game